How to Set Up a Scanner?

How to Set Up a Scanner?

Four Easy Steps to Ensure All Scanning Needs

How to Set Up a Scanner? The image shows scanning functions.
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Whether you are setting up a scanner on your PC or Mac, the process can be a bit challenging to some, and easy for others. Luckily, we got you covered! Here are four straightforward and simple steps to follow when setting up your brand new scanner to connect to your computer at home.

What are the different types of scanners?

The instructions on how to set up a scanner all depend on the type of scanner you have purchased. If your scanner is considered wireless, then the information provided below will be incredibly helpful in understanding Bluetooth connection features and wireless accessibility.

If the scanner you have purchased has a wire to plug into your computer, then these instructions will make your life and the process easier to understand and follow along with.

Step One: Make sure your scanner is on and connected

One of the main issues most people run into is figuring out whether or not your scanner is turned on. Click the power button, wait a few seconds to fully ensure that it has power, and begin the next part.

Once you have successfully turned your computer or laptop on, proceed to the settings tab. If your scanner requires a wireless connection, it is a good idea to make sure you are connected to the Wifi in order for this to be as seamless as possible. It is recommended that you connect to that beforehand on both devices. Once connected, proceed to step two.

Step Two: Select Settings and Add New Device

Once you have located the ‘settings’ menu on your laptop, find the devices tab and click it. Most computers have the option to select ‘printer and scanner settings’ below the devices tab – if so, click that button immediately to quickly set up the scanner.

Once that is selected, you can move on to the third step in the four-step process. If your scanner plugs directly into your computer, then this step may be even easier to fulfill as the device may pop up immediately once detected.

Step Three: Locate the nearby scanner to connect

Make sure you wait for the printer and scanner options to appear onscreen. Do not be discouraged if it does not appear immediately. It may take a few moments for your wireless scanner to be detected by your computer.

Once the name of your specific scanner comes up, click it to begin installing the wireless connection right away. If your scanner is not wireless, then this step may take you even less time because once plugged in, the scanner should appear quickly onscreen.

Step Four: Get scanning!

The installation process may take several minutes; however, once it is, you should begin scanning right away without any hassle!

If you are unsure or confused as to whether or not your scanner has been verified by your device, simply select ‘settings’ and go through the same process as step two to find your scanner under the ‘printer and scanner settings’.


How to Set Up a Scanner? The image is of a printer with scanning settings.
Source: Pixabay

We hope that with just these four easy-to-follow steps, that you now have the tools you need for how to set up a scanner at the palm of your hand! For more information, make sure to do your research and look at the instructions provided by your product provider.

Written by Madalyn Bumsted.

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