How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors

How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors

While handy when you need them, knowing how to bypass garage door sensors can help you in a pinch when the door won’t open or the sensor has become faulty. You can bypass the garage door sensors for a quick purpose, or permanently if that is the right course of action. To override it, it would be required that you know all the information regarding garage door sensors.

As of 1993, the photo-eye sensor was implemented to prevent anyone from being injured because of a closing garage door. From time to time, garage doors may not always close when you need them to and temporary action must be taken. Although faulty sensors should be addressed at the soonest possible time and replaced if necessary, you can use these steps to get past them. Following these steps will be great in eliminating any sensor issues without any trouble.

What Are Garage Door Sensors?

Garage door sensors are the small devices that watch out for any obstacles that can prevent a garage door from closing, such as boxes, people, or any other objects residing in the garage. The job of the sensors is to stop the collision of the door with an object in the way. This is why the need to bypass the garage door sensors can come in handy, to ensure it opens and closes.

Before Bypassing Your Garage Door Sensors

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You should try three simple tests before embarking on bypassing the garage door sensors, just to prevent extra work if it isn’t necessary. After doing those, you can move on to the bypassing.

  1. Assess the Path

Make sure nothing is blocking the way of the sensors – whether it be boxes, tools, bikes, or small objects that may have found their way into the sensor’s pathway. It is perhaps overlooked, but the sunlight that gets right into the eye of the sensor can also prevent it from working correctly.

  1. Check Your Sensor Lights

Lights on garage door sensors can be telling if they are working right. Sensors typically have lights of green and yellow, but the Genie brand can have red and green too. Vibrant lights, not fading or flickering, will tell you that this is not the issue, as they would be working fine if the color is solid and strong. New sensors are needed if your connection isn’t well, but trying to align your sensors may get the lights themselves working.

  1. Clean Your Sensor Lenses

This may be the simplest step at all, but an important one. Never cleaning them could mean that eventually, dirt will get in the way. Check if this helped fix the problem and if not, move on from there.

How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors

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Bypassing garage door sensors is a short process that you’ll be able to figure out in no time. Sometimes bypassing the sensors is needed to get them working properly again. The only way to do so, for every type of garage door, is directly at the button on your wall.

Step 1: Utilize the Garage Door Opener

Strongly push the door opener to completely open your garage door. Bypassing the garage door sensor through disconnecting the opener is the safest route and should be the first step to take.

Step 2: Pull the Emergency Release Cord

This stops the connection from the garage door to the opener. It prevents further interaction.

Step 3: Manually Use Your Garage Door

Call a service tech to replace your garage door’s photo eye sensors, and use your garage door manually until then.

Step 4: Fully Close The Door

Hold down the button until the door completely hits the floor, letting go when it is fully closed.

Electrical Wiring and Garage Door Sensors

Wiring can be frayed due to animals or pests, but can still work. Removing the “bad part” by cutting it and splicing the rest together can help this issue. Be careful with this and reconnect any disconnected wire if you see it and are able to do so. If wires are behind the wall, which they are in some cases, this is not a job you should try on your own. Seek garage door repair.

How to Bypass Garage Door Sensors: Final Thoughts

Bypassing garage door sensors is not a complete fix to your door issues. This will possibly help you close the door itself or open it, but remember to figure out why the sensors are not working.

If you have a faulty wire you should replace your sensor, (which can easily be bought online,) but you must make sure you buy the correct brand and style for your garage. Although there are solutions to problems that may arise on occasion with your garage door sensors, sometimes you may be stumped. If you are stuck or overall just are not comfortable working with the sensors in any way, find your local garage door repair company and call for an appointment. Your local garage door repair company will be a great source to disable the garage door sensors.

Written by Alexis Tavares

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