Types of Trampolines

Types of Trampolines

Do you remember the nostalgic feeling of jumping up and down while imagining that you were Superman or Wonder woman? Maybe the feeling of trying to jump as high as you can to show your friends, siblings, or parents? Trampolines are a staple for millions of families. It is not only a fun way to spend time and interact with friends, but also a great way to exercise and burn some calories. There are various types of trampolines with many different features and purposes; however, a lot of these great trampolines are less acknowledged than others. This list covers the various amazing types of trampolines that are out there. So let’s jump to it!

Round Trampolines

Let’s start with one of the most common types of trampolines: Round trampolines. These are typically found in the backyard with people doing tricks on them. Round trampolines are great for the outdoors and reduce the risk of serious injury since jumping on these trampolines will automatically bring you back to the center.

Water Trampolines

As the name suggests, these trampolines are made to be on bodies of water, like the lake or the sea. Water trampolines differ from the other types of trampolines that will be seen on this list. These trampolines are extremely fun to jump on and offer a completely different environment. Water trampolines allow you to do massive jumps and dives safely over water, and they open the door for many fun water activities and games. Just imagine, during a hot summer day jumping from a water trampoline to a nice, refreshing body of water. Ah!

Water trampolines are inflatable and relatively large, typically ranging around 10-20 feet in diameter. They are designed for outdoor use since water trampolines are constructed with strong, heavy-duty materials that can withstand exposure to salt and the elements of the sun, as well as the strain of exuberant water play. These trampolines require more balance than land trampolines because of the water movement, which results in better coordination and balancing skills. Additionally, a water trampoline is safer than land trampolines since jumpers will fall in the water rather than on land. Water trampolines are a great way to stay healthy while having fun with friends and the whole family during the summertime!

Octagonal Trampolines

Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9! Yes, the octagonal trampoline has 8 sides. The large size of these trampolines has caused many people to love this 8-sided trampoline. This trampoline is perfect for large groups of people since it has a large surface. Many of the octagonal designs are geared towards children since the idea is to have many children jump on them at once.

These trampolines provide a higher bounce and are safer than round trampolines which are notorious for attracting jumpers to the center of the trampoline which increases the risk of colliding with another jumper. However, since the weight of this trampoline is more evenly distributed across the surface, this does not occur on octagonal trampolines. So if safety is your priority, then this trampoline is the one for you!

Mini Trampolines

Not all trampolines are large and meant for children. I present to you the mini-trampoline. This smaller trampoline offers various health benefits and is an effective and simple part of any home gym. Some of the pros of this trampoline are that it offers a great cardiovascular workout, it’s easier on the joints, helps tone parts of the body, and can help develop coordination skills. The mini trampoline can also help with weight loss and can be done at home in front of the television or while watching children. Lastly, mini-trampolines are fun! Many older adults find themselves laughing as they jump, remembering a more carefree time from their childhood. Mini trampolines can also be used for small children. Children can burn energy by jumping up and down in the view of the guardians. The mini trampolines improve agility, flexibility, and coordination for children 2 and up that are too young to use a regular trampoline. Also, the trampoline for kids can come with a handle safety bar for increased stability and security. To top it off, these trampolines are easy to put together and do not require additional tools for assembly. Mini trampolines are perfect for adults and small children so it’s the best of both worlds!

Olympic Trampolines

Last but not least, the Olympic trampolines or professional trampolines are nothing like the previous trampolines on this list. This trampoline belongs to a league of its own. The Olympic trampolines are designed to provide athletes with tremendous power and maximum performance. Many professional trampolines are designed specifically for gymnastics clubs and Olympic Games. This makes the Olympic trampoline the most expensive on the list costing over $10,000. Due to their increased performance and power, these trampolines are only recommended for trained professionals.


There are many different types of trampolines. However, even with the varied types, the underlying similarity is that they are all fun! Each trampoline is meant for different goals and has a multitude of benefits such as coordination, improved cardiovascular health, and most of all, a fun way to spend your time. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hold onto your hair and enjoy the breeze while you jump to the sky!

Written By Efe Ajueyitsi

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