Langrisser Tier List

Langrisser Tier List 

Trying to find a game where you can custom make a select team of heroes with 3D graphics and raid mode? Look no further than Langrisser and find a Langrisser Tier List below. This game is a role-playing fantasy mobile game that allows you the special, yet advanced task of choosing your team of heroes. Also referred to as a “gacha” game. You can move forward in this game by effectively knowing each of your players and winning battles to receive gold and advance through Langrisser. 

You can choose from 101 players, also known as warriors or heroes. Nervous about choosing the right heroes? Don’t be, below you will find the heroes divided into tiers, giving you the best names in each tier to help you know your team well enough to advance through the game. These heroes have roles and skills that will be listed next to the best players. it is important to pay attention to the roles and skills. As you play, you will become more familiar with their skills and be able to strategize better. Seasonal players and weak players will not be listed below. 

S Tier

This tier consists of the best of the best warriors in the whole game. Pretty impressive, right? These heroes are also known as meta-defining. You can be confident in battle knowing these Langrisser heroes are on your side. Specifically with Liana on your team – many believe she is the best hero in the Langrisser game. See below for a list of the best in this tier with their roles and special skills: 

  • Tiaris – Healer (Healing Light)
  • Liana – Healer (Holy Sister)
  • Leon – Physical DPS (Epic Knight)

A Tier

These warriors are good but not as well-rounded as the players in the S Tier. However, they are easier to learn and obtain. Investing in these heroes is not a bad idea, but be very strategic if you’re putting them against S Tier players. Look below for a list of the best in this tier with their roles and special skills:

  • Ledin – Tank (King’s Will)
  • Bozel – Mage (Ancient Evil)
  • Cherie – Physical DPS (Wild Princess)
  • Lana – Physical DPS (Arcane Extension)
  • Others – Sonya, Moon, and Vargas

B Tier

Tier B warriors are versatile and good companions to the players in the tiers listed above, A Tier. Many, of course, will want the heroes from above, but these players are still above average and far from the worst options (scroll down to D and F Tier if you want the worst options). Check out who you want on your team and why:

  • Shelfaniel – Mage (Magic Lineage)
  • Elwin – Physical DPS (Brave’s Will)
  • Altemuller – Physical DPS, Tank (Supreme Overlord)
  • Angelina – Physical DPS (Battle Goddess) 
  • Bernhardt – Physical DPS, Tank (Lord’s Will)
  • Egbert – MAgical DPS (Raging Inferno)
  • Others – Almeda, Dieharte, Chris, and Hein

C Tier

These players are less versatile than B Tier but are still versatile in some situations and are good supporters to other heroes. These are very average warriors but better than D and F Tier. Find a list below of the best in this tier with their roles and special skills:

  • Sophia – Healer, Support (Merciful Heart)
  • Matthew – Physical DPS (Bonds of Friendship)
  • Lester – Physical DPS (Naval Expert)
  • Grenier – Physical DPS, Support (Tenacity)
  • Other – Ferakia

D Tier

These last two tiers will consist of heroes who are not nearly as well-rounded as players in S Tier and can only benefit in specific situations that meet their skills. These heroes are playable but proceed with caution. Below are the best in this tier and their special skills:

  • Lance – Tank (Battlefield Mastery)
  • Lewin – Support, Physical DPS (Origins of Light)
  • Imelda – Support (Queen’s Gauntlet)
  • Jessica – Magical DPS (Magic Master)

F Tier

Unless for practice, you will not want to use heroes from this tier. Some players will remove these characters immediately if put on their team. Even the worst characters have special skills, find them below:

  • Silverwolf – Physical DPS
  • Emerick – Physical DPS (Wise Veil)
  • Narm – Support, Physical DPS (Diversionary Tactics) 
  • Kirikaze – Physical DPS (Dual Wield)

Langrisser Tier List Conclusion

Now that you’re more equipped to take your heroes to battle, get out there and give it a try! Think you need to practice first? Remember you can practice with F Tier heroes, but it would not be wise to take them to battle in hopes of winning gold. Tiaris, Liana, Bozel, Ledin, and Cherie are just a few heroes you will want to try and summon to your team. You now have a better understanding of the characters, but it will take time to get used to the world of Langrisser and get better at the game. Patience is crucial for successfully learning any new game, this is not specific to Langrisser. Have a blast and reference this Langrisser tier list for all of your hero questions. 

Written by Karlee Stevenson

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