How to Remove Mascara

How to Remove Mascara

You probably know how to remove mascara, but are you still having difficulty removing your mascara completely? Getting panda eyes in the morning? Losing your lashes or maybe your eyes are getting irritated? Here are four safe and easy steps to remove regular and waterproof mascara while avoiding all the things that can go wrong! (Psst… We also have makeup remover recommendations, tips on being more eco-friendly, and tips on preventing dark circles and wrinkles for you). 

How to Remove Mascara in 4 Easy Steps

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1. Get yourself a suitable remover

Gentle formula is crucial to effectively and safely take off your mascara. The best kind of remover is one with a biphasic formula. This includes cleansing oil and water to both remove the mascara and cleanse your skin all in one. For removing less stubborn mascara, you may use coconut or olive oil if you’re into oils. If not, micellar water works just as well! When picking up your products, it is also important that you get removers made for the eyes.

Avoid: Formulas with mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and Diazolidinyl urea. These ingredients can irritate the eye. 

2. Grab a makeup pad and hold

Soak a cotton pad with your desired remover and hold it against your eyes for 30 seconds. If needed, gently massage in the last 15 seconds. This process allows the mascara to dissolve and break down without being aggressive and cause any irritation or inflammation on your eyes.

Avoid: Rubbing, pulling your lashes, and opening your eyes.

3. Wipe and remove

Wipe it off in the direction of the lashes: downward and away from the eye. Now, you got the panda eyes? Remove the excess by using the other side of your pad, using a new clean one, or simply with water, depending on the remover you are using.

If you’re struggling to get any residue off between your lashes, remove it with a q-tip soaked in your remover. This step will help avoid smudges you get the next morning. 

Avoid: Moving in a circular or horizontal motion.

4. Lash and eye care

Finish off your routine by using a gentle cleanser to remove any oily residue on the skin around the eyes. Additionally, as you may have stripped away the natural oils and moisture on the skin, use an eye cream to prevent dryness and promote new collagen production. Otherwise, you may also use a small amount of coconut oil and massage it on the lashes or use a spoolie dipped in the oil and brush through the lashes. This last step could promote lash growth in length and amount!

Avoid: Getting any formula in the eye. 

Why You Should Avoid Certain Things

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Avoiding formulas with certain ingredients is important as it can lead to breakouts you’ve been begging for not to come back, skin irritation around the eye that has been linked to cancer, and itchy eyes you never want to rub. The area around the eye is one of the most delicate skin as it is ten times thinner than other parts of your face, which is why you should stay away from aggressively putting too much pressure as it could also break blood vessels. However, gently massaging it can promote blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and enhance your skin’s elasticity.

Remember, while having a pad over your eyes, keep them closed to prevent anything from getting into your eyes as it could potentially irritate them even more and for an extended period.

Recommended Eye Makeup Remover

Cater what you end up using to your eyes’ needs. Whether it needs moisture, oil-free, a more light and gentle formula, here are four must-have eye makeup removers: 

  • Maybelline – Expert eyes moisturizing eye makeup remover
  • Neutrogena – Gentle oil-free eye makeup remover 
  • Garnier – Skin active micellar cleansing water
  • Nars – Gentle oil-free eye makeup remover

Why It’s Important to Invest in Eye Products at an Early Age

It doesn’t matter how young you are, but the earlier you take care of yourself, the better. This applies to your eyes as well. Investing in good eye products will save you the dark, heavy circles and wrinkles you want to prevent from forming in the future. Massaging serums, creams, or oils around the eyes will do just that and have you waking up feeling fresh and awake as you go about your day. 

How to Have a More Eco-Friendly Routine

We produce so much waste in just removing mascara, let alone a whole beat face. So ditch the makeup pads and q-tips because you can use a list of products as alternatives. Every small step counts to saving our planet. 

  • Original Pink – Make-up eraser
  • Face Halo – Reusable makeup remover pads
  • Well Earth Goods – Zero waste cotton swabs

But remember to wash reusable products after every use to prevent bacteria from growing and transferring to your eyes and face.

How to Remove Mascara: Conclusion 

You have probably taken off mascara on your own before and you might even think you know how to. However, not enough people are being gentle enough when doing so. Stick to this holy-grail, five-step routine as it will save you all the worries the next morning and even ten years down the line!

Written by: Savanna Sudwikatmono

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