Tips for Choosing the Right Paper Shredder for Your Home Office

Tips for Choosing the Right Shredder Machine for Your Office

Whether you’re working from home or if you’re looking to purchase some new gadgets for your office at the job, choosing a paper shredder machine shouldn’t be too difficult. But new buyers who are just getting into learning about the features of a shredder may not fully understand the importance of the range of features that this home product offers. Tips for Choosing the Right Shredder Machine for Your Office, It’s not as straightforward as choosing a shredding machine that’s within your budget because you may have some unique needs that have to be met. Due to this, you’ll have to know what your options are by knowing what will work the best for you ahead of time. 

Shredder Machine Features That You Should Consider for Your Office

Tips for Choosing the Right Shredder Machine for Your Office

Paper Size 

Having an idea about what paper size you’ll be shredding the most often is a good first indicator of what kind of paper shredder you’ll have to purchase. Most offices, in general, have a shredder that is capable of shredding letter-sized sheets because of the type of private information that is usually found on them. 

Sometimes you’ll come across some documents that are printed on extra wide square sheets that you can easily fold in half before shredding. Doing this one-by-one isn’t a problem, but when it comes to them coming in the piles, it can become a problem. By doing an assessment of the types of paper that you will be shredding, you can evaluate whether you can save money on a smaller shredder or if an overly large paper shredder is worth it. 

Load Size

Going hand-in-hand with the paper size that you’ll regularly be shredding, if you’re thinking about disposing of small reams of paper then a narrow shredder input will work the best. You don’t need a shredder that has a load size larger than necessary if you’re planning on only shredding twenty sheets a month. But if you believe that you’ll be shredding a bit more than just a few sheets of paper then you’ll have to consider a medium-sized load. Here are some rules to go by: 

  • Single users can use personal shredders
  • Up-to-five users can use small shredders 
  • Up-to-ten users can use general office shredders 
  • More than ten users can use a commercial shredder 

Cut Type 

You’ll have to consider between a strip-cut machine and a cross-cut machine. Strip-cut shredders are those that traditionally shred papers into those straight vertical lines. Cross-cut shredders add some extra confidentiality to your shredding by cutting the strips into much smaller, illegible chunks. Micro cuts incorporate the cross-cut concept but cut the paper into much smaller pieces that are just reduced to particles instead of the traditional chunks. 

Security Levels

Going hand-in-hand with the cut type, the security levels that a shredder offers will dictate whether your sensitive information on these documents will still be safe even after you destroy them. Starting from a security level of P2 and reaching P7, the higher the number, the higher the security level, meaning that there’s less of a possibility of someone being able to piece back together the information that you’re disposing of. 

Shredder Speed 

The purpose of a shredder is so that it saves you time and effort, and to maintain this convenience, it boils down to how fast the shredder can cut through all of the documents that you’re feeding it. The best home shredders can operate constantly for a while before they have to cool down so that the machinery can maintain its operational condition. These cycles can range from two minutes to an hour depending on the size and make of the shredding machine. 

Power Saving 

Office appliances take a lot of energy to run, especially when they’re all running at the same time. 80% of the energy that comes from a paper shredder comes from when it is being used, so if you’re looking to maximize energy savings, then you’ll have to look into shredders that prioritize this feature. 


Not surprisingly, shredders that are meant for home or infrequent usage are usually less expensive than shredders that are designed for higher processing volumes. But you really get what you pay for, depending on whether you want a low or high-tier speed, processing capacity, and other special features. While it’s important to find a shredder that fits within your budget, don’t skimp out on important features that will both shred documents effectively but also make your job easier.


Shredders are not a simple home appliance to be shopping for, especially if you’re not familiar with the kind of features that they offer and if you’re unsure about the kind of job you’ll need the shredder to fulfill. Hopefully, these tips for choosing the right shredder machine for your office helped you become aware of those features that are associated with purchasing a shredder. Now you’re ready to go shopping for one that meets all of your needs!

Written by Julia Batista

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