What Does a Headphone Splitter Do?

What Does A Headphone Splitter Do?

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to listen to music from one device on multiple headphones? Maybe you asked yourself this question when traveling with friends or family after having forgotten to bring your own DVD player. Or maybe you have heard of a headphone splitter but are not sure what it is used for? Well, look no further, as we will be reviewing what a headphone splitter is in this article.

What Does a Headphone Splitter Do?

What Does a Headphone Splitter Do?
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Headphone splitters, not to be confused with microphone splitters, splits the sound coming from a device like a phone or mp3 player and sends it to two places. The splitter looks like a small cord with one male end and two female ends. The male end has a long tip that fits into a female end, which has a hole in the center of it.

When you use a splitter using two sets of headphones, two people can listen to the audio being produced by a single device. For example, if you and your friend both wanted to listen to music on your phone, you would plug both pairs of headphones into the female ends, and plug the male end of the splitter into the phone. You could then both listen to the same sound, with no impact on volume or quality. 

Are Headphone Splitters Expensive?

Now that we have gone over the basics of headphone splitters, you might be wondering what you can expect the price tag to be for such a product. Are you worried it could be expensive just like your headphones? Well, you do not have to worry. Unlike headphones, a splitter is essentially just an adapter, so there is no fancy or expensive hardware built into it.

You will most likely pay more for a splitter if buying in person because it is such a niche item that may not be widely available in stores. If you buy online, you shouldn’t be paying more than 5 or 10 dollars or you are getting ripped off. It may be worth buying in the upper range of price in order to ensure quality and the best headphone splitter.

Do Headphone Splitters Lower the Quality of Sound?

A reasonable question one might have about headphone splitters is if they alter the quality of the sound being produced. I mean, the splitter does allow for adding multiple headphones, so one may wonder how that affects the sound. The simple answer is no, headphone splitters do not lower the quality of sound when using multiple headphones.

The reason for this is that sound quality will typically be dictated by the headphones you’re using, that is if you are not using any faulty cords or devices with it. One thing to note is that using a headphone splitter on a device will cause it to use more power. The device will need to use more of its charge in order to power more than one pair of headphones. 

Are Headphone Splitters Dangerous?

In general, headphone splitters are not dangerous. Headphone splitters are just another type of adapter and do not have their own source of power. However, as with any low-quality piece of technology, there are risks for not investing in a high-quality splitter.

The least dangerous, most obvious risk is that it breaks, stops working, and you waste your money. Another risk would be exposed wires that could deliver a shock with human contact when in contact with a power source. If you buy a good quality headphone splitter, then the danger of using one is the same danger of using your headphones, computer mouse, or anything with a cord.


What Does A Headphone Splitter Do?
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Headphone splitters are nothing to be afraid of, in fact, we encourage people to use them on many occasions. Instead of buying multiple devices for your kids, you can have them share a single DVD player when on road trips with the use of a headphone splitter. You also do not need to worry about any sound quality degradation. As long as your device has enough power, you can use a splitter with no repercussions.

You may see other types of splitters, like microphone splitters. Splitters are used in many different fields and all have the same basic function; splitting something up. For microphones, splitters allow more than one microphone to record at a time on a device. Before HDMI, older televisions used an RGB splitter which split up color information for the TV monitor to interpret.

Splitters are really helpful for a variety of reasons and there is little to no drawback! They are hard to come across in stores, but there are plenty of high-quality splitters to choose from on sites like Amazon. You could also do a simple google search “headphone splitter near me” to see if there are any in stock in stores around you!

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