26 Funny Bridal Shower Gifts

Top 26 Funny Bridal Shower Gifts

Feeling like normal gifts are boring?  Brings some smiles and laughter to the bride’s special day  with these funny bridal shower gifts. You can pick out more humorous gifts with help from this guide.   

1. Bridezilla Stress Relief Putty

Got a bridezilla?  You cannot have a wedding without giving her this.  Turn any bridezilla into cool calm and collected after giving her this.  For the safety of the wedding party of course…. This gag gift will make any fun loving bride laugh, and besides the funny title the putty itself is great for actual stress relief and fidgeters.


  • Designed to squeeze away stress
  • No mess
  • Novelty use only
  • Glittery putty with a fun scent
  • Small gift is easy to travel with
  • Texture of putty can be unsetttling for some

Sample Customer Review… Ahhhh the stress is destressing! This amazing! I’m dying from planning the wedding but this stress dough really distressed me. Can’t say any more just buy it and distress yourself you bridezillas … The bride loved it kept her distracted when things weren’t going exactly her way … My best friend used this last weekend while she was getting it for her wedding. She said it helped her focus and destress!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

2. Engaged AF Candle

This candle is a must have for any bride (especially the ones having second thoughts).  There is no better way to remind her in a humorous way about the lifelong commitment she is making.. No sweat or anything.  Pro gift tip: pair this with the stress putty because she might be stressed after realizing the commitment!


  • Pink Champagne Scent
  • All natural soy candle
  • Water resistant labels
  • Great Smell
  • Candle has a 45 hour burn time
  • Organic
  • Not safe for perfume allergies

Sample Customer Review… Love these candles. The seller, Major Goods has been great and the candles come very well packaged and protected. First bought one of these at a little shop in NJ and was so happy to find them on Amazon as the store is over two hours away from me. These are very clean burning. No issues with black soot on walls or shelves.

Just keep wick trimmed often. Smells are pleasant and not overwhelming. Good bye Yankee! These are much better for air quality then petroleum based candles.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

 3. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right

Creative as well as practical!  This gift is a hoot for the bride, but also something she can share with the groom.  Give the gift of daily laughter, which I am sure they will get after deciding to cook with these aprons.


  • High-quality fabric does not shrink
  • Words do not fade
  • Wrinkle Resistance
  • Machine Washable
  • Adjustable size will fit all
  • Colors are attractive
  • Material is of high quality
  • Not compatible for couples with different titles than Mr or Mrs

Sample Customer Review… I gave these as a wedding gift. Both the bride and groom love them. They loved the feel of the fabric. The bride commented it feels like a real Chef’s apron … Very nice aprons. I love the pockets. I actually bought these as a quick cute Halloween costume for my husband and me. The best part about it is they can be used all year! … I bought these as a bridal shower gift. Such high quality and the bride-to-be was so excited. She couldn’t wait to get home and show the groom.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

4. Coupled PotPourri – Share Love not to Stink

Exactly the emotion each newlywed couple should be sharing as they begin their lives together – share loves not to stink.  Not only is the mantra clever, but these bottles are also perfectly sized for travel and even for purses!  These cute bottles can be taken anywhere.  Even if it is just a joke, in all seriousness the couple will definitely use it (even if they won’t admit it)


  • Two Scents: Lavender Vanilla and Vanilla Mint
  • 2 OZ Bottles
  • Travel Size
  • Two great scents
  • Package is a dual pack instead of a single
  • Prank gift can be wrapped separately and one can be given to the groom
  • No scent variety to choose from

Sample Customer Review… Love this! I keep them in the guest bathroom. My guest got a kick out of them. One guest thought they were so funny that she brought them out to the party to show everyone … This was a gift and they thought it was hilarious, then they used it and said it was awesome … This stuff really works! It has become a staple in my workplace bathroom. No more sprays that only create a bigger stink!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

 5. Bride & Groom Claw Koozie

Any white claw loving brides out there? This funny gift is perfect for them!  It will surely get a laugh from any bride, as well as some good use at the bachelorette party and other pre-wedding events.


