What are the Specifications of Good Laptops

What are the Specifications of Good Laptops?

Are you looking to buy a nice new laptop but don’t know what to search for exactly? When on the market for laptops, keep an eye out for high-quality specifications within a reasonable price range. Good laptops are equipped with good specifications, and that’s why they last long and are ultimately seen as smart investments.  

So what are the specifications of good laptops exactly? How do we know when a laptop is considered good based on the contents? 

To answer this question, consumers need to understand that there is a wide range of available laptop specs currently on the market. While some options are barely enough to run various applications smoothly, others might be considered a luxury and not immediately necessary. 

Here, we can recommend standard specifications to look for within a good laptop. Some options you might want to consider include:


Generally, you want to look for later generations of Intel Core i5 processors and above. A good CPU is important to have within a good laptop because it allows for tasks and applications to run smoother than normal. 

A weak processor will cause your laptop to lag and freeze a lot more than usual. This is because certain processors can’t handle powerful applications or multiple applications at once. 


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Generally, this type of spec is more important for gamers to be able to run modern-day games. There are a lot of aspects to games now, including shadows and colors, that require high levels of graphics to show. In some cases, your game might look like a full-on PowerPoint slideshow if you don’t have the recommended graphics.

If this is a big issue for you, look for an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card as a standard rule of thumb. Feel free to aim a little higher if you’re looking for a more advanced display. It really all depends on your budget and how much immersion you’d like to have.


This is one of the most important features of laptops that people often neglect. Multitasking is definitely a popular mode of working in this day and age, and it’s certainly not as possible if your laptop holds less than 8 GB of RAM. 

Something as simple as opening multiple tabs at once can be a struggle with limited RAM. Overall, it would be easier on both you and your laptop device if you looking for more than 8 GB. You’ll find that applications will also run more smoothly as a result. 


For gamers and streamers, the resolution is extremely important. It’s definitely harder to be fully immersed in the experience if the game you’re running doesn’t take up the full capacity of your monitor. 

Look for a laptop that offers 1920×1080 resolution. This will make it a lot easier for you aesthetically, and live the gamer life to your full potential. In order to further enhance your experience, try out a 144hz full HD monitor and revel in the impressive new display. 


Unless you want to carry a flash drive or external hard drive with you as you work, it’s best to look for a laptop that offers more than 256 GB worth of SSD storage. This may seem like way too much at first, but if your job relies on digital content creation especially, you’ll find that storage is drastically limited. 

With the amount of space that multiple files and projects take up, you might still need to carry an external hard drive anyway. It’s just not worth it to settle for a laptop that offers less than the standard 256 GB.


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It’d be a lot easier to work free of anxiety or worries knowing that your laptop’s battery life lasts pretty long on its own. Getting up to charge your laptop can be more tedious than you think, and depending on the location of the nearest outlet, your charger cord can get in the way of many things. 

Maximize your time efficiently and look for a laptop that offers at least more than 5 hours of battery life. As you continue to charge your device over time, you’ll find that the battery life slowly depletes. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize a laptop that offers a lot more in the beginning. 


Prioritize this specification if you’re constantly on the move. While you may think you’re strong enough to lug around a heavy laptop in the meantime, it can get pretty annoying in the long run. 

There are a lot of powerful laptops on the market designed specifically to be thin and lightweight. They offer a lot of the same or even better specs than their heavier counterparts as well. Do some research on this, and decide if this is important to you. 


The specifications of a good laptop include but are not limited to things like CPU, GPU, RAM, resolution, SSD storage, battery life, and weight. You’ll want to spend your time researching these features, as laptops can come out to be costly investments. 

Your laptop is the one device that you can trust with all of the functions related to work, entertainment, information, and so much more. It’s important that you find the perfect device for you, and it all starts with looking for the right specifications.

Written by Chelsea Atmaja

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