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Idle Heroes Tier List 2022: Worst to Best

Most Idle Heroes tier lists on the internet show you the characters that are the best to utilize in your game playing followed by the ones that are the worst. In this tier list, we show you the worst and why, so you can be sure to watch out for these characters while you are playing.

But don’t be fooled— sometimes, a specific character can be the key to solving a level or a problem. It might be that you just haven’t looked in the lower tiers for the help you need to solve the issue yet!

Tier D Heroes

‘D’ tier Heroes haven’t developed well throughout the game so generally, it’s best not to utilize ‘D’ heroes. However, most of them used to be pretty decent players, and what’s more, there are some levels they may be pretty helpful in, though it might require more time on your part.


Flora is a decent ranger character in most situations. Though it requires quite a bit more of your time to develop and use her, Flora is very helpful in the Aspen Dungeon and Seal Land. 


A priest, Gustin is maybe one of the better ‘D’ tier heroes. He has great support abilities with debuff removal. This is one character to watch as he develops with the game. 

Faith Blade

Faith Blade can be a good assassin to have on some levels (like Death 11, Seal Land, and Aspen Dungeon). In past games, his strength was more robust, though recently he has become a weaker character. 

Tier C Heroes

These heroes are not all that great at anything in particular, but they are decently built characters. Their usefulness is really only in just the beginning of the game, if any. But, you might feel one of these characters could help out on a level you’re having trouble on, so check them out. 


Elvyia is a great supporting priest character since she utilizes aura and shrink skills. In situations that call for those skills, she could be a good support beam, but other than that, she isn’t all too helpful. 


Now for a warrior, Horus is a great tier ‘C’ option, especially for areas like Seal Land. Horus is very useful in the first to the middle part of the game. After getting through this part of the game though, you might retire him.


Another character great for early gameplay is Cthuga, a ranger. He is good for Aspen Dungeon and Seal Land. 

Tier B Heroes

These ‘B’ tier heroes are stronger than any of the above heroes and make for better teammates in your gameplay. They are weaker than ‘A’ tier heroes, but they can make for good support and can fill out the skills in your team. Building a character like this for your team may be easier, but it won’t pay off quite as well.


Though this priest character did have some changes made so some things aren’t as strong (like her shields), she can still fill a support role on a team. 


Penny, as a ranger, can be utilized in levels like Seal Land and Aspen dungeon. She is also really useful in the first half of the game but less so as you move onward.

Tier A Heroes

These are stronger than any of the above heroes. ‘A’ tier heroes will be the main gaining point of your game play. You can count on these heroes for most things at any time, and they will add strength and ability to your team. Building a character like this may take some more time, but will pay off.


A lot of people look to Rogan for a lot of support. He is very strong and useful. As an assassin, he can fill out duties others can’t. 


A great priest character, Ignis is definitely useful for Seal Land.

Tier S Heroes

The ‘S’ heroes are the best, strongest, and most capable characters in the game. If you can get an ‘S’ hero, you ought to for those situations when you need a boost or the most strength possible. Building these characters is the quickest route to success, though it can be difficult. 

Sword Fish Xia

Most people consider this character to be the best of the best. She is a useful assassin in many different modes of the game. If you can get her, she is a great character to build. Her skills include strong AoE dodging, great counterattacks, and strong solo damage. 

Scarlet Queen Halora

Perhaps the second-best character of Idle Heroes, Queen Halora is great in support and damage roles. She is a great attacker as well. Like an ‘S’ tier character, Queen Halora is great in most game modes. 

Using the Idle Heroes Tier List in Your Gaming

Although it might be easier to obtain stronger players in the first place, there are some instances when a lower-tier ranking player may come in handy for certain levels or problems. When moving through the game, be mindful of how some players can act as supporting roles for you. 

Written by: Mariah Haines

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