What are the cheapest earbuds?

What Are The Cheapest Earbuds?

Are you looking for a set of headphones that can help you tune out the world, but you are also looking while on a budget? While there are some pricey headphones being sold, there are also affordable headphones that have just as good quality. Some of these headphones are wireless, some can last for a long period of time, and some can recharge quickly! Here, you can find a selection of the cheapest earbuds!

What are some of the cheapest earbuds recommended?

What are some of the cheapest earbuds recommended?
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1. Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ

Not only is this Monoprice headphone set affordable but it is known for its noise-canceling feature that many people love to have on any set of headphones! This allows you to hear high-quality sound. While the headphones themselves may be a little on the heavy side, the design of how they would fit over the ears is comfortable with good padding on the inside, keeping the music inside.

A nice feature about these headphones is that you can fold them, allowing you to pack them into your bag safely when commuting to work or to school! The product also comes with a wire jack rather than having a fixed wire; an audio patch cable can be inserted. If you are looking to purchase this product, you can find them on Amazon at an affordable price if you are on a budget!

2. Hussar Magicbuds

If you go to the gym but prefer to listen to your own music, these Hussar Magicbuds are definitely the go-to headphones to buy! These light-weight wireless headphones are much better if your workout routine requires a lot of movement, having a secure fit around your ear. They are made with silicone hooks and different-sized ear tips, making it a comfortable fit for you personally.

The special features of this product are the active noise-cancellation, and it has a microphone, making it easier for you to communicate with someone on the phone when you are on the move. The Hussar Magicbuds also produce amazing quality sound, working great when listening to audiobooks, music, and when watching a movie! You can find the Hussar Magicbuds on Amazon Prime for a good price!

3. 1MORE Piston Fit

These wired headphones are very affordable and they come in 4 different colors; silver, black, blue, or pink! Its design is sturdy, therefore durable with a comfortable and secure fit on your ears. There are also 3 sets of ear tip sizes that gives a proper fit and will increase the chances of the earbuds not falling out of your ear! The 1MORE Piston Fit’s greatest feature is its sound quality as it is very clear, and its noise-control isolates the sound into the headphones. This product is made for smartphones, laptops, and tablets!

4. Razer Kraken X

Calling all gamers to take a look at the Razer Kraken X headphone set! This light-weight headset comes with good audio, a microphone attached, and it’s the perfect choice for your gaming system, whether it be on your desktop or an XBox gaming system. The microphone on the headset is completely adjustable and it filters out any sound in the background. This is a plus because if you are gaming with your friends, you will be able to hear them only through the headphones and they will only hear your voice as well as you are communicating.

Other convenient audio adjustments on the headset are that there is a switch that can mute your microphone and a volume control wheel. This product can be found on Amazon Prime at a reasonable and affordable price!

5. House of Marley Smile Jamaica

These days, customers tend to buy products that are eco-friendly. The House of Marley decided to meet their desire with their product. This eco-friendly set of headphones is a must-have product! The craftsmanship from the House of Marley is marvelous, the headphones being made of pure African wood and the design coming in different colors and shades. The headphones also include a microphone, the ability to play/pause the music, and whether to answer a call or end it; all of these commands can be done through a one-button control on the headphones!

6. Shure SE112-GR

Another recommended set of headphones that can be used if you are commuting or working out is the Shure SE112-GR! These certain headphones are a good competitor with any other over-the-ear headphones as it delivers the same amount of quality. The isolation sound on the headphones allows you to be able to listen to your music better and easier if you are in a loud environment such as the city, a train, or a plane!

7. Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120-K

These super lightweight headphones are a must-buy product; even though they are super cheap, they deliver good results. They create clear audio and sound, and they definitely contribute to music genres such as electronic music. If you are intending to wear your headphones in for a long period of time, then the Panasonic ErgoFit would be the best recommendation as the fit of it in your ear canal is comfortable. Another plus is that the headphones have an optional built-in microphone, allowing you to take calls with your friends and family.

8. Skullcandy Uproar

If you are looking for a set of headphones that are not only affordable but that also fit your style aesthetically, then the Skullcandy Uproar would be the right headphones to buy! There are many benefits to owning this product: the battery duration is up to 10 hours, the headphones only weigh 4 ounces, it’s wireless and can be connected to your computer or phone through Bluetooth, and there is a built-in microphone! This over-the-ear product has good sound quality and can be worn for a long period of time as it has ear pillows that provide comfort. This product can be found on Amazon for under $50!

9. Koss Porta Pro

Coming from Koss is its Porta Pro headphones! They are affordable but they also have similar qualities to other headphones that are much more expensive. They also deliver a good bass performance and clearer sound. The fit of the headphones can be adjusted through the temporal comfort zone pads. You can also adjust the headband, making it more secure on your head, and you can adjust the ear plates! Another plus is that these headphones are lightweight and portable; you can fold them and place them in your bag or backpack when commuting.

10. Brainwavz Delta

Another recommended set of headphones that can be purchased for when you are on the move is the Brainwavz Delta headphones. This product is designed to provide comfort to your ears and the cords do not get tangled easily when you are moving around constantly. You can find this product in two different versions; one is for Android and the other for iOS! The Brainwavz Delta also gives a clear sound and a good bass performance. Another plus is that this product comes with five different pairs of ear inserts as we all have different ear canals!

Time To Find The Cheapest Earbuds For You

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When purchasing a product, it is always good to find one that is affordable but that also has good quality. These products that have been recommended to you are believed to be some of the cheapest earbuds! They are all affordable and they all have special features and high quality. It is also good to think about what features you would like your headphones to have. Do they have good noise cancellation? Do they have good volume control? Are they durable and portable? Are they wired or wireless? At the end of the day, the decision is all yours! Find the headphones that best fit your needs and enjoy listening to your music!

Written by Erica Farfan

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