How to use an electric razor

How to Use an Electric Razor

We have all shaved at some point in our lives, but the question is: do we really know how to use an electric razor? It is easy to grab the disposable razors at the store, but what about all of the razor bumps and burns that it leaves on your skin? For the quickest and best results, an electric razor is well worth the purchase. If you want your legs to be consistently smooth, then you should invest in the best woman’s electric razor. Using an electric razor can be daunting especially if it is your first time using one, but worry not because it is not that hard to use one if you follow these simple steps.

For Dry Shaving 

For Dry Shaving 

Dry shaving is the process of shaving without the presence of moisture or water. Follow these steps if you need a quick shave on the go. 

Step 1: Remove All Moisture

Before reaching for your electric razor, it is very important to clean your legs. Grab a towel and dampen it with lukewarm water. Gently rub the towel over your legs, cleaning off any unwanted dirt and bacteria that may be lingering. Do not rub the towel roughly because you do not want to cause any abrasions on the skin. This step is very important as it will ensure that your legs are as soft as possible at the end. 

Step 2: Dry Your Legs

To ensure that your legs are dry to work with, grab a clean towel nearby. You will want to ensure that no moisture is left on your legs. Start the towel at your ankles and work up gently for the best drying results.

Step 3: Grab Your Electric Razor

As soon as your legs have dried, it is time to grab your electric razor. Ensure that your razor is fully charged before using it to ensure that it does not die on you halfway through. It is also important to make sure that it is fully charged so it will power at its maximum speed and capacity. Start with the razor at your ankles and then glide it up the leg for the best results. Continue this motion around the whole leg until all of the hair you do not want is gone. 

Step 4: Moisturize

Even after shaving with a disposable razor, it is essential to apply lotion to the skin immediately after shaving. Applying lotion allows the skin to become the smoothest it can be and acts as a layer of protection from bacteria that can seep into the pores in your legs. Lotion relaxes the skin and acts similar to aftershave. 

For Wet Shaving

For Wet Shaving

Step 1: Moisturize 

Unlike dry shaving, wet shaving involves the use of moisture/water. You can either take a shower or bath to soak the skin as much as possible. This allows the skin to soften and prep it before being shaved. 

Step 2: Grab Some Shaving Cream

Using shaving cream while wet shaving is essential. Invest in a gel or cream to act as a lubricant in the shaving process, whatever your personal preference is. Shaving cream helps to reduce inflammation, bumps, and redness. The coolness of the shaving cream soothes the skin and helps moisturize your skin. Wet shaving is a great option if you are prone to dry skin because the shaving cream helps to lock in moisture. 

Step 3: Shaving Direction 

Make sure to start shaving at the ankles and then move upwards. This way it allows you to know which parts of the leg you have shaved and stay organized. You will not feel any pain following this technique and the shaving cream will add a layer of comfort.

Step 4: Clean Legs 

Once you are done shaving all of your unwanted hair off, it is time to rinse off your legs. Simply splash some water onto your legs from the faucet and ensure that any leftover shaving gel is off of your legs. If you want, you can even add some soap into the water to completely disinfect your legs. 

Step 5: Moisturize 

Moisturizing your legs after using your electric razor is a must, especially if you have dry skin. Applying a lotion or moisturizer will soothe your skin and will further ensure that you will not have any unwanted bumps or redness post-shave. 

Additional Tips for Using an Electric Razor

These steps can also be applied when using an electric razor on different body parts for both men and women. Using an electric shaver allows you to use your time as efficiently as possible and many razors come with multiple razor blades to ensure that it lasts for many years. It is important to know how to clean an electric razor when you begin using it a lot and especially when it starts to become dull and is no longer picking up the amount of hair that it used to. For optimal results, make sure that you are rinsing out the razor after each use and adding soap to eliminate bacteria from growing. 

How to Use an Electric Razor: Conclusion

Knowing how to use an electric razor is an important life skill to have no matter how often you shave. It is a great way to eliminate getting razor bumps and rashes and works very well for both wet and dry shaving.

Written by Emily Muske

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