Warhammer Vermintide 2 True Solo Tier List

Warhammer Vermintide 2 True Solo Tier List

Warhammer Vermintide 2 is a game that many find most enjoyable when playing with friends and in a group. I have created a Warhammer Vermintide 2 True Solo Tier List to help you dominate maps all by yourself. I will give you an idea of what class you should be playing so that you don’t have to stress too much about it when first jumping into the fun.

Tier lists are lists that place classes into a spot based on their overall performance in the game. The way it works is that the best classes go into the “S” tier. After that, it follows the classic lettering system. I will go from “A” to “F” so that “F” is where the worst classes in the game will be placed. Let’s begin, shall we?

Warhammer Vermintide 2 True Solo Tier List:

S Tier

There is one class alone in S tier and that is Shade. Shade is a class that allows you to go invisible and use backstabs are order to defeat waves of enemies. You can switch back and forth fairly easily which makes clearing waves much easier. This class is the most beginner-friendly because even if you make mistakes, you aren’t going to be punished much for doing so. That alone is why this class sits above the rest in the game.

A Tier

In this tier, we have Handmaiden, Zealot, Huntsman, and Witch Hunter Captain. Handmaiden is arguably the second-best class in the game due to them having a similar kit to Shade. Handmaiden allows you to have invisibility just like Shade. The difference is that Handmaiden doesn’t have the backstab ability. Instead, she uses a longbow and melee attacks to defeat enemies. Zealot is another class that does great in this game. Zealot is equipped with a crossbow that excels in defeating gunners who like to hang out in the back of enemy waves.

B Tier

The next tier we have is a tier that is full of solid classes. Mercenary, Iron Breaker, Battle Wizard, Waystalker, and Slayer make up the B Tier. Mercenary is best used with a handgun at his disposal. The reason for this is that he has a kit that allows him to use melee attacks too. This makes him capable of being one of the more mobile classes in the game. Iron Breaker is the first class on this list mentioned that relies on his defensive kit. While he has some of the best defensive abilities in the game, he lacks in damage output because of it. That being said, he’s still a solid choice for you to consider.

C Tier

This tier is full of average classes. This tier consists of Foot Knight, Grail Knight, Unchained, and Ranger Veteran. Foot Knight is a class that relies on dashing in on opponents and then finishing them off with their trusty handgun. That one-two punch is reliable, but the problem lies in the rest of his kit. There isn’t much there aside from this combo making the class overall lackluster. Unchained is a class that does well when it comes to using melee attacks to fend off waves but suffers because her bolt staff is more effective when in a group rather than playing alone. Her survivability is pretty solid which makes her a decent choice in this tier.

D Tier

Bounty Hunter and Pyromancer are the two classes that make up the D tier. These classes are honestly not worth it if you want to do well. Bounty Hunter and Pyromancer both suffer from the lack of escapability from waves of enemies. You are not going to live long if you have nothing to help you get away from enemies who are out for blood. These classes are both offensive if that’s something you are looking for. Otherwise, I can’t recommend these to newcomers. 

F Tier

Living up to their name, Outcast Engineer is the sole class in the F Tier. The funny thing is, this class isn’t even bad. The problem lies in playing this class solo. Outcast Engineer was designed with seemingly group play in mind. This class relies on others being able to support him and protect him from enemy waves and cover him while he sets up shop. In solo play, this character is not even close to being viable.

You’re Ready for War

Well, hopefully, now you have a class or two in mind that you want to try. Avoid Outcast Engineer at all costs and give whoever else you want a go. If you want to do well, pick a class from “S” or “A” tier. If you would like a challenge, try ones below that. In the end, pick a class that seems the coolest to you. I hope this tier list was able to steer you in the right direction before you enter the battlefield. I’ll see you out there, soldier.

Written By: Kyle Yaworski

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