how thick of a mattress topper do i need?

How Thick Of A Mattress Topper Do I Need?

How Thick Of A Mattress Topper Do I Need?
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Depending on the age of your mattress, a new or several years old one, your bed sometimes doesn’t feel like it should — perfect for a sound night’s sleep or a midday nap. A mattress topper can help with that, and a question you should ask yourself is, “How thick of a mattress topper do I need?”. The beauty of mattress toppers is that they will transform your preexisting mattress and give it a new feel without investing in a completely new mattress which can get very expensive.

A mattress topper will add overall support to your mattress while making it more comfortable and prolonging its lifespan. In order to find the best mattress topper for you, you have to determine what it is that you need and establish the essential specifications. 

The thickness of a mattress topper is the most important point to consider when looking for a mattress topper. Deciding on how to choose the right thickness of a mattress topper can be overwhelming. You need to choose based on what would work for your needs and sleep preferences.

Reasons For A Mattress Topper

Reasons For A Mattress Topper

Deciding on the thickness of a mattress topper will depend on the reason for its use. 

Altering the Level of Firmness or Softness of Your Mattress

Your mattress can range from plush to extra firm. However, the level of firmness your mattress offers may not be ideal for your sleep preferences and a mattress topper can change that. Adding a mattress topper can make your bed feel plusher and create additional support. It’s also more accessible than purchasing a completely new bed or mattress and will create a bed that has a firmness that is suitable for your needs.

For this effect, a 2-inch topper will be enough, however, a thicker mattress topper will work better and have a longer-lasting change particularly for heavier sleepers.

Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Mattress

The longer the mattress is used the saggier it will become and start accumulating lumps and indents in certain sleeping areas. In order to decrease this or slow it down, the use of a mattress topper will help. If you choose the correct type and thickness, the topper will add comfort and help slow down the increasing signs of wear like lumps and sagging of the mattress. Depending on the age of your mattress, a 3-4 inch thick topper will be the best for this effect. 

Altering the Nature of Your Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress is a huge commitment to make and often not financially accessible. But if you have been using an innerspring mattress for a while you may be looking to give a different material a try, for example, memory foam or latex mattress. A memory foam topper will give you contouring and hugging feel in comparison to a latex topper which will be buoyant. Getting a mattress topper for your bed will provide a good indication of whether you’ll enjoy sleeping on a memory foam or latex bed. 

Augmenting the Thickness of a Mattress

If your bed is too low or too thin and flattens under your weight then a 2 inch or 3-inch topper could be the change you are looking for, and more cost-effective than buying a new mattress. 

Medical Reasons 

Depending on your medical concern, a mattress topper can make all the difference to your wellbeing. There are mattress toppers that are hypoallergenic, firm, or plush to add support, contouring to your body, and resistant to bacteria and allergens. A 3-4 inch topper may be enough to support the areas that need it most and relieve pressure points. But your doctor will be able to assess you when deciding which mattress topper is perfect for your medical concerns. 

How Thick Of A Mattress Topper Do I Need?

There are many variations of mattress toppers, ranging from 2 to 4-inch thicknesses. You should first determine the exact size of your mattress before purchasing a topper. A new topper should fit your existing mattress precisely to ensure it functions as it should. Then you need to consider the condition of your mattress, looking for signs of wear. To settle for the perfect thickness for you, you might want to consider the most popular thicknesses of mattress toppers. 

2-inch Mattress Toppers 

A 2-inch mattress topper is ideal if you are looking for a bit of cushioning or firmness while you sleep. If your new mattress needs a bit of plushness, a two-inch thick mattress topper will do the trick while adding a luxurious feel. These mattress toppers are available in latex, memory foam, down, and wool and there is a varied firmness to decide from. If you have a new innerspring latex or memory foam mattress then this topper will allow you to create the perfect level of comfort for a great sleep.

However, if you have an indented bed that is more on the used side and not as supportive as a brand new mattress, a two-inch mattress topper may not be thick enough to give additional support to your body. These toppers work best along with mattresses that have minimal signs of wear or a built-in pillow top. 

3-inch Mattress Toppers 

If you want a bigger difference as well as additional comfort and support, you should start looking at 3-inch mattress toppers. There are also a wide variety of 3-inch mattress toppers, between a firmer or a softer mattress topper and in all mattress sizes. A 3-inch topper will automatically make your bed firmer with the additional support.

However, if you want a more plush topper, you can choose between memory foam, latex, and down or wool. On the other hand, if you like the firmer feel, a memory foam or latex topper with a firmer rating would be a good choice. 

Also, a 3-inch mattress topper can offer a wider variety of sleep solution options. There are 3-inch mattress toppers that are gel-infused to create a cooling effect and others that have air pockets that improve circulation while sleeping, and there are many more that are infused with aloe or charcoal.

There are so many options depending on your preferences. In addition, depending on the condition of your bed and if it is beginning to wear out a bit, a 3-inch topper can provide enough support but it may not be thick enough to hide an indented mattress. 

4-inch Mattress Toppers

A 4-inch mattress topper will transform your bed, changing the feel of it completely and providing the additional firmness or plushness you need. Anything greater than 4” is considered a mattress instead of a topper, but a 4-inch mattress topper is ideal if your bed is sagging or if the mattress is worn out.

In addition, it will provide the most motion isolation, compared to thinner toppers, if you or your partner tend to move around a lot at night. There are also a wide variety of 4-inch toppers available that are infused with gels and come in all firmness levels. This mattress topper is thick enough to support your medical concerns, whether that is back or joint pain while you sleep. 

If you are over the sleepless nights and are exhausted all day because of the state of your current bed, instead of purchasing a new one that will cost you hundreds of dollars, spend some time researching mattress toppers. Explore all your options then choose the firmness and support that is best for your needs and it could immediately alter your quality of sleep.

Written by Victoria Covarrubias 

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