MARVEL Future Fight Tier List

MARVEL Future Fight Tier List – Ranking Characters Worst to Best

Ever dreamt of building your own Marvel team to save the world? Well, now you have the chance. Using this MARVEL Future Fight tier list you’ll know which players will give you the best chance at winning.

MARVEL Future Fight is a multiplayer mobile game that allows you to pick any three characters from a wide cinematic universe and prepare them for battles.

In this tier list, each category will hold the most notable characters within that level. The tier list will rank the characters from the least powerful to the most powerful.

MARVEL Future Fight – D Tier

The D tier holds characters that just don’t have that much power to their punch. The only asset these characters bring to the table is their mind and natural abilities. When building your team, try and steer clear of choosing these characters.

Red Skull

His only true characteristic is his mad-scientist mindset. No true “super” abilities.


Mantis can feel what other people are feeling. In a fight to save the world, it becomes pretty useless.


Can hit any target perfectly, but without his bow and arrow, he has no real contribution.


Although she’s the daughter of an S-tier candidate, she lacks any super ability and she solely relies on her natural physical abilities which fail in comparison to others mentioned in this tier list.


Drax has mentionable size and strength. However, he doesn’t have much self-awareness and doesn’t know how to use it to his advantage.

MARVEL Future Fight – C Tier

Choosing characters from this tier isn’t the worst decision, but not the best. They do have some useful characteristics, but none that could tip the scale in your favor when crunch time comes. 


Being a protector of the Earth and its multi-dimensions is impressive and his combat skills are pretty up to par. However, compared to what other characters are capable of in this universe, there are better choices.


The other daughter of the S tier prospect, Thanos, but in a slightly higher ranking. Nebula has terrific combat skills while also having the endurance that comes from being a robot.


Groot can manipulate the nature that surrounds him and use it to your team’s advantage. Being able to grow and regenerate is a huge plus.

MARVEL Future Fight – B Tier 

Now we’re starting to dive into the second-string players of the Marvel Universe. The B tier holds power that does fall in comparison to the S tier, however, in a pinch, these heroes and villains can get the job done.


Vision is made out of the strongest material in the universe, vibranium. Along with having a sturdy exterior, he is also the protector of the mind stone. This gives him intelligence that can’t be found anywhere else.


Her ruthless villain mindset coupled with her Asgardian background can make any opponent crumble to their knees.


Heimdall reaches a certain level of super strength and endurance from being Asgardian. While also being the protector of the Asgardian gates, he has incredible intuitions and senses which can come in handy during battles.


Shang-Chi is the owner of the Ten Rings. His power of air manipulation and natural fighting instincts are an asset. Similar to Wong, however, his abilities compared to others lack strength.

MARVEL Future Fight – A Tier

Almost at the best of the best! If one of these players falls into the palm of your hand, consider yourself lucky. They may not be S tier, but with the right training by you, they can be extraordinary!


Valkyrie is one of the most powerful Asgardians to come out of the Marvel cinematic universe. Others strength, reflexes, and endurance fail in comparison to this great fighter.


Gaining some powers from his celestial father Ego, Star-Lord can fly, survive in space, and be able to generate a self-protection shield. Coupled with this he also has super strength, endurance, and quicker-healing abilities than others.


Loki is one of the most powerful and manipulative villains in this cinematic universe. Being able to shapeshift, teleport, conduct hypnosis, along with other mind-bending abilities, he’s someone you’d want on your team.

Black Widow

Trained from a young age to kill, her combat abilities make her a real asset to have on your team. One of, if not the best fighter in the cinematic universe.

MARVEL Future Fight – S Tier

The S tier is the cream of the crop of the Marvel universe. Here you have the strongest, most powerful, most effective heroes and villains you can have on your team!


Thor is the most powerful Asgardian with one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe. He has the strength and ability to create storms and strike lightning down with great force with a flick of the wrist and his trusty hammer.


The big man with all the stones. Although his natural abilities without the gauntlet can be seen as average, his villain mindset with all stones in hand makes him virtually impossible to beat.

Iron Man

With his suit, Iron Man has super strength, the ability to fly, top-notch combat and protection techniques, and with the help from Jarvis, extreme intelligence.


Dormammu is probably the most powerful character in the entire Marvel universe, simply because he is the universe. Dimensional teleportation and creation, time travel, elemental control, and immortality are just a few things that Dormammu holds under their belt.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the protector of the Time Stone. He can create portals to anywhere in the world, bend time and reality, and time travel with just a few waves of his hands.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is the protector of all universes and planets above us. She can fly and has serious superhero strength and speed. She is definitely one of the most powerful Marvel characters.

Captain America

One of the first Avengers to be created, Captain America was morphed into a superior hero with insane feats of stamina, combat skills, intelligence, and strength. Not to mention his classic shield!

MARVEL Future Fight Tier List Recap

After learning about the many characters you’ll come across in MARVEL Future Fight, it’s time you put your knowledge to use. You have the power to save the world in the palm of your hands, use it wisely! While playing, don’t worry if you end up with C or D tier characters, there are many opportunities to level up each of your team members to make them the strongest they can be! The fate of the world rests in your hands. Good luck Avenger!

Written by: Hannah Maghini

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