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Overwatch Tier List 2022: Best Characters To Use

In the fast-paced world of gaming, Overwatch is still one of the top competitive games on the market. Even with its announcement in 2019, there has been little news about Overwatch 2. In the meantime, let’s give shine to our current Overwatch top-tier picks for competitive play in 2022. Here is our Overwatch tier list!

For beginners and veterans alike, knowing what’s in the meta will help build your team and hone your skills. Overwatch constantly rebalances characters and skills, giving some characters an edge over others. One of the most important aspects of ranked online multiplayer games is team synergy. Luckily, Overwatch makes this easy with its varied meta. Our tier list will help you discover the best picks of each role to help you and your friends climb the ranks! Each of the five players should be able to make use of each dedicated role for a balanced team.


Support is often overlooked in favor of its more involved counterparts but is one of the most solid foundations of a good, balanced team. A good support often makes or breaks the game, so pay attention to what you may need in the field.


Mercy remains a top-tier pick for support players looking to climb ranks. Her ability to resurrect teammates is incredibly handy, and her healing versatility is incredibly useful. Mercy’s evasive skills are a boon for both veteran and new players alike. However, in comparison to other supports, her healing skills are a bit sub-par.


Baptiste is a favorite of support players for a few reasons. His healing capabilities are unmatched, and he can heal from the sidelines, allowing your teammates to put in the work without dying. When paired with Zenyatta, Baptiste can reach another level. The two have excellent synergy.


Zenyatta is a versatile pick for support players who may want to be more effective on the battlefield and can function as a shot-maker, often guiding the team through some risky spots. Zenyatta can both buff his allies and hold his own, making him a safe pick. With fewer shields available, Zenyatta’s abilities can truly shine. Zenyatta functions as a bit of a glass cannon, so take care to protect yourself when playing or pair up with another support for protection.


Damage is an absolutely necessary part of any competitive Overwatch team. Luckily, high DPS characters are in a good spot. With the right composition, using these champions will help your rank. Here are the top two picks on our list.


Cassidy, formerly known as McCree, is a top-tier pick for those looking to focus on DPS. A fan-favorite character for a reason, Cassidy is still incredibly strong in the meta. Cassidy’s damage output is incredible if you’ve got the aim. Any player looking to pick up the cowboy should practice to reach his maximum potential.

Cassidy’s recent name change comes from the ongoing Blizzard-Activision controversy. As one of the more beloved Overwatch characters, his name change is surely something to get used to. However, some things never change. Cassidy’s absolute dominance in the competitive scene never will!


For those looking for something a little less aim-heavy, Tracer is a solid choice. Fan-favorite poster-child Tracer is absolutely dominant surrounded by the right teammates. With the fast-paced meta, Tracer’s lightning-quick shooting and time-jumping abilities are a must-have. Her damage output is excellent, especially faced with the recent dominance of tanks.

Tracer serves best as a distraction so your big damage players can get on the scene and demolish the enemy. Tracer thrives in absolute chaos, and luckily, she can still hold her own in these confrontations, making her a great choice!


Often forgotten, having a tank to absorb the high-damage output coming from your enemy is essential. The beautiful thing about the current Overwatch meta? Tanks currently have both. High defense paired with high attack is a beautiful disaster for anyone not looking to invest in tank characters.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is arguably one of the best picks for any competitive play right now. Wrecking Ball is one of the more unique champions, as he can effectively disrupt the enemy’s team and any attempts to determine their position on the map. This is a great advantage to have. As previously stated, the current meta thrives on chaos, and Wrecking Ball’s skillset is built for it.

If you’re thinking about picking up Wrecking Ball, make sure you are familiar with the maps, characters, and practice. Those who know the game the best can take the greatest advantage of his strength.


Zayra is one of the few characters who are good at everything. Her skill set is extremely useful in current play, and once charged, she can put out an extraordinary amount of damage. Her damage boost from shield absorption is one of the best parts of her kit, making her extremely self-sufficient.

Why Care About An Overwatch Tier List?

Overwatch is still one of the dominant competitive games on the market because of its constantly changing meta. Knowing which characters play best is key to a successful game. Hopefully, this guide will help you and your friends decide which characters to pick before loading up into a match!

Written By: Zaria Evans

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