Valorant Agent Tier List

Valorant Agent Tier List 2022

Valorant is the latest offering from Riot Games, creators of the juggernaut League of Legends. Valorant couldn’t be any more different from League as an FPS, but if you’re looking to pick up the game and climb some ranks, here is a Valorant Agent Tier List to be aware of.

Valorant is a fast-paced shooter much more akin to Overwatch, so if you’re a fan and looking for a new game to pick up, consider Valorant. As any League player will know, Riot Games loves to shift meta by balancing and re-balancing characters. Valorant is no different, so if you’re looking to improve paying attention to the meta is key.


Valorant has over 16 playable characters, known as Agents. Not every Agent is created equal, though all have their uses. Like any FPS, you’ll have to get used to the learning curve. Some Agents are easier to learn than others, so be prepared to practice if one catches your fancy.

There are four roles that each character can fill. Controllers are characters that aim to take control of certain areas on the field to aid their allies. Duelists are meant to initiate the first enemy engagements with self-sufficiency. Initiators create openings for their teammates to cross into contested areas on the map and discover the enemy. Sentinels are the most familiar role, acting like tanks with a focus on defense.


True to her name, Jett is one of the fastest characters on the roster. She is a duelist. Her speed grants her excellent offensive capabilities, and she has amazing mobility. Jett’s ability “Drift” allows her to float, giving her excellent vantage and allowing you to survey the field. Her offensive capabilities are nothing to scoff at either as her ultimate abilities do big damage as well.


Sova, the handsome archer from Russia is no one to scoff at. He arguably fills his role as an initiator the best, providing enemy locations with his abilities. His drone ability and recon arrow allow Sova players to pinpoint the enemies for their teammates to seek out. Sova is definitely one of the harder characters to learn, so if you want to main him be prepared to put in lots of practice and learn the maps front-to-back.


Astra’s role is as a controller, and she does it well. Her ability “Gravity Well” creates a center of gravity and allows her to pull in enemy players for your teammates to pick off. Paired with Sova, it will be extremely difficult to lose the enemy. Astra’s ultimate is what truly makes her special-she can divide the map, allowing your team a moment of respite to prepare for your attack. However, like Sova, her success depends on knowing the timing of her abilities well and will take practice.


Neon plays as a duelist, like Jett. Neon is definitely a riskier choice in comparison, as she cannot escape once she has engaged. Neon’s playstyle is dependent on you going in, doing the most damage possible, and killing whoever you targeted. If you don’t kill your target, you’re probably not going to survive much longer.  Her “Fast Lane” ability allows you to keep your charge in one spot and deal massive damage. However, once you decide to attack, if you do not succeed, there are no opportunities to disengage. Her skills may be hard to pull off and take practice. When you do win it is a seriously electrifying feeling!


Killjoy can balance both offense and defense well. As a sentinel, defense is her forte, and her high attack is an amazing bonus. A genius, her abilities all come from gadgets she designed. Her ability “Nanoswarm” sets off miniature robots that do damage to the enemy, much like a bomb. Her ultimate “Lockdown” allows her to keep enemies in one place. Placing your gadgets where they would be effective is truly important for success. Valorant is a shooter, so there is typically a massive learning curve with any character. Killjoy’s kit is simple, so if you’re looking to start the game she is a good choice.


Sage, like Killjoy, is a sentinel. Sage’s abilities are unique among the Valorant cast, as she can resurrect dead allies and heal her teammates. This makes her invaluable to most teams. She also can wall off areas, giving her allies a great advantage. Her skill-cap is not as high as some other Agents, making her a solid choice for beginners just like Killjoy.

Valorant Agent Tier List: Conclusion

Valorant has a truly colorful and diverse cast. All the characters are extremely varied, not only in appearance but in skill. Of the available characters, it’s hard to say that any play alike. Valorant is still a new game, and very different from Riot Games’ other offerings, but it is a fun time with friends, and learning to play the characters is an experience itself. We hope our guide helped you decide on which character you’d like to play

Written by: Zaria Evans

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