How to Choose a Portable Camping Table?

How to Choose a Portable Camping Table?

How to Choose a Portable Camping Table? If you have that question, this article is for you. Camping is a fun way to get outdoors and connect with nature. Camping can encourage problem-solving skills, strengthen relationships, and create lasting memories. Despite all of these benefits to camping, there is one tiny disadvantage: you can’t pack everything in your house and bring it outside. Wouldn’t we love to bring that comfy foam mattress from our bedroom and that huge flat-screen TV in our living room to watch movies in our tents? Sounds great in theory, but doing these things are impractical and conflict with the minimalism of camping. However, companies manufacturing camping gear and furniture are recreating some of these at-home items for camping use. One of these items is a portable camping table!

Even when camping, we need counter space to prepare food, eat, play games, store things, etc. Portable camping tables provide this. 

Do you want a portable camping table for your next camping trip? You should! But you need to know how to choose a good one.

How to Choose a Portable Camping Table? A Complete Overview

How to Choose a Portable Camping Table?
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What’s the Intended Use?

It’s important to determine what the table will be used for while you camp. Here are some common uses for portable camping tables:

Camping tables for food preparation and cooking stations

Tables intended for preparing food need to be sturdy enough to have heavy cooking equipment and potentially heavy food items on them without collapsing. Some of these tables are even made to have a grill fit on top of the station, as well as different compartments for cooking ware and utensils. These compartments may include wine glass holders, lantern hangers, and utensil hooks. A hanging drying rack for dishes may even be available underneath the table as a handy feature. Although these tables are used to prepare food, it’s not recommended that they also serve as dining tables.

Camping tables designed for meal times

These types of camping tables are mainly used for having meals together with your family or camping group. These tables typically have a flat surface made of wood or plastic. Like tables intended for food preparation, these tables need to be sturdy enough to handle the weight of food, drinks, and resting elbows. And unlike your dining table at home, which is standardly 30 inches in height, these types of camping tables should be a little shorter. Nevertheless, make sure there’s enough space underneath the table so that everybody has comfortable leg room!

Camping tables used as accessory tables

Camping tables like these serve many uses: they can be used to play games on, set drinks on, or just simply used to make your camping space look pretty and aesthetic. These types of tables come in a variety of sizes and heights, and they are relatively lightweight, but they still need to have enough stability to support the weight of whatever you place on them.

Now that you see the potential uses for a camping table, consider these four important things when choosing a camping table: 


Camping table in water
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Easy to Set Up

You want to consider the difficulty level of setting up a camping table, as you don’t want to become frustrated on your relaxing camping trip because you’re having trouble trying to construct complex contraptions. Try to choose camping tables that are easy to set up and store.


You want to buy a camping table that is sturdy enough to hold heavy items on it. How terrible would it be if that delicious chili you just made went splashing into the grass because the table collapsed under its weight? Answer: very terrible!


Portable camping tables are supposed to be. . . well, portable. This means that they should be compact and not weigh too much. Camping should not involve the hassles of hauling around or storing bulky items; it should involve convenience and minimalism.

Number of People in Family/Camping Group

To ensure that everybody on the trip has room at the table, you should consider buying a table that fits everyone! 

Now, let’s look at the different materials that camping tables can be made from. And why does material matter? You may want to attain a certain aesthetic or theme with your camping space. Also, different materials have different abilities. Let’s see which material is right for you!


Wood is one of the oldest materials used to make furniture. The best woods used in the production of camping tables are acacia, cedar, eucalyptus, and teak. Wood tables made for the outdoors tend to be long-lasting. Plus, wood has a sort of classic and rustic quality, making it perfect to add to your outdoor décor.


Metal tables are typically made of steel, aluminum, or iron. Metal camping tables are heavy, durable, and have decreased vulnerability to violent wind. But be sure to take care of your metal table, as most metals rust quickly. Nevertheless, metal tables do have an elegant and formal look to them.


Plastic camping tables are usually cheap and casual. They’re also lightweight, making for easy carry and storage. Plastic tables can last for decades, but beware of wet weather conditions, as this can cause the tables to mildew!

There are different functional types of camping tables, too! The most common is the folding camping table. It is compact, and it normally has a handle on it to make for easy carry. There’s also roll up tables. These tables have legs that can fold under the table and a table top that can be rolled out. These tables are easily stored and easy to set up. Lastly, there are camping tables with adjustable legs. These tables are able to be adjusted to whatever height you want, making them extra convenient.


Camping table with grill on it
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How to Choose a Portable Camping Table? No matter which camping table, or tables, you choose to buy, make sure you consider all of these factors first! You want to buy the best camping tables you can get so that you can enjoy your next camping adventure!

Written by Artesa Cox

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