Street Fighter V Tier List

The Ultimate Street Fighter V Tier List

When playing one of the most famous fighting games, it is important to know who is the correct character to choose. This Street Fighter V Tier List was created to help you differentiate between the many kinds of fighters you will come across when playing. This ranking, from best to worst, will help you navigate the abilities of a character and compare them to the others.

What Street Fighter V tiers are there?

The 6 tiers include S, A, B, C, D, and F. S being the best tier with the best fighters, and F being the worst. The list explains what each tier means and which characters meet the criteria.

The S Tier

If you want to win, your best chance is with any of the S-tier’s characters. These characters’ skill sets prepare them for any situation. The fighters in this tier can be used by any level of player, on or offline.

Cammy is new to this tier but can handle any opponent. Her signature Air Throws and Spiral Throws set her apart from the other fighters.

Urien is a part of this tier mostly because of his Aegis Reflector which can destroy any opponent when used correctly.

M. Bison is the main antagonist of many Street Fighter Games. His aggressive tactics can defeat an opponent in a few seconds into the fight.

Rashid’s ability to move quickly secures his spot on this list as any of his skills can lead to a win.

A Tier

One step lower than the S tier is the A-tier. These fighters are very successful but lack a stand-out quality that the ones above possess.

Poison’s mix of wrestling, acrobatics and quickness earns her a spot on this list. Poison has exceeded the expectations from her release.

Kolin is a successful fighter due to her damage and surprise element that comes from the unexpected grab.

Chun Li, the first female playable character to appear in a mainstream fighting game, is an undeniably good fighter. She is fast and aggressive but can be used as a player at any skill level.

Abigail’s health level separates him from the rest. His big build leads to him being untouchable as well as producing fatal combos.

Ryu, the face of the Street Fighter series, is known for his energy attack called Hadoken.

B Tier

Characters fall into the B-tier if they have one or two good skills, but are not well-rounded. These fighters usually have a noticeable flaw that causes them to rank lower than the others.

Akuma is good at finding his opponent’s defensive weaknesses but usually does not survive as long as most characters.

Zeku is a great player with great mix-ups, but he takes time for players to become familiar with and master his skills.

Sakura’s weakness is that in everything she does, there’s another fighter who can do it better. This weakness is the main reason why she is a B-tier character.

Menat is a fighter who can hold her own. However, she fights differently than a lot of the characters, so beginner players will need more time to practice.

C Tier

Characters in this tier require an experienced player but have redeeming skills.

Juri is very agile and has some good skills, but it takes a lot to pack a powerful punch. She has more potential as a fighter in the hands of a more experienced player.

Zangief’s main weakness is that he is a close-range fighter. Experienced players sense that out and use that against him. His second V-Skill is his biggest asset when fighting. 

Ed is successful only when he has the upper hand in a battle. His inability to win a fight when he is disadvantaged ties directly to his spot on the list. However, he has good combos and V-Skills.

Ibuki’s chances of winning are always uncertain. She has a lot of potential with her combos but requires an experienced player.

D Tier

These characters need additional buffs to be worth playing. Although they can confuse the opponent, they are typically not used by winning players.

Necalli is one of the best of the D-tier because of his consistency during hits. However, if you are looking for a strong or fast fighter, Necalli is not that.

Alex is only worth picking if you know the other player will be making many mistakes. Alex is not suggested to be used in competitive fights.

Gill is not only difficult to use but doesn’t have a skill set to back him up. Overall, not a good fighter to choose.

Falke is a good choice for beginner players. But, he will be easily defeated by any characters from the tier lists above.

F Tier

Fighters in the F-Tier are all around the worst. These characters should be the last choice for any fight.

Blanka has some potential to move up on the list. Many fighters can complete Blanka’s main skills better than he can, and as a result, would win.

Lucia’s move sets were created with little effort as she can be easily beaten. The least work was put into her out of Street Fighter’s characters.

Street Fighter V Tier List Summarized

There are a lot of variables that determine a fighter’s tier. Any fighter can improve with player practice, but some are more likely to be winners. Adding buffs is another way to stand a chance against any of the higher tiers.

Written By Zach Costa

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