Keurig Needle Maintenance

Keurig Needle Maintenance – How to Clean Keurig Needles

Keurig coffee makers are a popular and convenient way to get your dose of caffeine in the morning. However, if you’ve been using your Keurig for a while and have started to notice a difference in quantity or quality of your everyday coffee, it’s probably time for some Keurig needle maintenance.

Why do you Need to Clean the Keurig Needles?

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Every time you put a K-cup in the holder and pull the lid down, the needle stabs a hole into the K-cup so that it can run water through the coffee grounds and make coffee. When this happens, excess coffee grounds can get stuck in the needle. There is also a needle at the bottom of the Keurig K-cup holder where coffee bits and particles can get stuck. When this builds up over time, it can clog the system. This means less coffee per serving, and it may leave the taste of old coffee in your fresh cup.

How Often to Clean the Keurig Needles

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You don’t need to clean the needles every time you go to clean your Keurig Coffee Maker. Bacteria, grounds, and oils can build up, which is why you should do basic cleaning of your Keurig once a week. Clean the K-cup housing, the water container, the spout, and the tray to keep the main components of the Keurig clean. The needles themselves should be cleaned once a month. 

We also recommend that you refill the water tank once a day before your next coffee brew to get the best taste and descale your Keurig once every 3-6 months for optimal cleaning.

Before Cleaning the Needles

Before starting, get either your Keurig’s brewer maintenance accessory tool or a paperclip if you don’t have one.

Make sure your Keurig is turned off and unplugged. If you’re using a paperclip, remove the water container and the drip tray because you may need to slightly tilt the Keurig to get into some of those hard-to-reach places.

Keurig’s Brewer Maintenance Accessory Tool

Keurig’s brewer maintenance accessory tool is a great and easy way for Keurig needle maintenance.

If you’re using a Keurig 2.0 model and don’t have one of these, you can buy one online at a low price, but if you’re ready to clean your Keurig now and don’t have one accessible to you, then move on to the next part where we explain how to clean it with a paperclip.

To begin cleaning your needle with a Keurig’s brewer maintenance accessory tool, fill the silicone bulb with water. Then place the tool into the holder and make sure the arrows on the tool are facing down. Once you have secured the tool, open and close the lid a total of 5 times. This gets water into the needle and rinses out any excess coffee grounds. Once you’re finished with this part, scroll down to check out what to do after you’ve cleaned your needle.

Cleaning the First Keurig Needle With A Paperclip

When the Keurig is disconnected, lift the lid and look for the first needle at the top. There are two needles on every Keurig machine, be careful while handling the needles. They are meant for piercing the K-Cups, so if you’re not using caution, they might hurt you. To clean the first needle, take your paper clip and stick one of the ends up the holes in the needle. Twist the clip to loosen and remove any grounds and particles that may be stuck in there. When you’re done with that, you can also take a damp cloth and very carefully wash anything on the outside of the needle. After that, move on to needle two.

Cleaning the Second Keurig Needle With a Paperclip

To locate the second needle, take the K-Cup holder out of the housing. If you’re using model 1.0, then the holder should lift right out. After taking it out, you will notice there is a funnel attached to it. You can remove the funnel by gently pulling until they are two separate pieces. You should make sure to wash both of these pieces of any dust or coffee grounds. When you locate the second needle, clean it the same way you did for the top one.

Once clean, put the pieces back together and set them back in the housing part of the Keurig.

If you’re using a Keurig Model 2.0

The holder won’t come out so easily if you’re using a 2.0. At the bottom of the housing where the coffee comes out, you’ll see the circular bottom of the funnel. Push that to loosen it, and then you will be able to pull out the holder. 

When removing the funnel from the holder, there will be two buttons on either side. Push both of those down at the same time and push the pieces out from each other. You can then begin the cleaning process as mentioned for model 1 the same way.

After Cleaning the Keurig Needles

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After cleaning the needles, whether you used a paper clip or the maintenance tool, you will want to give the system a cleansing.

Put everything back in place in the Keurig and power it on again. Fill the water container to the limit and grab a tall coffee mug. If you have anything like a K- Cup or the maintenance tool placed in the holder, remove it so that nothing is in the pod holder. Then set your Keurig to the largest cup setting, and water should come out into the mug. Doing this rinses anything else that might be sitting in the Keurig out into the mug. Then dump the contents of the mug, and your Keurig is ready to go.

Keurig Needle Maintenance – Conclusion

Keurigs needle maintenance may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you follow this process, it will take you about 15-20 minutes at most. We hoped this helped so you can get the most out of that hot morning coffee.

Written by: Olivia Stevens

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