  • Fits tall skinny cans
  • Set of 12 Koozies
  • Made in USA
  • Includes: (3) Bad & Bubbly, (3) Miss Tipsy, (3) Pour Decisions and (3) Drunk AF
  • Humourous labels will give everyone a laugh
  • Perfect size for white claws
  • Won’t fit other beverages; isn’t a universal koozie size

Sample Customer Review… Ordered these for my sister after she was engaged. They loved them and look forward to using them at their destination wedding …Very cute and sturdy for the price! … Great product for the money. Looks exactly like the photo … Fun gift for a couple who is getting married. A playful and great addition to their gift.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

 6. Hangover Kit

Although the bride might not admit it, this hangover kit might just be the perfect gift for her.  The Bridal shower can get a little crazy.  This gift is perfect with the Bride Claw Koozies!


  • 100% Cotton
  • Wide Use Bags
  • Natural muslin favor bag
  • 5 x 7 inch
  • Reusable Bag
  • Can be filled with extra items of your choosing for the bride
  • Bag is small, is not meant to be a huge gift

Sample Customer Review… These are huge!!!!! I was looking for hangover kits for my wedding but I wanted something bigger so I wouldn’t have to make as many bags and these were perfect! My wedding weekend is in Vegas and I wanted to put in supplies that would last the weekend and these are amazing! You can fit so much in here! … These are excellent quality and so adorable! The price is very reasonable.

You can actually fit a lot in them. I put a face mask, some mints, mini packets of Tylenol, and a small pack of bath bombs in each bag. The drawstring is of awesome quality. The bag can stay shut just by tightening it.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

7. His & Hers Shot Glasses

These glasses can make for hilarious photo opportunities and last far beyond the wedding.  Besides, isn’t the wife always right?


  • Packed with foam to prevent shipping
  • Package of 2
  • Suitable for weddings, bachelorette, engagement, and anniversary
  • Dishwasher or Hand Wash safe
  • Matching glasses can be used for longer than just wedding
  • Two glasses mean twice the fun
  • Not everyone enjoys shots, they might prefer actual glasses

Sample Customer Review… These shot glasses are perfect for any couple that has a sense of humor. They are a great addition to my bar. I will be investing in another set to gift … Loving this adorable set!! If you’re wondering if you should get it the answer is yes! … Very cute, the glass is thick and hard to break and I love the design.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

8. Matching Shot Glasses

This gift is just like the Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right glasses, these are the perfect gift for a bride.  But, specifically for a bride with a fiance with a huge beard.


  • Conversation Starter
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
  • Printed in the US
  • Durable glass
  • Small gift can easily be taken to venue
  • Obviously not suitable for brides without a bearded fiance
  • Easily Breakable

Sample Customer Review… We loved these! Worked perfectly for our shot of captain at our wedding. The “captain shot” was a little inside joke for me and my groom and these just made it such a cute memory … Had these on my list for my while and finally decided to buy them, so glad I did. They’re a great size/ weight for shot glasses and so far after multiple washings the words are still perfectly intact … These are super cute and of great quality. I’ve run them through the dishwasher and they are holding up great!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

9. Something Blue Handkerchief

Words of support is one of the best gifts for a bride!  This handkerchief can offer her that, in a funny way of course.  Not only can they give her support and enjoyment, but they are something blue for any superstitious bride.


  • Washable/ Can be Ironed
  • Safely packaged for delivery and to ensure quality
  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • Multipurpose use
  • Keepsake of wedding
  • Something Blue
  • Funny note to add a bit of humor to wedding day
  • Small; can easily be concealed
  • Not practical in long term

Sample Customer Review… I bought this for my best friend who was the mother of the groom. She was already very emotional about her son’s wedding day. When I got there before the wedding, I could tell she was a bit tense and nervous. I gave this to her and it definitely broke the ice and got her laughing/smiling.

And she definitely used it during the ceremony! So much prettier and nicer than tissues … My only son is getting married next month and I know that I am going to be very emotional. So this is exactly what I am going to need. I can be very straight to the point so the saying on it suits me well. The packaging is super cute and it has a nice soft yet thicker feel.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

10. Wedding Planning Glass

This glass just proves a point… who the real wedding planner is.  We all knew it, but giving the bride this glass will just make it so everybody knows it.


