How to Dry Clothes Without Dryer

How to Dry Clothes Without Dryer

Not everybody is lucky enough to have a dryer even in this day and age, especially those living in big cities where living spaces might not be roomy enough to include one or may be too expensive to have around. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where a dryer isn’t accessible, you’re probably wondering how to dry clothes without dryer but don’t worry, this article has got you covered!

Drying Clothes With Towels

If you have any spare bath towels lying around, now’s the time to break them out. The first towel method involves lying a towel down, laying your garment on top of the towel, and then roll the towel into a burrito. The next thing you’re going to want to do once you have your towel and laundry burrito is to wring it out like you’re drying out a washcloth. The towel will absorb any excess water that’s left in the piece of laundry.

The second method is for those in a rush. You’re going to lay your wet laundry on an ironing board and lay the thinnest towel you can find on top of it. You then iron the towel on high heat. Flip your laundry over and repeat the process. What the towel does is act as a barrier between the iron and soggy laundry so the laundry doesn’t get damaged from being ironed on high heat while wet.

Importance of Location & Space When Drying Clothes Without a Dryer

Clothes drying on a clothesline outside

This is the simplest method but also one of the most effective ones. If you plan on air-drying, location and space are everything when it comes to drying clothes without a dryer. The room you dry your clothes in must be open with a draft, no crowded rooms, or else the laundry won’t have room to breathe and dry. You’ll want to be in a place that’s airy, whether that be a room with an open window, by a fan, under an air conditioning or heating unit – the choice is yours.

I would personally recommend air drying your laundry on a rack next to or under a heating unit since warm air dries clothes quicker. If you have a space outside, you could get a clothesline and clothespins and hang your clothes to dry outside.  Wherever you decide to put your clothes to dry, make sure to give each item space from each other, and do not forget to come back every now and then to rotate. Rotation allows your laundry to dry evenly.

Air Drying but Add an “H”

Another method for drying clothes without a dryer is to use a blow dryer. As we established earlier on: warm air is our friend when it comes to drying clothes. You don’t even have to crank the heat up- A warm setting will get you where you need to be. Just don’t forget to get all parts equally!

Laundry Lessons

The 21st century has brought us great technology, including a soap that will help your laundry dry faster. There are many kinds of soaps that do this, but a cheap alternative to them is white vinegar. While it may not be as fast as name-brand soaps that promise the same feature, it’ll make your clothes soft and fluffy for less cost. On the topic of laundry, put your spin setting on high so that as much water as possible leaks out of your clothes before the drying process. The Energy Saving Trust says the high spin setting doesn’t use nearly as much energy as a tumble dryer would use.

Do You Even Need a Dryer?

Someone on the floor with a hole in the heel of their sock

Even if you do have a dryer, there may be reasons to say goodbye to it. Have you ever wondered why after a while your clothes get holes in them? Well if you have, you can blame your no-good dryer for that. Dryers rub fibers of your clothes thin over time. That’s what all that lint is in the trap: tiny pieces of your clothes.

This is most prominent in underwear and socks since the elastic fiber of them agrees the least with dryers. Not only do they wear down the fabric, but if you have a stain that hasn’t gone away, it’ll cement it into the article of clothing. The most obvious reason people opt out of using a dryer is because of how high it shoots their electric bill up. 

Wrap Up: How to Dry Clothes Without Dryer

Whether your dryer is broken, you’re new to not owning one, or you’re traveling and are in a location without one, you should now be an expert on drying your clothes without a dryer. If your dryer situation is only temporary right now, it may end up staying permanent after reading some of the damage dryers do to your clothes. Whatever the case may be, I hoped this article was of some use to you in your laundry quandary.

Written by Zach Nowlin

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