Apex Legends Tier List

Apex Legends Tier List

Whether it’s the use of invincibility perks, missile airstrikes, or tracking abilities, players of Apex Legends are able to outplay their opponents in an abundance of ways depending on which character they pick. Because of this, we have provided an Apex Legends Tier List for you!

Apex Legends differs from other popular Battle Royale games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone because each character has different capabilities that will help their trio get to the top of the leaderboard. Because of this, it is extremely important to know each character’s usefulness and abilities. If you are new to Apex Legends or just haven’t played in a while, we have come up with a comprehensive tier list of some of the best characters to use.

Top Tier



Tracker: Follow foot tracks that enemies leave behind

Eye of the All-Father: Discloses enemies locations and their traps for a short period of time

Beast of the Hunt: Highlights enemies and improves movement capabilities

Due to Bloodhound’s recon abilities, they come in as top tier in the game. It is so beneficial to know where your enemies are at any time of a shooter game, which makes Bloodhound a great addition to your trio. Bloodhound’s capabilities pose both an offensive and defensive threat.




Combat Medic: Release Drone of Compassion (D.O.C.) to revive teammates so you can move freely

Heal Drone: D.O.C. will heal teammates close by overtime

Care Package: Call in a care package with upgraded defensive loot

Lifeline is such a popular legend, and for good reason. She is the game’s only healer, and since a buff from Season 9, her D.O.C.’s heal rate has increased to 8hp from 5hp. Her care package is extremely useful, especially in late-game scenarios.



Gun Shield: Gun shield deploys when aiming down sights, defending some incoming fire

Dome of Protection: Deploy a dome shield that protects from incoming attacks

Defensive Bombardment: Throw a mortar strike on a nearby position

Gibraltar serves as one of the game’s best defensive legends. His abilities help the user and their team. His protection dome serves as a great defense when healing teammates and his gun shield reduces damage by 15%. He is certainly a great mix of a solo and team player.



Voices from the Void: When danger is around, a voice gives off a warning

Into the Void: Take no damage when traveling through a void space, allowing reposition safely

Dimensional Rift: Connect two positions with portals that anyone can use for a minute

Wraith serves as a hybrid between an offensive and defensive player. Things didn’t go your way in a gunfight? Use a void! Want to flank a team unseen? Use a void! Her abilities allow her users to play in a risky manner with her safety features.



Nox Vision: Spot enemies through gas

Nox Gas Trap: Place barrels that let out lethal Nox gas when triggered or shot

Nox Gas Grenade: Nox gas engulfs a large area

Recent updates have cut down cool-down times for his Nox Gas Grenade and Nox Gas Trap compared to when he was first released. The Nox Gas Trap is deadly if enemies get caught in it as it starts at 5 hp and increases by 1 hp every second after.



Heart Seeker: Visualize and hear enemies’ heartbeats when using ADS

Focus of Attention: Microdrones release a blast that reveals and interrupts opponents

Exhibit: Microdrones show the position of firing and moving enemies within their proximity

Seer competes with Bloodhound as a rival in recon abilities. The Focus of Attention ability allows you and your trio to see enemies’ locations and their health. This eases players’ decisions on whether or not to push an incoming team.


This handful of legends is considered B-tier as they are very situational characters based on their abilities. However, they can still be very useful under the right circumstances.



Insider Knowledge: Use a survey beacon to find the next circle’s location

Grappling Hook: Use a grappling hook to get to hard to reach positions in a timely manner

Zipline Gun: Shoot a zipline for anyone to use

Pathfinder is known as a friendly and polite robot because of the funny phrases he uses throughout a match. His grappling hook allows users quickly to get out of sticky situations or be able to get to loot faster than teammates. His Zipline Gun is great for moving your trio quickly across large distances and perfect for relocating to positions that give your team height leverage.



VTOL Jets: Use a jetpack while in the air

Missile Swarm: Spray a cluster of mini rockets that cause damage to opponents

Skyward Dive: Allows you and your teammates to launch into the air

Valkyrie is considered a middle-tier legend as her Missile Swarm is quite underwhelming if not used correctly. However, her Skyward Dive is great for getting out of tough situations or rotating early into the next ring.



Swift Mend: Regenerate health over time (not shield)

Stim: Movement increases by 30% over 6 seconds. However, this is at the expense of some HPs.

LaunchPad: Place a jump pad that sends legends through the air

Octane’s Stim ability is perfect for gamers who love to push opponents and get into a better position quickly. While it does take health to use, the Swift Mend passive ability compensates for this over time. This ability puts less of an importance on holding bandages in your inventory, freeing up space to hold more ammo, shields, or lethals. Octane is great for aggressive gamers, but he doesn’t offer many advantages for your whole squad.



Spark of Genius: Fully charge Interception Pylon with Ultimate Accelerants found throughout the map

Perimeter Security: Slow down and damage enemies with strategically placed electric fences

Interception Pylon: Repair shields and destroy incoming ordnance with an electrified pylon

Wattson could perhaps provide the largest upside if you make it late in the game. All of her abilities allow squads to hunker down in one place safely. You just have to make sure you have the positional advantage when you do use these abilities!



Modded Loader: Faster reload speed and increased magazine size when operating LMGs and Sheila

Amped Cover: Construct a crouch-cover wall that deploys a larger wall that amps outgoing shots and stops incoming shots

Mobile Minigun ‘Sheila’: Wield a minigun that can also be placed for teammates to use

Ever since recent updates that have allowed Rampart to now carry around her minigun, she has climbed up in the tier list. Sheila’s time to kill is insane and will tear apart anyone in its path.

Apex Legends Tier List: Conclusion

And that just about wraps it up! While there are still a handful of other characters in Apex Legends, these legends have proven to be most effective. As long as you’re having fun, it doesn’t really matter who you use. However, some characters have proven to consistently be at the top of the leaderboard, and that’s what we find the most fun!

Written by: Christopher Yanchoris

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