What laptop should engineering students buy

What Laptop Should Engineering Students Buy?

It is already hard being an engineering student but nowadays, you have to keep up with the ever-changing advancements in technology. It can be overwhelming when you look at the laptop market today because there are so many options to choose from. This can make the decision of buying a laptop for engineering students harder. With the help of our article, you will get guidance as to what laptop should engineering students buy. Once you find the right laptop for you, it can help you work efficiently and save you time. 

As an engineering student, throughout your college career, you will have to use multiple programs and software for your assignments. With this said, the laptop you choose should run specific hardware that can handle the work from your assignments. But, not all engineering students are the same and you all are going to need specific features depending on what type of student you are. A computer engineer and civil engineer are going to be looking at two VERY different laptops. 

What Should a Laptop for Engineering Students Have?

What Laptop Should Engineering Students Buy?
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Depending on what you will be using your laptop for you want to make sure that it runs specific software. Knowing this before buying your laptop could save you time and effort when working on school projects. There are four main software that engineering students may encounter when they are in college. You want to make sure that your laptop can run any of these: 

  • Simulation Software
  • Math Software
  • Design Software 
  • Coding Software

Features the Laptop Should Have

There are many features to consider when purchasing a laptop for such a computer-centered major. There is no perfect laptop for engineering students that has all of these but knowing what you need will help.


The size of your laptop matters because if it can’t handle the large software being run it is going to affect you. The bigger your laptop is the larger the battery and graphics card will be and this also helps with cooling. You want a laptop that is large enough to house powerful hardware but mobile enough to carry. The screen size is also going to affect the quality of graphics shown on the computer. Ideally, the best laptop for engineering students has at least a 15.6’’ screen, this gives you a nice balance of screen size and weight. 


Remember that the more your laptop runs intense software, the faster it will drain the battery. Most brands will advertise longer battery life but that is mostly tested for just browsing the internet. The kind of work you will be doing on your laptop will take more battery, quicker. So, make sure that the battery on the computer is tested on more hardware-intensive tests. 

Graphics Card and Memory

The CPUs are the visual computation that is on your screen. Getting a laptop with a dedicated CPU that is powerful enough to run high-end 3-D programs, graphic design, and high-end games will allow you to work at your full potential. This also comes in hand with the amount of memory (RAM) your laptop has. For an engineering major, you want to have a laptop that runs on at least 16 GB of RAM. This is crucial for having a lag-free work experience and also allows you to work in multiple programs at a time. 

These features are essential when considering your laptop for engineering. You want to make sure that you get a computer that is not too heavy but packs in a lot of RAM, CPU, and battery. 

What is Your Major? 

Not all engineering majors are the same and this means that you will all not need the same type of laptop. Depending on what your major is, you may need certain features that others don’t. Some engineering majors will need to run more powerful software like 3-D programs or video editing. This will require a laptop with more CPU and RAM, which will cost more. To others, they can get away with a laptop with less RAM and weaker CPU and still have a high-performing laptop

Bottom Line 

When asked, “What laptop should engineering students buy”? This answer is never going to be the same, it depends on a lot of things. In general, engineering majors are going to need a high-performing laptop. Standard laptops are not going to be enough to run the software required for the workload of the students. You are going to need a laptop that has a decent size, battery, and memory. Make sure that you check what your major requires because this can affect the computer you choose. 

Written by Stephanie Figueroa

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