what is an earbud

What Is An Earbud?

So, What is an earbud? An earbud is a small device that rests on the concha, the right opening outside of the ear canal. An earphone is similar to an earbud but is inserted inside of the ear canal. Even though this difference may seem small, earbuds are better for comfort, audio performance, and durability. This slight difference makes for an extreme payoff not only in the way audio performance increases but also saves you money and pain from other earphones. So, what is an earbud? Keep reading to find out and further understand what to look out for when buying the best earbuds


What is an earbud

Earbuds come in four different levels: low tier, mid-tier, low upper tier, and upper tier. When considering what the best qualities in an earbud are, look at the differentiation of the levels. The higher the tier, the better quality and quantity drivers come inside. A Driver is a primary feature in earphones that creates the sound you hear. It converts the electrical signals of the device into a sound that transfers into your ear. Although lower levels come with a smaller price, the higher tiers have more drivers inside the machine that significantly improve the device’s audio quality and performance.


The shape of your earbud can make or break the comfort and audio performance of your device exponentially. Since our ear canals are oval-shaped, the earbuds that best fit our ears would be the same oval shape. Many of the leading earbuds on the market only produce round-shaped earbuds, so it is best to look for nozzles that are the same shape as our ears for peak comfort and audio performance. These round-shaped earbuds can become uncomfortable and can be an irritant to your ears after extended use, so it is best to protect the well-being of your ears and audio experience by having the product that most effectively fits your needs.

Even though all ear canals do not have the same size, it is still important to fit each ear canal as best it can to be the most suitable for everyone; and that shape is an oval nozzle. The oval shape ensures that your ear will not be damaged by an irregular shape and provides a better fit outside of the ear for increased audio performance. So when you are running on the treadmill, and your earbuds stay secure and snug, it is thanks to the oval nozzle that keeps the earbud in place. 

And after you find a product with an oval nozzle, you will be able to find the size that most closely fits with your ear canal for increased comfort and audio performance. 

Nozzle Size

When looking for the best earbud to complement your audio experience, finding a nozzle size that properly fits the ear is best. With a nozzle that is smaller than the traditional earbud of most leading earbud companies, your earbuds will have an offset acoustic nozzle that most securely and efficiently fits the ear. This nozzle size prevents the earbud from sticking out far from your ear that can be more easily dislodged from the ear with traditional earbuds. The nozzle size also enhances the comfort and fit of the ear because of the smaller, more oval size. Other earbuds with larger sizes create pressure inside the ear canal that can cause discomfort and decrease audio performance. 

It is best to select both a small nozzle and a small housing build to prevent dislodging of the earbuds and for more convenience for even more comfort. These combined features allow your earbuds to sustain high durability while ensuring that your audio experience remains up to the standard. 

So when you are looking for earbuds that will allow for a better listening experience with increased comfort, look for smaller, oval-shaped nozzle sizes. 


One of the most critical precautions to understanding earbuds come from the angle of the nozzle. With an upwards angle of the nozzle, coupled with a side angle of the housing device, the earbud will be able to provide you with maximum flexibility and comfort. 


So when you are looking to understand what earbuds are and what earbuds to buy, make sure to consider the nozzle size, shape, and angle. These qualities ensure that you will have the most optimal comfort, durable, and high audio-performing earbuds.

Written By: Zachary Fauconier

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