  • High quality Crystal
  • Stemless and personalized
  • Lead Free glass
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Great for daily use during planning time
  • Glass can be used for more than just wine
  • Not practical after wedding

Sample Customer Review… I absolutely love these! I bought them for my fiancé and I as we’re planning our wedding. They did come a bit smaller than I thought they would, but when I used mine it worked perfectly. They come exactly as pictured and arrived on time. Would definitely buy it again as an engagement gift to someone.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

11. Married AF Lavender Candle

This candle smells incredible and has a funny memo on it.  This is a great way to commemorate your special day for a long time after it is already over.  Also, the lavender scent is very soothing so they happy couple will enjoy lighting the candle together.


  • 50 hours burning time
  • Soy Wax
  • Lavender Scent
  • Anti Stress Scent Properties
  • Lavender Scent
  • Relaxing and Funny
  • Glass is breakable
  • Profanities do not appeal to everyone

Sample Customer Review… Gave this as a wedding present along with a card and money. I like to give something physical well as a card. It was fun and they loved it! Not my kind of smell, but if you like crisp linen-type candles you’d love the smell … Super super cute candle. The bride loved it. The scent is decent lavender and doesn’t smell “manufactured” … So cute and smells great. Perfect bachelorette gift.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

12. Wifey Tee

New status? Yes please.  New way to show that status? Definitely necessary, even if she does think the shirt is too funny to wear!


  • Buttery Soft
  • Machine Washable
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Designed and Printed in the US
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Colors are customizable
  • Design might not appeal to all

Sample Customer Review… I bought this and a hubby shirt for my husband and me to wear together. I think it is a good quality shirt. I got the medium and it fits loosely (but not too baggy, I like to be able to “breathe” in my t-shirts). I like it! … This shirt surpassed my expectations. Fit is perfect and the material is super soft … Got this for a friend, it fit her perfectly! She looked so cute in it the day after her wedding!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

13. Girlfriend – Fiance – Wife Tee

Comfortable and stretchy tee that is perfect to wear to a bachelorette party!  Or really any other event to celebrate your perfect day with a bit of laughter and happiness.


  • Soft fabrics
  • No Shrink
  • True to Size using measurements
  • Lightweight fabric is breathable
  • Soft cotton blend tee
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Multiple Colors
  • Might not enjoy cotton tees

Sample Customer Review… A little large than expected but great quality and the color is beautiful. Perfect gift for a bride! … I bought this for a bride-to-be. It is a cute, fun, “knock around” shirt. I bought it so it can be worn while the couple was traveling on their honeymoon. Fits as expected … It came in fast and fit perfectly! I absolutely love it! 10/10 would recommend! I received multiple compliments on it.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

14. Bride Trucker Hat

Sparkly trucker bride hat… who wouldn’t want this as a gift?  Most people won’t know they want it until they have it.  The glitter is the best way to show off the bride status.


  • Adjustable
  • Seamless foam front panel
  • Polyester front Nylon back
  • Traditional Trucker Caps
  • Multiple Colors
  • Color of bride is changeable to match her color scheme
  • Hat can be adjusted to fit some
  • One size doesn’t fit all

Sample Customer Review… I ordered this for my Bachelorette party in Cabo and this fit and looked exactly as expected from the photo and description! Really good quality for the price. I would absolutely recommend it for fun Brides who don’t want the normal sash and crown … The white is bright and the glitter is great. The fit is big but it’s a trucker hat, it’s supposed to be. I can’t wait to rock this in Miami for my bachelorette weekend!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

15. Bride Socks

More clothes to show off the bride status? Necessary.  Although, the lettering on the bottom of socks might not be the best way, but it sure is funny to receive.


  • 80% Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Crew Style
  • Tumble Dry
  • Soft material very comfortable
  • Many sizes
  • Letter location isn’t ideal

Sample Customer Review… I sent these straight to my maid of honor because I’m a last-minute bride and I wanted to get them to her quicker, but she liked them! I’m thrilled they were mostly grey rather than pink and that the writing was on the bottom … Wore these super soft and medium thickness socks all day during my wedding in my Keds.

They didn’t slip, kept my tootsies from getting any blisters, and are darn cute … These came well packaged and actually bigger than they look in the picture! My extra bridesmaid, I last-minute added loves them and their comfort!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

16. Custom Face Socks

Socks to commemorate the happy couple!  Put any face you want; the groom and maybe a beloved pet.  It’s completely up to you!


