how to connect multiple headsets to a ps4

How to Connect Multiple Headsets to a PS4?

Gaming is generally more fun with friends, but if you and a friend are using the same PS4 you would probably think that only one headset can be connected at a time. What many folks don’t realize is that you can easily learn how to connect multiple headsets to a PS4. In the event that you are having some troubles connecting your devices, this article includes some troubleshooting advice and tips too. Using multiple headsets is a much more fun way to enjoy playing your favorite games with friends and family. 

The Benefits to Connecting Multiple Headsets

How to Connect Multiple Headsets to a PS4?
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For players that are engaging in lengthy gaming sessions together, it is critical for them to be able to directly communicate with one another. To be able to rapidly transfer information from player to player is highly important for competitive gamers. And if two players are having to share one headset to talk to numerous other users it can make the experience less enjoyable. This is why it is advantageous to be able to connect multiple headsets. Also, with multiple headsets, you can relay messages even quicker which is a huge plus when it comes to popular first-person shooter games.

It would be nice if connecting your headsets was as simple as just plugging them into the console, then being able to hear other users and the sounds of the game. However, whether your headsets need to be plugged directly into the PS4 itself or into the controller, setting up the audio won’t be quite this easy. 

How to Connect Multiple Headsets to a PS4: Breakdown

Most headsets today have a 3.5mm audio jack as do many of the Razer’s which are a highly rated brand with quality headsets. So, the first thing to do is simply place the headset cord into the PS4 controller’s audio connector. The next step is to open up your settings menu on the console and find the Devices page. Once you find this page you will then be able to select the Audio Devices option. Your system may have already done the next step for you automatically, although if it hasn’t, don’t panic just go to the Output option and select “Headset connected to the controller.”

There is also a good chance your headset uses a mic, if this is the case then make sure the input setting is connected to the controller as well. The reason for this is once you’ve completed these steps you can move on to your last one in which you’ll have to change the Output or Output to Headphones option. Finally, you will change the Output option to “all audio” and the headset will be connected and ready for use.

To connect the secondary headset you will need to choose a new user on your PS4. If there is only one user account on your PS4 this means that you’ll have to create a new user account.

Fortunately, after creating or choosing a new user connecting the second headset is the same method as the first. Just remember to log into that second user account first before repeating the previous instructions.

A Helpful Tip Before Trying to Connect  

Some headsets do use a base station, so it’s good to identify whether or not yours does before trying to connect. That means you will need an optical connection since this is what base stations call for. Therefore, you’ll want to navigate over to the settings of the main menu, then pick the Screen and Sound page. From there you are going to adjust the Primary Output Port by choosing “Digital Out.”

Depending on the headset you have the Audio Format might have to be adjusted along with it, although the specific headset manual will more than likely contain this information.

If you Run into Trouble Along the Way

How to Connect Multiple Headsets to a PS4?
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For whatever reason, there could be an issue you come across while connecting (in most cases the issue lies with the headset). Nonetheless, there are a few tips one may want to remember before getting too frustrated or giving up.

If you do come across the problem of not being able to hear game audio or other players’ voices, try turning off the headset along with the adapter. Then try to reconnect them to your controller to see if that solved the problem. Another thing you may have to do is turn the adapter’s mute switch on/off as this is a common issue. You should also keep in mind that when your controller’s battery is low it can result in poor headset sound quality. So it’s best to assure that your controller is adequately charged before trying to connect multiple headsets.


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Despite having learned this simple and helpful process, your PS4 and headset still have numerous hidden functions that you probably don’t know about. They have tons of interesting settings and options that can make your game experience even better. With these instructions and advice hopefully, you can communicate more efficiently and have an overall richer gaming experience. 

Written by Adrian Tennant

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