How Do You Use The BlueParrott B450 XT?

How Do You Use The BlueParrott B450 XT?

Need a new pair of headphones for more advanced features and professional phone calls? Then Blue Parrott B450 XT might be the perfect headphones for you. The Blue Parrott B450 XT is a pair of high-quality and comfortable headphones with noise cancellation technology that works well in any environment. How Do You Use The BlueParrott B450 XT? Hopefully, the information provided will answer all of your questions.

Features Of The BlueParrott B450-XT

Features Of The BlueParrott B450 XT
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Comfortable Design

The BlueParrott B450 XT padded ear cups make them the perfect headphones to wear for a long time. Its 24-hour long battery life allows for extended use while giving you comfort at the same time. 


The tough and durable material will allow you to take these headphones with you on the go. They have an IP54-rated design that ensures their protection against any moisture, dust, or dirt. 

What Does IP Mean?

IP stands for Ingress Protection Rating. It is a code that a manufacturer will use to determine what a particular product is protected against. Having an IP rating is a great tool for headphone buyers. 

Noise Cancellation

These headphones can block out at least 96% of background noise. You can hear sound clearly and be heard by others wherever you are. 

Voice Control

BlueParrott B450 comes with an advanced voice control feature that gives you the ability to reject or answer phone calls. Instead of taking the extra time to pull your phone out of a pocket or a purse, voice control allows you to answer or reject phone calls in a more efficient and timely manner. 


With the BlueParrott B450, the customizable button option allows you to enable or disable features depending on what works best for your individual needs. Some of these features include Mute, Push-to-talk, and many more. 

Similar to the customizable button, there is also a BlueParrott app that you can download on your smartphone that makes changing the settings of your headphones fast and easy. 

Not only is there a customizable button and an app that allows you to alter the settings of your headphones based on your individual needs, but there are also large buttons. The large size of the buttons is an excellent feature that makes the headphones very easy to use. Especially for those who have problems seeing icons or pressing smaller buttons, the BlueParrot B450 XT headphones provide the perfect solution.

How To Use Bluetooth With BlueParrott B450 

How To Use Bluetooth With BlueParrott B450
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To connect your device to BlueParrott B450 XT, there are three ways to connect your headphones to a smartphone device. 

Option 1: Voice Commands

To use Bluetooth with voice commands, you need to make sure that you turn on the headphones. Next, you are either going to press the BlueParrott button or press on the Volume up button. Make sure you push down until you hear the voice prompt. Once you hear a voice prompt, you will need to speak into the headphones and say “pair mode”.

Now, your headphones should be ready to pair with your device. Make sure you turn the Bluetooth on for your smartphone. Look through your smartphone and look for the device named ‘BlueParrott B450-XT’. If your device asks you for a code, type in ‘0000’. Once all these steps are completed, your BlueParrott B450-XT headphones should now be paired to your device.

Option 2: One Touch (NFC)

Another option you can use to pair your headphones to Bluetooth is the one-touch method. First, make sure that your headphones are turned on, and make sure that you turn NFC on for your smartphone. Next, you will want to make sure that the NFC Zone of the headphones is right next to the NFC zone of your smartphone device. Once this process is complete, you will receive a message on your smartphone that will ask you to follow various instructions. Once this step is complete, you might get asked for a code. Similar to the voice command code, type in ‘0000’. 

Option 3: Using Buttons

Lastly, another great way to pair your headphones to Bluetooth is using the buttons. First, you want your headphones turned off. Next, you are going to want to look for the multifunction button. Press and hold down this button for 6 seconds until you hear the words ‘Power On’. After you hear this command, hold down the button until you hear the words ‘Pair Modes’.

As you hear these words, you should also see LED flashing lights switching from red to blue. Now, your headphones will be ready to pair with your smartphone device. Make sure your smartphone has Bluetooth turned on and look for the name ‘BlueParrott B450-XT’. Similar to both the one-touch and voice command option, you will type in ‘0000’ if you are asked to provide a code. 

If you have any complications connecting to Bluetooth, particular companies can help you resolve these issues. Read through your instruction manuals that come with the Bluetooth Parrot B450 XT for more information. 


Source: Unsplash

Overall, the BlueParrott B450-XT headphones are an advanced pair of headphones that are perfect to travel with, have long-lasting battery life, plenty of features available, in addition to being great to use in a professional setting. Hopefully, the information provided here will help you determine if these headphones are worth purchasing based on your individual needs. To learn more, read a review of the BlueParrot 450 XT..

Written by Kristen Osborne

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