Can a dog eat pineapple

Can a Dog Eat Pineapple?

Are you worried because your dog accidentally ate a piece of pineapple? There may be no need to be! As long as the prickly outside and core of the pineapple have been removed, this fruit is actually quite good for your precious pup!

Health Benefits of Pineapple for Your Pup?

Pineapple is packed full of nutrients! It has many vitamins to support a dog’s immune system, minerals to maintain a healthy coat, and a good amount of fiber to help regulate. These benefits are just the start. This tropical fruit also has antioxidants that help to repair damaged cells.

This fruit contains an enzyme called “bromelain.” This enzyme is great for dogs because it makes it easier for your dog to absorb proteins from other food and treats. It is also known for having anti-inflammatory properties, being effective histamine, and helping with a dog’s skin issues.

Aside from these other beneficial properties, pineapples are composed of 82% water. This water-filled fruit makes the perfect hydrating treat for your furry friend on a hot day.

What Concerns Should You Have?

Like all other fresh fruits, pineapple contains a large amount of sugar. These higher sugar levels may cause concern for dogs that are overweight or diabetic. Pineapple may have extra calories than standard other treats because of this sugar which could pose an issue for overweight dogs. For diabetic dogs, the pineapple’s natural sugars can cause blood sugar levels to spike.

As with giving your dog any other kind of fruit, you want to be cautious of their stomachs. If you notice your pup having issues going to the bathroom or even vomiting, you want to stop giving them this sweet treat and consult your vet.

Portion control is something of great importance when giving your dog any type of fresh fruit. Because of the amount of dietary fiber found in pineapple, it is particularly important to not give too much of the fruit because it could cause your pup to become constipated.

What Type of Pineapple Can a Dog Eat?

Frozen Pineapple

On a hot summer day, you may find that chunks of frozen pineapple are perfect for cooling your doggy down. To avoid choking, be sure to keep these chunks a bit smaller as it may be more difficult for your dog to eat the frozen pieces.

Canned Pineapple

While it is okay for your dog to eat canned pineapple, it is not necessarily the suggested option. Canned fruits are often stored with added sugars; these added sugars can cause issues with a dog’s blood sugar levels. The canning process can also impact the effectiveness of the nutrients found in the fruit.

Dried Pineapple

Similar to canned pineapple, dried pineapple is also often packaged with many added sugars. Beyond this, the lack of water takes away a valuable part of the pineapple. Another concern that comes with dried fruits is that the chunks become much smaller. If you choose to share dried pineapple with your dog, it is incredibly important to keep an eye on the portion.

Fresh Pineapple

Better than packaged pineapple is fresh pineapple. Just be sure to remove the tough skin and the core before giving this snack. Cutting the pineapple into smaller chunks will, also, help you to ensure you are giving your dog an appropriate amount.

How Much is Too Much?

When it comes to treats, they should not make up for more than 10% of the calories your dog eats in a day. For many dogs, this means they could eat a small amount of pineapple from time to time.

You will also want to consider the size of your pup. Larger dogs can eat more than smaller dog breeds. This is in part to how their stomach will digest more pineapple better than a smaller dog would. This, also, is because a piece of pineapple would make up more of the daily calorie intake for a small dog than it would for a bigger breed.

Does Pineapple Stop Dogs from Eating Poop?

While there is no scientific evidence, many dog owners believe that giving your dog pineapple will help stop them from eating poop. They theorize that the bromelain enzyme found in the pineapple is to thank for this. It is believed that when the enzyme is ingested that it makes a dog’s poop taste foul. This foulness will help to deter a dog from enjoying this disgusting snack.

Can a Dog Eat Pineapple? – Conclusion

In the end, it is up to you whether you choose to feed your pet some chunks of this fresh fruit. As with all food not specifically designed for dogs, to ensure their stomach can handle the fruit you need to be cautious when first introducing it. This fresh, vitamin-packed treat may become your pet’s new favorite treat when given with precaution.

Written by Emma Trudell

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