Crossing Void Tier List

Crossing Void Tier List

Are you a big fan of anime? Crossing Void may be just the one to keep you up and going. It is a game like no other, with well-known anime characters every gamer will recognize easily. Everything is like a rollercoaster, from choosing the right players to seeing who is worth the competition. In the meantime, let’s focus on the current picks of the Crossing Void Tier List. 

Best Damage Dealers


Shana is a Flame Haze from Alastor, also known as Flame of Heaven. Her mission is to protect humanity from the Crimson Denizen who devours all humanity. When it comes to damage, she can handle physical and arcane damage with all her enemies. Her partner in crime is Kessen Ougi, who inflicts heavy damage and bleeding on the enemies. She pairs well with Erio, Yukina, and Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina increases her physical damage, while the others will provide utility in the form of shields. 


Kuroyukihime is known as the Black legion. Her avatar is the Black Lotus because she is deadly to her team. Using her to attack the middle enemy will affect not only the enemy but also everyone in her team. She has a high critical bonus skill that can hit the enemy hard, annihilating them. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether to get her or not. She is supported by Kirito, who makes sure the Starburst Stream attack is being unleashed onto the enemies. 

Miyuki Shiba 

Miyuki Shiba focuses only on one type of damage, the arcane damage. With these skills, she can remove buffs from the enemies being hit. Her zone supporter, Inferno, deals massive damage to the enemies. She has increased utility since she doesn’t deal as much damage as Shana. She is best paired with Zero, who increases the AoE damage that is being taken from each enemy. 


Kirito protects himself from any incoming damage from the enemy using the Spinning Shield. One of his skills is the Horizontal Square, which reduces the healing of all enemies while inflicting physical damage to them. Kirito’s second skill is the Starburst Stream, which just deals massive physical damage to the enemy. His supporter is Ako because it unlocks the Pro & Noob ability.


Asuna is the best when attacking the enemy in front. She gains a buff for every hit attack, which increases her Crit rate. Her climax ability is called Mother’s Rosario because it will kill the enemy instantly in the front row. Since both massive damage output and critical rate are high, it makes it the best one out of the rest to kill the enemy. She can be paired with Miyuki Shiba because of her joint climax ability. 

Best Assist Characters

Shizuo Heiwajima

Shizuo Heiwajima provides multiple buffs to the team and is also a respectable damage dealer. He makes the perfect player to run in many lineups, thanks to his many talents. His talents include Brawling Puppet and Berserk Attack. The Brawling Puppet increases damage to the team for every attack made to him. As for the Berserk attack, it inflicts damage to the enemies and reduces healing. He can be paired with Celty Sturluson because of their joint attack. Their damage gets increased every time an enemy attacks. 


Tomoka can provide all the skills needed. One of her skills, the Soothing Fireworks, can provide constant healing to the team. The Fan Dance protects her team members using a buff protector, while the Pure Angel increases the damage of all team players until the next turn. One of her talents, the Soothing Guard, gives additional points at the start of each game level. Her supporter is Enju because she increases the physical damage output. 

Kirino Kousaka

Kirino Kousaka is good at healing her allies while also removing the Bleed and Backfire. She mainly focuses on AoE damage but ultimately provides support to the team by increasing the damage intake of all her enemies for many turns in the game. Her secret talent is Magical Girls. This talent increases damage output from her team and reduces damage made from Kirino whenever his health drops below sixty percent. 


Ako has the strongest Climax skill in the Caelum because it is a strong spell that removes all enemy buffs. This skill also removes debuffs from allies, making them immune to debuff for several more turns in the game. The heels she wears heals the ally characters in the front row, while the Angelus Summons protects her and her nearby team members. She also has a great talent, the Cleric of Love, which makes allies take less damage whenever she is in the group. 

Crossing Void Tier List Summarized

Crossing Void is the game every anime lover would purchase. The unique characters and their talents are helpful to those entering the anime or gaming world. This guide will hopefully be useful to someone who doesn’t know anything about anime and wants to learn more about these characters. 

Written by: Milagro Perdomo

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