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Toy Poodle

Are you looking for a small dog to cuddle with on the couch? A toy poodle is one of the smallest dogs, so they are the perfect dog to cuddle with! Poodles were first associated with France, but toy poodles originated in Germany. Toy poodles love to be in the water because their name in German means to play in the water. Back then the smallest type of poodle was the miniature poodle, but people decided that they wanted something a little bit smaller, so then they came up with a toy poodle.

Poodles were first thought to be small indoor dogs, but do not let that stop you from getting one! Toy poodles love to run around outside. They are the perfect dogs to take on a long walk or hike. Poodles come in three different sizes such as the standard poodle, which is around 15 inches. The next poodle is a miniature poodle that could also be 15 inches or less. The last type of poodle would be the toy poodle! These will grow to be no more than 10 inches tall. They are extremely intelligent, agile, and self-confident. 

About the Toy Poodle

Overview: Pure-bred

Size: Small 

Height: 10 inches or less

Weight: 4-6 pounds

Life Expectancy: 10-18 years

Personality: Friendly, self-confident, smart

Purpose: Companion

Features of a Toy Poodle

Toy poodles have a very long and curly fur coat. They do not tend to shed a whole lot, but be prepared to take them to the groomers quite often! They love to be around family and to meet new people as well. Toy poodles are great with children and excellent with other dogs. Get ready to run around with your toy poodle because they look for non-stop playtime. They love to run around and the more you do it they will always be open to it every day– a very high-energy, easy-to-train dog that constantly needs to be moving. 

A Toy Poodles Health

Toy poodles tend to live a very happy and fun life because of their owners. Toy poodles may experience some hip dysplasia and different eye disorders, which is common when a dog gets older. Two leg problems that a toy poodle may experience are Legg-Calve-Perthes and luxating patellas. To keep your toy poodle healthy, make sure that you are feeding them the best dog foods.

If you are having trouble knowing what to feed your dog, feel free to ask any vet. You want to make sure you are feeding them enough for their size, how much exercise they get and their age. If you are thinking about rewarding your toy poodle with treats, do not do it every day and do so in moderation. 

Training a Toy Poodle

Starting as soon as possible

No matter what age the toy poodle is when you get them, start training right away! By being very intelligent dogs, they will pick up on commands immediately and will remember them forever. They will have good manners, have good habits and it will help you bond with your new puppy! By being people dogs, training a toy poodle right away will help them behave when they are meeting someone new. 

Remember to be consistent

Doing a little bit of training every day will help your toy poodle remember everything quicker. Use motions and words to help train as well. Remember to reward your dog with a few treats here and there to show them that they are doing a good job. 

Be positive

Training a new puppy could be tough, but always remember to be positive about it. Try your best not to yell at your dog when training as this could have them not listen as well. Toy poodles become very anxious around loud noises, so just learn to be careful with certain commands while training!

Good and Bad Aspects of Having A Toy Poodle


They are very small dogs that are still energetic but are able to be picked up and carried. You will not have to worry about much shedding as they don’t shed too much. One of the most aware and smartest dogs there is. Amazing with strangers and is always open to playing and meeting new people.


Although toy poodles do not have a super long fur coat, you should still be taking them in for grooming about every 6 weeks. If you are just relaxing and not doing much with your dog, they can become very shy and bored. They tend to bark quite loudly and are very sensitive to stress and loud voices. 

Toy Poodle Conclusion

If you are a very active person and love to have a companion with you, look into getting a toy poodle. They will love to run around with you, play fetch, and even go on a nice walk. 

Written by: Christina Osmanski

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