What does a Mattress Cover do?

What Does A Mattress Cover Do? – 5 Great Benefits

Today, there is a variety of bed sheets, mattress toppers, and covers to choose from. It can get a bit confusing to keep track of what each piece does and whether we need it for our mattresses or not. Because of this, it is understandable why many people seem to forget about putting a mattress cover on their bed. However, some people purposely do not put mattress covers on. After all, there are already sheets on the mattress. How can adding an extra sheet help? What does a mattress cover do?

The answer is that mattress covers can provide a lot of benefits. These covers or protectors are not just a scam to get the customer to buy an extra sheet. This cover is important for several different reasons. Each reason is beneficial to the mattress’s health and more importantly, your own. 

The Benefits of Having a Mattress Cover

The Benefits of Having a Mattress Cover
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Keeps the Mattress Clean

The best kind of mattress covers helps to protect and keeps the mattress clean. We spend a decent amount of time in our beds and because of that, we tend to leave all sorts of things on the mattress. We perspire when we sleep, the oil on our skin gets rubbed into the mattress, and our dead skin cells flake off. Our pets can also leave their dander and track dirt onto the bed.

All of these disgusting materials and bacteria can get through your bedsheets and into your mattress where they can get stuck in there for years. A mattress cover can prevent any of these things from getting into the mattress in the first place. Remember to wash the mattress cover on a weekly basis so it continues to protect your mattress without all the extra grime getting in the way. 

Prevents Allergies

Not only does the grime degrade your mattress, but now you are breathing in all of these harmful byproducts every night. This can worsen or create new allergies. If you ever wake up with a stuffy nose, your bedding could be a possible reason as to why you are getting these symptoms. Some mattress covers are hypoallergenic, meaning that it is specially designed to prevent any allergens from going through. This is particularly useful for anybody who has asthma or severe allergies. 

Provides Protection Against Dust Mites

A mattress cover can prevent dust mites from growing in your mattress. Dust mites are known to cause allergies that can lead to sneezing, a runny nose, wheezing, and shortness of breath. These dust mites live off of dead skin cells when they fall into your mattress. A mattress cover can prevent this from happening. It keeps the mattress clean and ultimately, helps keep you healthy. 

Increases the Lifespan of the Mattress

Mattresses cost a pretty penny and the process of buying a new one can be a time consumer. A mattress cover can help you hold off on buying a new mattress because it can increase the lifespan of a mattress. As mentioned before, the mattress cover protects it from dead skin cells, perspiration, animal dander, bacteria, etc. It also protects from water damage. 

Over time, the build-up of moisture and any other dirt can deteriorate the quality of the mattress. It can wear down the foam within the mattress and, in turn, shorten the lifespan and comfort of a mattress. A mattress cover can limit the amount of waste and moisture that gets stuck in your mattress. By adding a mattress cover to your bed, you can increase the lifespan of your mattress by up to 5 years. 

Other Types of Mattress Covers That Can Be Beneficial

Mattress covers do not just keep you and your mattress healthy. Depending on which mattress you choose, you can have extra benefits that come with these protectors. Some mattress covers are designed with improved ventilation and can help keep you cool on warm nights. Other mattress covers are 100% waterproof. These waterproof covers can protect your mattress from any spills or accidents. Most mattress covers have an easy on/off function. It makes the covers easier to take on and off your mattress. Some covers come with zippers that provide better protection, but these can be difficult to remove. With all these types, you are sure to find the best mattress cover for yourself and your mattress.


What Does A Mattress Cover Do?
Image Source: Unsplash

Mattress covers are important in keeping you healthy, stopping dust mites from living in the mattress, and maintaining the lifespan of the mattress. They also help with allergies. Mattress covers help you sleep more comfortably by protecting both the mattress and the user. By simply placing a mattress cover on the bed, you can achieve so much with so little action.

Written by Hannah Lee

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