How to Make Starbucks Cold Foam

How to Make Starbucks Cold Foam

Do you ever look at a Starbucks cold foam and think, I could totally do that! Well, Starbucks isn’t the only one with cold foam-making abilities, you can recreate this creamy creation at home too. You can learn how to make Starbucks cold foam at home yourself. There are many techniques and tools to create cold foam, find the perfect one that works for you! Cold foam will step up your coffee game and give you the aesthetically pleasing caffeine boost you crave. 

Wait a Minute, What’s Cold Foam?

Originally, the hot frothed foam was designed for hot drinks. If you think the same foam is used for cold drinks, think again. This kind of foam just doesn’t translate into cold drinks, this isn’t how to make Starbucks cold foam. Cue in cold foam, an alternative that is used to spice up cold coffee drinks. Cold foam does not use steam or any kind of heat like original foam does froth.

Cold foam carries a rich, thick, and creamy consistency that can be layered. The layering effect cold foam provides creates the picture-perfect drink. There are many different techniques to make cold foam. The cold foam is intended to sit on top of your coffee, it doesn’t incorporate or mix into your coffee since it is quite airy. 

What Does Starbucks Do To Achieve Its Signature Cold Foam?

At Starbucks, baristas use a blender with special blades that are designed to make thick, creamy cold foam. Baristas add pumps of syrup to add flavor to the nonfat milk before frothing it depending on the drink they are creating. While using a fancy and pricy blender may not be the best option for homemade cold foam, there are some alternatives for learning how to make Starbucks cold foam that will suit any home. 

Create At-Home Cold Foam

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You can create your own Starbucks imitation cold foam from the comfort of your own home. The key is in learning to properly aerate milk to get the right consistency. There are many different ways to whip up your cold foam. You can use a special milk frother, hand mixer, blender, food processor, coffee press, you choose what is best for you. Perhaps you would like to test and explore different techniques to find what works best. If you really want to create a replica of the Starbucks cold foam, look into the best Starbucks coffee beans to use for your cold drink. 

French Press

Using a French press to make cold foam is arguably the best technique. If you have this appliance, pour in your milk. If you wish, you can go ahead and add flavored syrup too. Plunge your mixture from 30 seconds to a minute, depending on the consistency you wish to achieve. Viola! You have cold foam! 

Milk Frother 

This technique might just be as easy as using a French press. First, pour in your milk (you already know the flavored syrup is optional) into a deep container. Use your frother to froth your mixture for about 20 to 30 seconds. Look at that? You’ve made cold foam! Again!

Which Milk Is Best For Frothing? 

For you to learn how to make Starbucks cold foam, you have to be ready to compete with Starbucks. You should use nonfat milk for your cold foam just as they do. Starbucks has a preference for nonfat milk since nonfat can provide a stronger, well-structured foam compared to 2% or whole milk.

Nonfat milk has a higher percentage of protein. Since nonfat milk lacks fat, as the name suggests, its high protein creates more robust foam with bigger, airier bubbles. Milk that does have fat is preferred in making other coffee drinks since this type of milk has rather small bubbles, creating microfoam. Remember, microfoam is not what we are looking for, we want cold foam. 

What To Expect From Cold Foam

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If you haven’t yet tasted the Starbucks version of cold foam (which you won’t even want to try after you experiment with your own), you may be wondering, what does cold foam even taste like? Depending on your taste in coffee, you may realize cold foam isn’t your thing, or maybe you’ll realize it’s what’s been missing all along.

Be warned, nonfat milk cold foam can carry less of a taste or be less creamy than cold foam made with whole milk or 2% milk. It won’t be the same consistency you‘re used to seeing in lattes or other drinks. If the taste just isn’t it for you, try adding flavor to your foam before it turns to foam. Coffee syrup might just make a real difference. 

Helpful Tips Worth Mentioning

  • Although nonfat milk is Starbucks’ preference, it may not be yours. Skimmed milk has also been recommended for making cold foam. Others have atrociously advised on using whole milk (that’s your call). Perhaps you want to take matters into your own hands and experiment with various kinds of milk. 
  • Dear vegans and non-dairy folks, the best dairy-free option to make Starbucks cold foamStarbucksis oat milk. Oat milk provides a good consistency for cold foam. Other plant-based milks don’t froth well, keep this in mind. 
  • Keep an eye out for over-frothering. Your desired consistency should be similar to whipped cream. If your cold foam resembles a meringue, you’ve overdone it. Abort mission!

How to Make Starbucks Cold Foam: Conclusion

Learning how to make Starbucks cold foam at home is possible. With just a couple of ingredients and a few tools, you can become a cold foam pro in minutes. You can make it your own, try different flavored syrups, even different kinds of milk. Now that you know all about making your own Starbucks cold foam dupe, try it! 

Written by Daisy Gonzalez-Quezada

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