How Do I Make My Headphones Fit My Small Head?

How Do I Make My Headphones Fit My Small Head?

How Do I Make My Headphones Fit My Small Head? If you have a small head, you probably struggle when it comes to finding headphones that fit your head properly. A good-fitting pair of headphones is the key to making the most out of your sound. When it comes to headphones, it’s hard to have a one-size-fits-all model, since everyone has a slightly different head size. There are two ways to go about if your headphones don’t fit your small head: you could either look for a pair of headphones that are specific to small heads, or you can use headphones you already have and adjust them to fit you perfectly.

When your headband is loose – How Do I Make My Headphones Fit My Small Head?

When your headband is loose - How Do I Make My Headphones Fit My Small Head?
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The book trick

One of the most known tricks if your headphones are too big for your head is to put them over something smaller than the actual headphones, (like a pile of books) and wrap them with a cord or something tight enough so the headphones can be squeezed. You might need to leave your headphones in that position for one or two days, depending on how tight you want to make them. The reason behind putting them over an object is that if you simply just tie them with nothing in between they might crack.

Replace your headband 

Another option is to buy replacement headband pads that are thicker. Some headphone makers make their custom accessories for their headphones, so depending on the brand of your headphone you might be able to find a replacement headband pad on the company’s website. You could also reach out to the manufacturer of your headphones or even browse online for headband pad replacements that are compatible with the headphones you have. Once you have your new pad, you just pop out the pad that is already in your headphones and place the thicker pad in there. This will oftentimes make your headphones fit better and give you more cushion on top of your head.

Seat belt strap trick

If you want to fix your headphones but don’t want to spend a lot of money to do that, this trick might be a good option for you. Simply search online for “seat belt strap pad”. These straps usually contain a velcro closure. Look for the one that you like the most, and then all you have to do is add it over your headphone headband. You can find seat belt strap pads for as cheap as five dollars, and cushioned pads for around ten to fifteen dollars.

Nylon strap trick

If you’re looking for an even more budget-friendly option, you could use the nylon strap trick to make your headphones fit better. To do this, take a string and run it from one side of the headphones to the other. Check that the string is touching the underside of the headband all the way. Next, grab a marker and mark the length. Move the string to a nylon strap and cut it one inch shorter than the string. Finally, take your nylon strap and secure it with tape on each side of your headphones. Essentially, this nylon strap will turn into the new headband of your headphones.

How should my headphones fit me?

Headphones are supposed to be tight enough in your head that when you move they don’t move around your head. Good fitting headphones should also be comfortable for more than twenty minutes.

Which headphone is the best for you?

Which headphone is the best for you?
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Over-ear headphones

These are the type of headphones that make your whole ear fit inside the earcups. They are better suited for noise cancellation, so the background noise is blocked off and the sound is of better quality. This is by far the most comfortable model of headphones, however, they might be a bulky option.

On-ear headphones 

These types of headphones are similar to over-ear headphones, but the big difference is that they sit on top of your ears instead of covering them all, and aren’t suited for noise cancellation, since the sound can exit and enter easily. 

In-ear headphones

In-ear headphones are those that will fit inside of your ear. They are by far the most popular since they are convenient and versatile. They’re small and easy to take from one place to another. 


Having good-fitting headphones is essential for any activity you might be using them for. Even if you have a small head, there are options to make headphones fit your head best. We have listed some of the best headphones in the market for small heads!

Written by Carolina Thompson

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