  • Custo Photo
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Hang Dry
  • Polyester Material
  • Unisex
  • Customizable
  • Color can be changed
  • Takes a long time to deliver

Sample Customer Review… I was very concerned about how this personalized crew sock would look with the picture I provided and was very nervous about how the socks would turn out. The socks were going to be stocking stuffers for my son and his girlfriend. Wow…I laughed and smiled once I opened my shipment.

The picture on the socks was perfect. I had sent a full body of both of them and they captured their faces perfectly. I will defiantly be ordering more in the future. Think of all the things people love! I am so excited I might just order a pair for myself with my husband’s face. I received my order promptly (especially because it was so close to Christmas).

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

17. Who Has The Groom Scratch Off Celebrity Cards Tickets

Tons of fun for all the bridal party to scratch off faces of some super cute celebrities or possibly some not as cute ones…. Who will you end up with?


  • 46 Celebrity Cards
  • Assorted celebrities
  • Fun for games with celebrities
  • Package of 48 will last a long while
  • Fun game
  • Celebrities can’t be chosen

Sample Customer Review… These were by far the biggest hit at the recent couples wedding shower I hosted for my niece and soon-to-be hubby. I was looking for a way to bring attention to him because so many other things are “bride” focused and this was perfect! The shower was attended by family and friends and everyone thought this was so fun! Super easy to “make”…all you need is a picture of the groom’s face to put on the 2 empty cards and then you place a scratch-off sticker over all of them and VOILA!

I gave the groom to be 2 gift cards at the beginning of the shower, and the instructions said “When you find Tyler, go show him for a prize!”. It was a fantastic and super-easy way to get him involved.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

18. Slice of Love Pizza Cutter

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  So, taking this saying literally it should mean the most heartfelt gift is obviously a pizza cutter, right?


  • Stainless Steel Cutter
  • 3 3/4-inch in diameter blade
  • Arrives in mini pizza box packaging
  • Gift Box measures 4.5 inch square
  • Cute design
  • Small packaging
  • No long pizza handle

Sample Customer Review… I bought two of these, one for myself, and one for the gift for a game at my wedding. Very happy with the way they look, Super cute packaging, would make a great small gift or stocking stuffer. Not sure how reliable or durable it is yet. But definitely cute … Used these for a wedding weekend, pizza night Meet & Greet – super cute and handy too! They would make great favors/gifts for any pizza fan – and who isn’t a pizza fan!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

19. Just Married Banner for Car

Go out and ‘vandalize’ the car for after the wedding… this is a funny prank but also super cute!  Help the happy couple show off after the wedding.


  • 2 banners in different sizes
  • Banners made from quality card stock
  • Easy to hang on cars and trees
  • Hole Punched to string ribbon
  • Can be easily transported
  • Craftable gift, you can hand make this rather than purchase it
  • Not suitable for harsh weathers
  • Rain will ruin sign

Sample Customer Review… Very cute! My husband is a firefighter. These were placed on the back and side of the firetruck that we rode away on after the wedding … Great for a wedding getaway car. Comes in both sizes so you can make it work for any type of vehicle …

Fast shipping, I had the most beautiful wedding with this it brought more attention, not that I needed any but for extra celebrations.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

20. Attached Pillowcases

The design on this pillowcase is absolutely adorable!  But, it also depicts the truth that the bride has the groom all wrapped up for the taking.  This cute and funny cartoon is the perfect gift for any bride-to-be.


  • Standard Size
  • Cotton Material
  • Breathable Pillow Case
  • Envelope Closure
  • Soft Combed cotton blend
  • Standard size 20×30
  • Cotton Polyester blend for comfort and cooling
  • Only fits standard and some queen pillows
  • One Size

Sample Customer Review… I love everything from BoldLoft. I bought this as a present for a wedding after my boyfriend bought one for me for Christmas. I’m in love with all the models … Was a huge hit at my daughter’s wedding, They got a laugh from the guest and a blush from the bride and groom.

Great quality and I would highly recommend them … Adorable pillow covers, they’re soft enough that I don’t even notice the difference from my old pillowcases.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

21. Earplugs/ Eyemask

Know someone with a fiance that snores?  You’ll need to get them this gag gift.  Even though this might be the bride’s reality, this can definitely get a laugh out of the bridal party.


