Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List

Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List: Who Should You Recruit?

Fire Emblem Three Houses is the latest entry from the Fire Emblem franchise. Three Houses is unique in the franchise as you get to pick amongst one of three Lord characters and play through their storyline. Each storyline is unique, so pick wisely! The story presented in Three Houses is long and fulfilling, so our Fire Emblem Three Houses tier list will help you pick the best units to complete the game with ease and minimal casualties.

Three Houses has a robust recruitment system. Each house you begin with has a set amount of characters, but if there are any specific niches you feel your team is missing, you can recruit them in Part 1 of the game. There is one exception per storyline in the second half, but by that time your main team is likely already sorted out!

Pick Your Lord

Each player will have access to Byleth, a robust all-around unit. Other than Byleth, depending on the house you choose you will have access to either Edelgard, Dimitri, or Claude. All three are oppressive units in their own right and boast their strengths and good growth rates. As this choice is locked by the story we would recommend picking whichever lord piques your interest, as they are all good units.

Each lord also has a confidant that is non-recruitable, so consider this factor as well when picking whose storyline you would prefer to focus on.

Edelgard and Hubert

Edelgard is an ax-wielding princess of the Adrestrian Empire with a deep sense of duty and responsibility. She has high defense, high attack, and high health. Edelgard’s charm skills are also effective for those looking to make use of gambits. As one of the lords, she is a strong unit with few weaknesses. Paired with Byleth, the two can wipe the map clean.

Edelgard’s companion character is Hubert. He is Edelgard’s retainer and a dark magic user with high attack. Hubert does lack mobility, making it hard to put him in safe positions where he can attack.

Claude and Hilda

Claude is the free-spirited archer and leader of the Leicester Alliance. Compared to the other lords he has a light-heartedness about him. However, he is a fearsome opponent in battle. He is one of the best flying units in the game and paired with his bow and arrow he has both amazing range and mobility.

Claude’s companion is Hilda. Hilda is a pink-haired ax user who loves fashion. She has naturally high strength, but low mobility. However, when faced with the enemy, Hilda can make quick work of it. To remedy her low mobility, consider reclassing her into a Falcon Knight.

Dimitri and Dedue

Dimitri is the deeply tragic prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. His storyline consists of his descent into madness and his subsequent rescuing. As a unit, Dimitri is amazing. He is good with swords and lances but has little magical capabilities.

Dedue is Dimitri’s retainer. He is deeply protective of the prince and his high defensive stats are proof enough. Dedue works best as a War Master, tanking damage for his teammates and Dimitri. His good speed stats also make him an excellent dodger.

Units to Recruit

Three Houses, unlike the other games in the franchise, offers amazing levels of customizability for each character’s class. Of course, there are things that some units are better at than others. Even still, the player is given a lot of choices. Here are characters regardless of the storyline picked that you should recruit.


Lysithea is one of the best magic users in the game, and you should take the time to recruit her in Part 1. She boasts powerful spells and great range. Like Hubert, she is a master in dark magic.  For those playing the Black Eagles run, you get a second chance to recruit her in Part 2.


Felix is a great all-around unit. He works best as a Mortal Savant and has great speed and attack stats. His evasion skills make him a wonder on the battlefield. Although he may be grumpy, he’s still a great addition to your team!


Ferdinand is a riot to have on any team. His colorful character paired with his great growth stats and abilities makes him a staple on my team. He has high defense making him a great Paladin.


Mercedes is an excellent healer. If you are playing with permadeath on, she is a must-have. Be sure to spend time with her and train her Faith and Reason to have her reach her highest potential.


Dorothea, much like Ferdinand is a delight to have on your team. She is a sweetheart and in many cases, a great dancer. Dorothea has good magic stats and high charm, making her a perfect choice to be a Dancer. She is a wonderful support. She can have access to both Faith and Reason spells fairly easily so train her in those.

Why Have A Fire Emblem Three Houses Tier List?

Fire Emblem Three Houses provides you with many great choices to build your team. Having an effective team in Fire Emblem is important so you don’t lose units permanently in battle. Be sure to take your time and train up your units for a fun experience!

With a different story for each Lord character, there is excellent replayability. Three Houses has taken up a lot of my time since release, and for good reason!

Good luck!

Written by: Zaria Evans

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