Have you ever gone for an afternoon stroll and caught a glimpse of a dog walking past with a majestic, white coat? Lucky for you, you’ve spotted a Samoyed! 

It’s true what they say, “A dog is a man’s best friend”; however, more specifically a Samoyed is a man’s best friend! Samoyeds are known for being loyal companions to their owners. Continue reading to learn all about the Samoyed and decide if they are the right addition to your home!

Meet the Samoyed

A Doggie Dossier

The Samoyeds, nicknamed “Sammies”, are known for their trademark smiles. Sammies are medium-sized dogs. They weigh between 40 and 60 pounds and stand about 20 inches tall. Sammies boast a beautiful, heavy white coat, but they aren’t just all looks! Their coat is also ideal for keeping them warm in cold climates. Their life expectancy is typically 10 to 12 years.

History of the Samoyed

Samoyeds originate from Oymyakon in Siberia where they were known as work dogs and watchdogs. Most importantly, the Samoyed hunted and herded reindeer which was a vital resource to the Samoyede people. Samoyeds’ thick coats made them especially close to their owners. The Samoyed huddled together with their dogs to help keep warm on cold nights. The breed gained popularity after they were brought to England and endorsed by Queen Alexandra.

Support for the Samoyed

Keep reading to discover all of the fantastic ways a Samoyed can better your life!


Sammies are known for their brilliant smiles, which are the perfect greeting for any house guest! They are the perfect addition to any home since they are such warm and loving dogs. Have young kids or even another dog at home? Not to worry! Samoyeds get along well with kids and with other dogs. 

Samoyeds are extremely alert, so they make the perfect watchdogs. Luckily, even though Sammies are protective, they are quick to adjust when guests enter a home and the family shows no signs of distress.

Special Abilities

Samoyeds are known as work dogs. They helped to hunt and pull sleds. They were crucial to the exploration in the Antarctic since they pushed the sleds that helped teams get to the South Pole.

Smile as a Superpower

Do you hate it when dogs drool? Luckily, this is not an issue with the Samoyed! Their stunning smiles are not just for show, smiling helps to keep their lips sealed and serves as a way to prevent the Samoyed from drooling. 

Challenges of the Samoyed

Even though Samoyeds are great pets, it is normal to have some reservations when welcoming an animal into a home! Continue reading to learn all about some of the challenges Samoyed owners may encounter!

Health Issues

No matter what kind of pet you welcome into your home, you will need to look out for their health. Sammies have some specific concerns to look out for. They may develop diabetes, cardiac diseases, or hip dysplasia. This means that they should get regular hip and heart exams.

Shedding Levels

Sammies are known for their stunning double coats. Their beauty is both a blessing… and a curse! Their beautiful coats need to be brushed frequently (daily is best) to ensure they are clean and comfortable. Before adopting or rescuing a Sammie, stock up on lint rollers, because they will shed everywhere! Their shedding will require extra vacuuming as well.

High Activity Levels

Since Samoyeds are so high-energy and smart, they like to be engaged! They also get bored very quickly. A happy Samoyed is one that is not just going on short walks to stay active but is going on intense walks and highly active playdates. Because of this, you’ll want your yard to be well fenced to prevent your Sammie from getting lost.

Many prospective dog owners speculate about the monetary costs of bringing a dog into their home while disregarding the time commitment necessary to be a pet owner. Money can be made, but lost time is never found again. It is important to consider whether taking care of a dog is a way you would like to spend your free time.

Frequent Barking

Samoyeds are extremely vocal. You can expect your Sammie to howl at every passerby. While this is excellent for protecting your home, it can get a little irritating to hear howling each time a bunny hops over your lawn. When welcoming a Sammie into your home, you should unfortunately be prepared for some headache-inducing barks.

The Samoyed Summarized

After taking into consideration all of the responsibilities that a Samoyed requires, some may jump ship. However, every single pet comes with a commitment and those who are willing to put in the time to care for the Samoyed will reap the benefits they bring and gain a lifelong companion.

Written By: Faith Dwyer

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