How to Fix a Clogged Toilet

How to Fix a Clogged Toilet in 6 Easy Ways

A bubbling or gurgling sound from your trusted latrine may concern some. Listen to your latrine auditory cues as such sounds indicate that your toilet is clogged and bubbling out for help. Those who experience a clogged toilet know how frustrating, expensive, and embarrassing it can be to encounter. Worry not. Practical things within your possession can tinker with a clogged toilet. Here are some strategies for how to fix a clogged toilet in 6 easy ways.

Wait, don’t forget your plumber gear! Grab a few old towels for drips and a convenient fan to deplete any remaining liquid in your workstation, cup or bucket, water bottle, goggles, wet-dry vacuum, lengthened disposable rubber gloves, and a set of rain or work boots.

1. How to Fix a Clogged Toilet Using a Water Bottle

Alas, the water bottle strategy can be chaotic. Therefore, wear your lengthened rubber gloves for this step. Use a cup or bucket to remove almost all water from the toilet bowl. Then fill a sizable water bottle with hot H2O. Avoid scalding water because the toilet’s wax ring may become damaged. Carefully place your thumb over the opening of the water bottle, and position the covered bottle top toward the toilet mouth. At the same time, remove your thumb and squeeze the bottle to release the hot water into the mouth of the toilet. Hopefully, the force will break down any debris trapped in the pipe. Wait for 24 hours before the second attempt. Keep your gloved fingers crossed!

2. Soap and H2O

Grab a bottle of dish detergent to treat your clogged toilet. You need to compress 1/4 cup of dish solution into the toilet bowl. To make soap most effective, wait 5 -0 minutes so that the soap can venture to the clog. Then flush to see if the clog has reduced to nothing. The dish detergent will become a solvent for the clog. Hot water and Dish detergent can work in mysterious ways to break the barrier. Fill a bucket with hot H2O  and ½ of dish detergent. Then pour the mixture into the bowl no higher than your waist. The impact of the two elements can move the clog to the septic tank as it should.

3. Old School Plunger

A fast and straightforward way to tinker with a clogged toilet is by using a plunger. A toilet plunger and a sink plunger are ideal to use in this case. Also, I suggest wearing lengthed rubber gloves and goggles to complete this task. Before you begin plunging, first remove the flange from the toilet plunger and place it into the mouth of the toilet. While not pushing down too hard, pump the plunger in and out quickly. Proceed until the toilet flushes, which indicates that the clog has loosened. This plunging method should take a few seconds to release the clog.

4. Foam it Up

Rubber gloves and towels are a must for this step. If you are out of dish detergent, try creating an effective solvent solution with vinegar and baking soda. Start by adding one cup of vinegar and baking soda to the mouth of the toilet. Until the solution combines, watch a 30-minute episode of your favorite show. Once mixed, the vinegar and baking soda foam up and should ease the clog. To help move the unclogging process along, you can add hot water or implement the plunger method to this mixture. Unfortunately, the plunger method contributes to a mess, so be sure to have several towels.

5. Latrine Brush

Lengthed rubber gloves are needed for this invasive step. The vinegar scent can be off-putting, and if you don’t have a plunger, you might feel hopeless. Hope is not yet lost if you have a large toilet brush. The strategy behind the latrine brush is to create a solid suction to break the clog-free to improve the drain flow. If the latrine brush is slender, you can sooner send the clog to the septic tanks. This method may cost you a toilet brush but save you from paying a high plumber fee.

6. Versatile Vacuum

If the latrine brush method is too much of a hassle, Try a wet-dry vacuum. It is excellent for busy folks. First, remove the water from the toilet by vacuuming the water from the toilet bowl. Next, create a seal by wrapping the hose with an old rag. Position the vacuum hose down the throat of the toilet. Turn on the vacuum and suck your clog away. Depending on the vacuum, you can pull the clog right out. Notably, only a wet-dry vacuum can work for this method.

How to Fix a Clogged Toilet Conclusion

Furthermore, fixing a clogged toilet has its challenges and not to mention expensive, but it can be rewarding to know how to improve your lavatory. A perk to being a tinker comes with spending money on things you enjoy besides a plumber. All you need is the right strategy.

Written by: Brittany Mathis

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