Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland Dog

Are you looking for a real-life teddy bear? One that is so big it can be shared with a whole family. Despite its massive size, this friendly Newfoundland dog can be your next perfect companion.   


While Newfoundlands might come off as scary and intimidating, don’t fret about their size. These dogs are obedient to their owners and friendly with their guests. They have a great temperament, are intelligent, and very calm. While you may perceive these large dogs to be fast and aggressive, they are slower and loyal. They can be protective when they need to be but won’t attack the intruder. Instead, they will back them into a corner or wait for their owner. These intelligent dogs know when to attack rather than just greet a friendly guest. These dogs are also quiet and aren’t huge barkers.  


This family-friendly dog is great with children, and is generally playful with other dogs. As much as they love being outdoors, whether that be going on hikes or swimming in the ocean on a hot day, they love to spend their time with their family. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, it’s perfect for the dog as long as they have some amount of space. They also need a cooler environment so they can thrive. Since they are such a massive breed, they need lots of water, which tends to lead to a wet mess. But what can you expect, you’ll love them so much you will laugh about it! 


These fluffy creations do take some training though. It must be a calm setting where the dog can focus otherwise it will have a hard time not getting distracted. You must be firm and consistent with them to get the best training time. One of the most important skills to teach this dog right away is to “heel.” If it leaves your side and pulls, its body weight is so much that it might just take you with it. 

Size and Colors   

Hope you’re ready for a big treat. These massive dogs can range in weight anywhere from 100 to 150 pounds. The females typically weigh when fully grown from 100-120 pounds whereas the males are a bit more. The male adults are anywhere from 130-150lbs. They typically gain most of their weight in their first year of life, and after that level out. Newfoundlands mainly come in three colors: black, brown, and gray. These large dogs can vary in height. The female dogs average about 26 inches at withers and the males are about 28 inches.  


While you might think these dogs are crazy and energetic, they love to lounge around the house. That isn’t to say they don’t need exercise though. These dogs need daily walks anywhere from 20-40 minutes. If they don’t get their daily walks, they can easily turn into a couch potato. It’s important for these dogs to stay fit since it greatly impacts their health. With an unfit and lazy Newfoundland, it can shorten their life expectancy by 8 to 10 years. It is also a good idea to have a sizable yard for these dogs to run around in or lay outside. They thrive in colder climates since they have such thick fur. Additionally, make sure there is always water accessible for them at any time since they are constantly thirsty.


These fluffy dogs require lots of grooming for their comfort and well-being. These dogs typically tend to shed a lot, so it is important to make sure you brush them at least twice a week. You should also make sure that they constantly have short nails to prevent them from slipping and sliding around on the ground, especially if you have wooden floors. Also, since they have such large mouths, it is notable to know that they drool a lot. Make sure to clean that up so you and the dog don’t slip on the floor.  

Life Expectancy 

These dogs live anywhere from 9-15 years long. They make great companions for one person or a whole family. If you’re looking for a dog to stay a small puppy for long, this is not the dog for you. These puppies will become almost fully grown in their first year and grow at an exponential rate. It is important to note that these dogs can have some underlying health problems such as heart disease and dysplasia, so it is crucial to keep your Newfoundland skinny and in shape. Some smaller or less common health issues can be ectropion, OCD, or cataract. It is important to keep a good eye on your pet and get their health checked out regularly. 

Newfoundland Dog: Conclusion  

These generous dogs are perfect for a variety of different types of people. Whether you live in a rural area or in a condo, these dogs are loyal and loving in any setting. If you’re looking for a chill movie night, they will snuggle up next to you or if you’re with some friends in the pool, they will join you. These companions will bring the best friendship and company and can quickly change your life! 

Written by Sydney Philipp

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