Paladins Tier List

Paladins Tier List – Ranking Characters Worst to Best

Since it was released in 2018, Paladins still thrives as one of the best online, free-to-play, team shooter games in its genre. This popular multiplayer game can be accessed on Xbox One, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Paladins provides a roster of 45 characters in total to play from as well as competitive game features such as the Ranked Mode.

Ranked Mode

What is Ranked Mode you say? Ranked mode is a feature that was created in 2017 by the makers of Paladins, Hi-Rez Studios. This mode gives players the option to master their play-style and truly understand how the mechanics of this game works. In Ranked Mode, players experience a more competitive style to the game compared to how they would in any of the casual matches that Paladins has to offer. Players can increase their rankings in order to become the best of the best when in this mode!

Paladins Tier List

The Paladins tier list is a list of ranked characters with the highest being considered the champions and most powerful characters in the game. If you want to take this game seriously, you should take note of these characters provided in order to be the best player that you can be.

This tier list is broken down into five categories which are rated from the worst characters in Paladins to the best:

Tier E: The Worst

Of the 45 characters included in Paladins, there are three that are considered to be the worst of the worst which makes you question ever even using them in the game.

These bottom-tier characters are Skye, Moji, and Maeve. When playing with the champion Moji, you will notice that it is quite hard to cause damage during attacks due to his minimal power. Skye, however is noted as the worst champion in this game as she does not have many abilities, power, or strength.

If I were you, I would steer clear of using these weak characters if you want to be successful in this game.

Tier D

In this second to last tier, you will find the characters who aren’t the worst, but who are pretty close to it. These characters aren’t necessarily bad; they just don’t have the strength or power to compete with the other characters who are considered to have a higher rank in Paladins.

There are five characters that are in this tier, and they are Tyra, Vivian, Ruckus, Grohk, and Buck. Grohk’s specialty is the use of a lightning staff and he also has the ability to cause damage on enemies with a Shock Pulse. Vivian is a gun-oriented champion who has the power to summon drones when attacking. One of her major downsides is that it takes a total of 13 seconds to cool-down her shield, which is not ideal in a fast paced game like Paladins.

Tier C

In the C-Tier, you will find characters who have some potential, but they would still be a risky choice when playing.

There are six listed in this tier, and they are Evie, Lex, Talus, Zhin, Raum, and Dredge. Evie is a smaller sized champion in this game but has moderate attack damage and has great speed movement. Lex’s signature weapons are his dual guns and his ultimate damage attack in Paladins is known as “The Law.”

These champions definitely have potential but probably should not be your first pick, especially when playing in Ranked Mode. If you are a skilled and experienced player, it is possible to win the game with one of these characters but highly unlikely due to their underperformance.

Tier B

Tier B includes ten champion characters who are strong and have some special powers. Although they have some uniqueness to them, they are not nearly as powerful as the champions that lie within Tier A or Tier S.

These champions are Strix, Willo, Sha Lin, Furia, Grover, Jenos, Pip, Torvald, Drogoz, and Kinessa. Grover is known to be a champion with a special combination including range and healing. His primary attack is the use of his ax. He causes more damage the further away his opponents are, making him a powerful and unique champion.

Kinessa, on the other hand, is another gun master in Paladins who specializes in the use of her carbine weapons and her sniper. She has great aim and is known to shoot her opponents at any distance, short or long. Her specialty is the use of her transporter that can teleport her wherever it lands once thrown, making her a fast and difficult opponent.

Tier A

In this second-highest ranked tier, there are eleven champions. These characters are not as great as those who are in Tier S, but they are close to it and definitely stand a chance against Tier S champions. These Tier A characters still earn the respect that they deserve due to their skills and effectiveness in battle.

The champions listed in this tier are Imani, Lian, Seris, Viktor, Ying, Mal’Damba, Ash, lo, Androxus, Terminus, and Khan.

Tier S: The Best

Last but not least, here lies the champions that are the best of the best in Paladins. These characters are those that you should definitely keep in mind if you want to thrive in this game!

The eight champions in this tier are the most powerful and are considered to be close-ranged fighters with a ton of different capabilities. These characters are difficult opponents and will give you a major advantage in this game. The Tier S champions are Fernando, Atlas, Bomb King, Makoa, Inara, Cassie, Koga, and Barik.

These characters are said to, when used at the right time, have the ability to make or break the game!

Conclusion and Extra Tips

The overall objective of this online multiplayer team-based shooting game is to destroy your opponent’s core while also keeping yours intact. Paladins offers a free experience that is exciting, engaging, and competitive especially when playing in Ranked Mode.

If you want to be successful in this game, you have to remember that practice is key! More playtime means more skill and knowledge of the game which will lead to unlocking better champions and overall success.

Another tip to take note of to help you earn a higher rank would be completing quests in order to unlock more champions! You want to unlock as many champions as fast as possible if you want to achieve the highest-ranked characters that are in the S-Tier. Although Paladins can be competitive, just remember the most important thing is to have fun when playing!

Written by: Ryleigh Gilchrist

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