  • Economical Set
  • Easy for travel
  • Travel carrying Case
  • Multiple sets of earplugs and eye masks
  • Eye mask is soft silky material
  • Portable carrying bag is good for travel
  • Earplugs reusable
  • Lightweight mask doesn’t keep all light out

Sample Customer Review… I am a very light sleeper and am super sensitive to light and/or sound. I have tried sleep masks in the past, but they wound up being super uncomfortable either because they were too loose or they had an adjustable strap with the adjuster causing the discomfort.

I did not have much hope for these being the cost, but was I surprised! The silk is quite comfortable on its skin and the stretch band fits any size. Since there are 2 colors, I even have my husband wearing one. We both sleep so much better, I even purchased extra to always have a clean mask. Also, can’t beat having a travel/ storage bag too!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

22. Happily Ever After…Forks..

A beautiful statement gift for the happy couple, forks.  Special forks to commemorate their wedding that will last through many trips through the dishwasher.


  • Stainless Steel Quality
  • Dinner Fork
  • Engraved Design
  • Pocket Packaging
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Engraved design
  • No matching set of spoon and knife

Sample Customer Review… The size is that of a normal fork and the weight is great!! The engraving isn’t deep, but subtle and I think just enough so it doesn’t look cheap – a more classy look. Was a gift for my brother’s wedding! One they can always use … Purchased these for my wedding. They are very pretty and come in a cute fabric pouch for storage. Very nice and reasonably priced.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

23. Mr. and Mrs. Koozie

These koozies are sure to make the happy couple laugh… or at least the bride anyways.  These koozies will keep your drinks cold and  are sure to keep the laughs going.


  • Foam Can Cooler
  • Reasonable Price
  • Fits standard Can
  • Keeps Drinks cold
  • Fits standard size cans of any beverage
  • Cotton Filled to keep drinks cold
  • Will not fit skinny cans

Sample Customer Review… These were a hit at the wedding ….people were asking how they could get a set … Was delivered quickly. Excellent condition. Gets positive remarks at gatherings. Hilarious “in a good way.” … Great wedding shower gift. They arrived quickly and the couple loved them. Perfect!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

24. Happy Couple Champagne Flute Set

Commemorate the happy event with cups that match the bride and groom; with added extras of course.  Who would not want to be drinking out of a feather covered cup that is identical to them?  Perfect for silly photo ops of the couple!


  • Hand wash only
  • Do not microwave
  • Commemorative Gift box
  • Unique design
  • Packaged in coordinating gift box for free
  • Hand wash only do not put in dishwasher

Sample Customer Review… Very beautiful can’t wait to use it for my wedding!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

25. Married Adult Mad Libs

Bring back a glimpse of the good old days… almost. This adult take on one of your favorite childhood games will put a spin on the fun wedding night festivities with all the bridal party.


  • 21 Stories
  • Travel Size Book is smalls and thin
  • English
  • Classic Children’s game Changed for Adults
  • Fun game for everyone
  • Travel Size
  • Single Use gift

Sample Customer Review… Oh my gosh! Wet yourself hilarious, especially when you play it with your dirty minded husband. We’re going camping and we were looking for some fun stuff to bring to keep us entertained if it’s raining. So, here comes Mad Libs! We played one round thus far and almost wet ourselves reading it.

Can’t wait to go camping and do more … I loved MadLibs as a kid and thought this would be a cute little gift for all the newly weds. I’m getting married in 3 weeks so I got myself one as well to do on the road trip to our honeymoon destination. I’ve given 2 more at recent weddings where I was a guest!

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.

26. Wedding Card (for dog lovers)

Perfect gift for those pet lovers out there who love a good prank!  Wedding cards might not last forever but the memories of receiving one like this will carry on for a long time past the wedding.


  • Standard size wedding card
  • Made on High quality Cardstock
  • Cover page intentionally longer than back for easy opening
  • 4.63 x 6.75 Inch 
  • Pet Lovers gift
  • Can be mailed as a gift from long distance
  • Dog breed not changeable

Sample Customer Review… Adorable and perfect to send to my son and his now betrothed! It’s beyond perfect for them because they met while both were working at a pet store! He still works there. I included a $50.00 gift card which I also bought on Amazon. I think they will love this card! … So cute and good quality…any dog person would love it! … Cute card, very funny.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com.


Bridal gifts don’t have to be boring.  As long as you know where to look, you can find a hilarious gift for the bride sure to stay in her memory forever.

Written by Kelsey Norby and Sophia Koop

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