Are Wireless Earbuds Worth It?

Are Wireless Earbuds Worth It?

Are wireless earbuds worth it? If you haven’t purchased wireless earbuds, there must be some reasons you’ve decided to stick with the wired version. You may have heard a lot of things about the many options available to wireless earbud users, but you may also be trying to figure out if a pair is worth the expensive price tag.

The main benefit of true wireless earbuds is the lack of any wires connecting the two earpieces. This might seem trivial to some but it goes a long way for activities that earbuds are generally bought for, such as exercising.

Of course, everyone can enjoy the feeling of no wires touching the skin, no matter what you’re using them for. And that’s basically its main feature, but now let’s get down to the real advantages and disadvantages.


First things first, wireless is still the newest technology for earbuds. This means that the newest models will always be extremely costly. They are not the cheapest thing out there right now. Just remember what 4K TVs were like back when they first debuted-extremely expensive.

If you’re okay with spending more money just to have the coolest technology then go for it, but if not, it’s good to remember that truly wireless earbuds will only get better with time and that the day will come when they are much more affordable.

No Tangled Cables

An obvious advantage that anyone can see is that there are no wires to dangle around your body. Nothing is more irritating than taking these things out of your pocket only to notice they have been tangled up magically just by sitting in there. It stops the unnecessary five minutes of anger while first untangling the headphones before even starting your workout.


Most wireless earbuds’ batteries on average can last you up to 10 hours, which is enough to use them almost all day doing your normal activities. 

Some pairs like the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 can get you 20 hours or so, so you can use them all day and charge them at night for the next day.

There is an additional option that lets you connect larger wireless headphones with a cable if the battery dies so that your listening never stops.  If you don’t use your wireless earbuds that much, then you may only need to charge them once a week.

What’s great is that all true wireless earbuds come with charging cases. On the plus side, these charging cases also double as power banks. This means that you can effectively charge your true wireless earbuds on the go, which extends their battery life several times.

Trusted Devices

This isn’t common knowledge to some, but a trusted device is one you own or that you pair with a lot. They are devices that you “trust” to be in use while your phone is unlocked. Anything with a Bluetooth or battery can have this trusted connection. Gadgets like smartwatches and fitness bands work this way, and you can do the same with wireless earbuds as well.

If you don’t have a smartwatch or fitness band, then keep your phone unlocked when it is in range of your wireless earbuds to make it easier to use. This is especially nice if you are always wearing your earbuds around your neck.

This is only a feature of wireless earbuds because wired ones can’t broadcast anything unless they’re plugged into a device.  

Easy To Lose

Easy to Lose

The last point that comes up a lot is the fact that truly wireless earbuds are easier to lose than regular wireless earbuds.

The lack of a wire connecting one earbud to the other is convenient on every other point but this one, and makes these earbuds way easier to lose. I, personally, have lost my own pair of wireless earbuds because of this reason in the past. 

Whether this will be an issue for you all depends on how good you are at remembering to keep the earbuds in the charging box whenever you aren’t using them. These earbuds have exercising in mind, so they feature extra hooks or wings to ensure they stay firmly in place.

Conclusion: Are Wireless Earbuds Worth it? Well, They’re Only Going to Get Better

When Bluetooth earbuds first came out, the early earbuds had all sorts of problems. The pairing was very difficult, connections would drop out, they were extremely expensive, playback sometimes didn’t work, and audio quality sounded like it was in a tin can.

However, Bluetooth is much better now with the pairing being much easier; you can simply flip open your AirPod case or tap an NFC tag. The prices are much more affordable. The pricing of older models becomes cheaper due to the newer models that get increasingly better each time. Wired earbuds never seem to change prices. If you’re fine with the price, then go for it!

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