Pokemon Go Tier List of Attackers and Defenders

Pokémon Go Tier List of Attackers and Defenders

Pokémon Go is a wildly popular game that involves catching virtual Pokémon and using them to fight in different types of battles. There are different tiers of attackers and defenders when it comes to battling Pokémon, and, in order to win, you want the best combination of these types of Pokémon. One way you’re able to battle is through Gyms that were introduced to the game in 2017. Later that year, Raid Battles were also introduced, which added even more ways to play and utilize your best Pokémon.

However, Gyms and Raids can be tricky to understand and navigate, so let’s look into what it takes to be successful attacking and defending while playing Pokémon Go, and which Pokémon to look for when building the ultimate Pokemon Go Tier List of Attackers & Defenders.

What Are Gyms?

Gyms are virtual places within the Pokémon Go game set at certain landmarks in the real world. They’re often found at places like local businesses and historical markers. When you go to these places in the real world, you’re able to interact with gyms and place your Pokémon in them if they are vacant or your team controls the Gym. If they’re not or your team doesn’t control the Gym, you can attempt to take the Gym in order to secure it for your own team. In order to take a Gym that another team controls, you have to fight your own Pokémon against the ones occupying the Gym. 

Gyms also offer the player the ability to earn PokeCoins which can be used to purchase useful items from the shop. In order to earn PokeCoins though, you have to be able to use your Pokémon to hold a gym without another player attacking and stealing the Gym for their team. The longer your Pokémon remain in a gym without being defeated, the more coins you get!

How to Hold a Gym

Being able to defend a gym once you’ve placed your Pokémon there can be pretty tricky, but there are a few ways you can give your Pokémon a better chance of fending off rival players. The first is by diversifying the Pokémon that occupy your Gym. Pokémon come in many different elemental types that make them stronger or weaker against other types. For example, a water-type Pokémon would do well in battle against a fire-type as water beats out fire. So having many different types of Pokémon in your gym gives you a better chance of having the required defense to outmatch your opponents.

 Another way to keep control of a Gym is by placing high combat power (CP) Pokémon in it. The higher the CP of your Pokémon, the more damage per second it’s able to do, resulting in more wins as you’re able to defeat your opponent faster than it’s able to defeat you. How do you acquire high CP Pokémon? Well, you can power up or evolve your Pokémon using candy you collect from catching Pokémon which raises its CP value. Otherwise, as you level up, you’ll begin catching Pokémon in the wild that have higher CP values. These higher CP Pokémon are especially helpful when it comes to Raids as raid bosses often have very high CP values.

What Are Raids?

Raids are another battle aspect of Pokémon Go and occur when a ‘Raid Boss’ temporarily takes over a Gym for a certain period of time. During this time, you have the opportunity to battle these raid bosses either alone or with friends. If you’re successful and beat the boss, you can gain special items and experience and have the chance to catch the raid boss Pokémon. This can be tricky to do, however, especially if you’re facing tier 5 raid bosses which is the highest and most difficult tier to defeat.

How to Win a Raid

In order to win a raid battle, there are a couple of important factors to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to select Pokémon to fight that are good counters for the Raid Boss. For example, if the raid boss you’re fighting is a ground-type Pokémon, you’ll want to stack your team with flying, bug, and grass-type Pokémon.

You’ll also want to make sure that each of your Pokémon that are fighting has good attacking and defending statistics. This can be determined by ‘appraising’ your Pokémon, which shows you how good they are in these areas. Fighting with friends can also help you win against a raid boss, as the more people you have fighting, the more damage you’ll do. You’ll also want to do as much damage as fast as possible because Raid battles do have a time limit once you start them.

Pokemon Go Tier List of Attackers and Defenders

Finally, we’ll go over some examples of good Attackers and Defenders that could help you win any fight. Hope this helps on the Pokémon Go battlefield. Happy playing!

Lucario (Attacker)

Lucario is an excellent steel-type Pokémon that’s great for attacking and is very versatile and powerful when paired with good attack moves like Counter and Aura Sphere.

Rhyperior (Attacker)

Rhyperior is a rock-type Pokémon that is very useful for attacking when powered up and combined with the attack moves Mud Slap and Earthquake. This Pokémon is also a very effective dual attacker, meaning it can do two charged attacks as opposed to one.

Chansey (Defender)

Chansey is a normal-type Pokémon that’s great for defending thanks to its high HP and high special defense stats. Because it’s also a normal-type Pokémon, that means its only major weakness is fighting-type Pokémon.

Snorlax (Defender)

Snorlax is a normal-type Pokémon known for its high HP and good attacks, but it is also vulnerable to fighting-type Pokémon. Snorlax generally has very high CP values making them very tanky in any fight.


Having the right combination of Pokémon is crucial to winning Gyms and Raids. When you are choosing your Pokémon, keep in mind which types are weaker and stronger than the Pokémon’s you choose and the level of combat power each has.

Written by: Maisie Wingert

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