AFK Arena Tier List

AFK Arena Tier List

Today, playing games on your mobile devices is growing more and more popular. There are millions of mobile games that can help you pass the time, but for Androids and iOS devices, AFK Arena is a top favorite. A detailed AFK Arena tier list is established below to help you be successful. This growing game has a diverse range of heroes with different capabilities, and when you are just beginning, it can be a little confusing. But don’t worry. That’s where I come in. 

AFK Arena tier list is a ranking system that defines the heroes’ stats and abilities. It will help you figure out when to play a specific character and how your hero could get you to the last stage of the game. AFK Arena is all about strategy, placing the best pieces within the game that can lead you to success. Below is a list that will guide you there. But first, you have to understand the game and the objective to make it to the last stage. 

What is AFK Arena? 

AFK Arena is meant to be played on a mobile device (Android or iOS). It takes up 98MB on your device and is a quick and easy download from the App Store or Google Play for free. Players are able to compete with each other in real life, meaning any time you pick up your AFK Arena game, another person is playing against you on the opposite end of the phone. 

The objective of AFK Arena is to become the most dominant hero of all the players in the arena. You can do this by taking on the other opponents and defeating them. One of the greatest factors of AFK Arena is there are multiple different modes to challenge other players. For instance, you can play in Campaign mode, King’s Tower, or Labyrinth – each mode with a unique twist to test your capabilities. 

With all of these different modes, knowing which hero to play is critical. This AFK Arena tier list will help you distinguish which ones will lead you to the best success in your game. 

AFK Arena Tier List

To start your game, you will choose a hero and begin your adventure in a mythical location. Below is a list of characters ranked by tier. Understanding the different abilities in tiers will help you determine which hero is the best to be played. 

Tier S 

Heroes that fall under this category are capable of handling the most challenging situations. Having a high HP and strong damage output, these heroes can take on opponents with confidence and skill. Depending on the hero, they may also contain a few healing capabilities. These healing abilities will allow them to take a lot of hits and still be able to stand on their feet. 

Tier A 

These types of heroes are just a step lower than Tier S, but are the next best characters to go in the game. They are capable of taking a high dosage of damage, but their HP is slightly lower than Tier S. 

Tier B 

This tier contains heroes that are able to defend and attack. They are fueled with high resistance and able to do an AoE attack, which can be extremely powerful against opponents. However, they have a low HP and low damage output, making them more fragile than the tier heroes that rank above them. 

Tier C 

Heroes that are ranked here must be strategically played. They are not as powerful as those above them, but they do have the capability to impact a large amount of damage if used correctly. 

Tier D 

These last heroes have low HP and low damage output, but that does not make them useless. These heroes can grant healing or resurrection, which some of the top tiers do not have. Playing these characters can keep your other stronger heroes alive. Sometimes your weakest player may also be your greatest. 

AFK Arena Tier List: Character Ranking

Below is a list of characters that will help you get started. Understanding the different levels of the tiers, will help you determine which hero is the best choice to play.

Tier S: Rowan, Alna, Leofric, Ezizh, Silas, Elijah and Lailah, Talene, Ainz Ooal Gown, Titus, Lucretia

Tier A: Tasi, Gwyneth, Prince of Persia, Safiya, Mortas, Wu Kong, Desira, Arthur, Nemora, Albedo

Tier B: Numisu, Warek, Trenzor, Rosaline, Hendrick, Mishka, Scarlet, Morrow, Peggy

Tier C: Raine, Mortas, Khasos, Thesku, Baden, Gorvo, Astar, Saveous, Anoki, Thane

Tier D: Arden, Seirus, Vurk 

AFK Arena Tier List: Character Skills

The list below separates the characters that were listed above into the skill set they have. We will be distinguishing them from warriors, tanks, supporters, mages, and rangers. Beneath the different skill sets will have recommendations of which character is the best out of those listed. 


Alna, Wu Kong, Baden, Warek, Khasos, Seirus

One of the best warriors to use is Alna. She is able to lower everyone’s speed, even her allies. Another skill she has is the Winter War Cry, which uses the lack of speed she created to cause a high damage count to opponents. 


Arthur, Hendrick, Anoki, Titus, Mishka, Morrow, Gorvo, Saveous, Albedo

Albedo is one of the best tanks to use on the battlefield. She can teleport into and out of the battle, which could be used for an attack or protection. This is a great skill to have when one of your characters needs time to heal. 


Rowan, Leofric, Ezizh, Silas, Elijah and Lailah, Talene, Tasi, Mortas, Desira, Nemora, Peggy, Thesku, Raine, Arden, Trenzor, Numisu, Rosaline, Astar

A few of the best supporters are Tasi and Rowan. Tasi has tremendous healing capabilities, but also can impart a lot of damage. She also has a high Banishment count, sending a high attack into four seconds of banishment. Rowan is a solid player and very easy to handle. In the beginning stages of the game, he unlocks three health potions that are very beneficial throughout the battle. 


Ainz Ooal Gown, Safiya, Scarlet 

The top mage is Ainz Ooal Gown. He is a skeleton mage that has incredible AEO damage. If he takes a hit, he is able to use that energy elsewhere to his advantage. 


Gwyneth, Prince of Persia, Thane, Vurk, Lucretia

One of the best rangers is Lucretia for many reasons. She has hellfire that unleashes a high damage count, and she has the ability of Deathwish, which isolates the highest attack power. She works well in any situation with her attacks and powerful damage count.

It’s Game Time

These are just a few characters to get you started in the world of AFK Arena. Understanding both the characters’ strengths and their skills is imperative when putting them into play. This tier list for AFK Arena is to help you begin to look through the different characters and determine who can help you succeed against your opponents. 

AFK Arena is an exciting mobile game that allows you to play others on the app. You get to see new locations and play new people from all around the world at just the touch of your fingertips. This tier list will help you begin in AFK Arena and will lead you to a successful future when playing the game. 

Written By Miranda Cooks

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