How to Make Headphones Louder

How to Make Headphones Louder

Ever wonder how to make headphones louder? Having headphones is a universal sign that one does not want to be bothered. With all the hustle and bustle that exists in our day-to-day lives, sometimes we need the peace and tranquility headphones can bring us. We use them to listen to our favorite songs, audiobooks, or podcasts and watch our comfort shows and movies.

Being enveloped by the sound of something you love is an unmatched feeling, but there are times when you just want more. Whether you feel as though what you’re listening to isn’t loud enough, or you just want to block out the world, there are times when our headphones don’t reach the volumes we want them to. Fear not, below are some tips and tricks you can use to please your ears and make your headphones louder.

Cleaning Your Headphones

Cleaning Your Headphones

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but it isn’t as natural of thought as you may think. Like many of our possessions, headphones collect dirt, dust, and earwax among other impurities over time. Not only does cleaning your headphones maintain your ear’s overall health, but it can improve the sound quality of one’s headphones. 

There are numerous reasons why our headphones may need a good cleanse from time to time. Sometimes you just want to share the song you’ve been playing non-stop or have a loved one watch a funny video with you, so sharing headphones is pretty common among the greater population. However, if the headphones aren’t properly cleaned afterward, the pre-existing debris you left remains, and the debris of the person you share your headphones with is added onto it.

The natural heat of our ears in addition to the soundwaves carried through headphones melts the wax within our ears, making it easier for the wax to clog the mesh material of in-ear headphones. Furthermore, the buildup of earwax and dust creates a barrier that prevents as much of the sound from traveling, making your headphones appear quieter. 

There are many ways to clean your headphones. Lots of headphones come with cleaning instructions, whether it be in the packaging or online, so it is best to follow whatever those instructions advise, ensuring your headphones are properly cleaned without damaging them.

Some general items that can be used to clean one’s headphones include soapy water, a small cleaning cloth, hydrogen peroxide, cotton swabs, a small brush, alcohol wipes, and paper towels. Many videos and explanations exist on how to do an in-depth cleaning of a specific headphone brand, so adhering to their directions will ensure clean headphones with improved sound quality. 

Adjusting Your Device’s Volume Settings

Sometimes the headphones themselves aren’t the issue making things appear quieter, but the actual volume settings on a device. For different devices, there are different sound settings. For Android and Apple devices, one can open their “Settings” app then go to the places where sound or volume are controlled, which may also be under the settings for music.

It is recommended to have a song playing while adjusting the sound so any changes can be heard and changed accordingly. The EQ settings within your phone allow you to change the level of volume you’re experiencing based on different situations. For example, within the Apple EQ settings, certain choices such as “Small Speakers” and “Vocal Booster” accentuate different aspects of the music which may make certain things appear louder when played. 

If changing the EQ settings of your device doesn’t produce the desired volume level, you can try removing the volume limitations on your device. They are put in place to prevent you from absolutely destroying your eardrums, but removing them will increase the volume capacity of your device.

85 decibels is the sound limit on MP3s and smartphones in Europe while 120 decibels apply to MP3s and smartphones in the US. In some Androids, entering the “Volume” part of the “Sounds and Vibrations,” then calibrating the “Media Volume Limiter” allows Android users to adjust their volume settings. iPhone users can disable their Volume Limit within their music settings.

Downloading Volume Enhancing Apps

As questionable as technology may be at times, some of our devices do have our best interest in mind by implementing permanent sound settings. While I do not want to be the cause of anyone’s hearing issues, I am here to provide you with as much help as I can, and a way to bypass these settings is something that may be of use to some.

Many volume-enhancing apps exist across different platforms for different devices. Some for iPhones include “Boom Music,” “Equalizer Pro Volume Booster,” and “Bass Booster.” Android users can use “Volume Booster Pro,” “MX Player,” or “Equalizer FX.” If you want to risk losing your hearing and potentially your mind with these volume-enhancing apps, I welcome you to do so. 

Buying The Right Headphones

Buying The Right Headphones

If all else fails and you still feel as though your headphones aren’t as loud as you want them to be, it might be time to replace them with ones that can truly do their job. There are numerous headphone brands, such as Beats, and styles to choose from, including Bluetooth ones, so doing your research on which ones support your lifestyle and ear shape will best support you as you make this investment. 

Noise-canceling headphones would make whatever you’re listening to appear louder since it silences the outside world more, meaning you wouldn’t have to turn your volume up as high. Choosing over-the-ear or in-ear headphones are also something to consider when buying new headphones.

Over-the-ear headphones are typically more universal and are fit for most ear types; in-ear headphones are a bit more difficult to shop for because every ear shape is so unique. Identifying a pair of in-ear headphones that are compatible with your ear shape can also improve the sound quality of your headphones.

How to Make Headphones Louder: Conclusion

Through writing this, I hope to have given you a sense of how to make your headphones louder. Having headphones that produce a satisfactory sound quality helps in so many ways. It increases one’s productivity, sense of peace, and willingness to continue moving through the adversities they may encounter in their daily lives.

We often fail to understand the large impact that our headphones have on us until we notice issues with them. Taking care of our headphones and knowing when to replace them is one step we can each take to improve our daily lives little by little.

Written by Amandine Cardichon

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