How to Use Beard Oil

How to Use Beard Oil (and Beard Balm)

So, you are wondering how to use beard oil, and you are starting to realize it’s a misconception that beards are only for depressed slobs. Growing a beard, for some, might be something done without a lot of thought. Maybe it started on vacation, and after that, you just rolled with it. But maintaining a beard takes dedication. And nothing is so vital to beard maintenance as beard oil. This is for all the people out there wondering how to use beard oil.

Clean Your Beard

Well, first thing’s first. You are going to want to get that sucker clean before doing anything with beard oil. So you should hop in the shower, that is, unless you’re a bath person. Hey, to each their own. But a shower is preferred, as getting the room all steamy—hey-o—will open one’s pores. Next, pat yourself dry like you usually do, but be sure to leave your beard a bit moist to the touch. It’s a balancing act. You don’t want it to be sopping wet, but you’ve overcorrected if it is bone dry. You’re probably thinking, “Man, I had no idea applying beard oil was so complicated.” Like my old man used to say, “If it is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” Okay, full disclosure, I don’t know if my dad ever said that. This is just a high testosterone type of post.

How to Use Beard Oil in the Correct Amount

Next comes the fun part—or at least the slightly less boring part. Yes, you finally get to use some beard oil. Try to contain your excitement. Get a few drops in one of your hands. Exactly how many is not an exact science. It depends on how big the ole face hedge is. You are going to want to aim for about 3-6 drops. If this is your first time, try to refrain from coming down with the beard oil madness. It is similar to reefer madness, but instead of losing your sanity and becoming violent, your beard just ends up slightly oilier than is ideal. Alright, now that I think about it, maybe it is not that similar.

Apply to Your Face

Guy with beard looking out of a window.
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At any rate, the next step is to take the oil you applied and lubricate both your hands with it. Just spread it onto both palms and your fingertips. When you feel you have done that sufficiently, massage the oil into your beard. Make sure to do it firmly enough to get the oil down to your face and where your beard meets your skin. Beard oil is, in part, for the skin underneath the beard also. Keeping that skin healthy prevents the dreaded “beardruff.” That’s dandruff for beards, people! Yes, that can happen. That is one of the many reasons why beard oil is so essential.

Apply to Body of Your Beard

When you feel you have oiled up that face that you haven’t gotten a good look at for several weeks, move on to the rest of that hair topiary, you human chia pet you. Instead of pressing up and through your beard, you want to brush the beard down with the residual oil on your hands this time. The sides are a good place to start. After, you can proceed to stroke the front downwards as well. Be sure not to miss the underside of your beard. For that, brush up from the neck area so that your beard gets a little fluffy. You can correct this by brushing down again if the lumberjack look isn’t for you.

Finishing Touches

If you are a macho mustachioed person, i.e., you’ve got a mustache, swipe it with your index fingers several times to be thorough. And if you want to wrap this thing up and put a bow on it, use a beard comb to ensure you look extra spiffy. Brush the beard down with the comb for a neat, put-together look. That way, maybe your boss won’t make you shave.

How to Use Beard Balm

Man with a brown beard.
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But wait, there’s more! There is also beard balm. Another beard product? Yes, ladies and gents, I know it is shocking, but there is more to having a winning beard than simply putting down your razor. As your beard grows longer, it can get a little unkempt. And by a little, I mean very. So if you aren’t going for the mountain man look, you could benefit from some beard balm. Beard oil keeps your beard and the skin beneath it healthy and soft. Beard balm, on the other hand, tames that wild mane.

If your beard is getting on the longer side, and you are starting to have flyaways, get your hands on some beard balm. Scoop a dollop of the stuff with one of your fingertips. Rub your hands together until it is no longer solid. Your hands should be coated in a film of the balm. Then you can style your facial hair to your heart’s content. That comb I mentioned earlier might come in handy.

Combining Beard Oil and Beard Balm

One question inevitably arises once a beard newbie learns about beard balm and beard oil: should I use both simultaneously? And there are varying opinions on that. You might find that your beard starts looking greasy rather than moisturized. But hey, nobody is stopping you if grease is your thing. I know a lot of rockstars used to rock that look.

How to Use Beard Oil: Conclusion

So now you know how to use beard oil and beard balm like a pro. You invested the time to grow your beard, so enjoy it. Just imagine all the compliments you are about to get on that lustrous mane of yours.

Written by Blake Anderson

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