What Should I Look For in a Hand Coffee Grinder?

What Should I Look For in a Hand Coffee Grinder?

Are you tired of starting your day with a mediocre cup of coffee? Do you want a cup that provides a satisfying experience by delivering complex flavors and aromas with every sip? True coffee lovers know the importance of freshness in a perfect coffee cup, hence using a quality coffee grinder can help you achieve that. The following buying guide can tell you what you should look for in a hand coffee grinder to make a perfect cup of coffee. 

Why Do You Need a Quality Hand Coffee Grinder?

Why Do You Need a Quality Hand Coffee Grinder?
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To make your coffee flavorsome, you need to freshly grind your coffee beans with a quality coffee grinder just before brewing. But first, why should you buy a quality hand coffee grinder?

  • Pre-ground coffee already loses its aromatic qualities by the time you purchase it and continues losing it when you store it. Hence, a quality hand coffee grinder can help you preserve its flavor and aroma while grinding to give you a better taste. 
  • Coffee grounds need to be evenly sized and shaped, hence using a quality hand coffee grinder will provide the precise grind required to make your coffee better. 
  • An electric grinder tends to make noise and is difficult to carry around. The hand coffee grinder is slower to grind but tends to be much quieter. Moreover, they are portable meaning you can easily carry them around if you’re traveling. Hand coffee grinders are also easier to clean if they contain removable burrs, unlike electric grinders. 

The Answer to What Should I Look For in a Hand Coffee Grinder?

Things To Consider When Buying a Hand Coffee Grinder
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The key features to consider when choosing a Hand Coffee Grinder


The majority of the hand coffee grinders are made of plastic, glass, stainless steel, wood, or a combination of these. It is important to consider the material used for the burrs, you can either choose ceramic or steel. Ceramic burrs tend to last longer, however, they produce a lot of dust. Steel burrs are sharper, easy to clean, and efficient, however, you will need to replace them after a few years of use. Therefore, choosing a well-manufactured manual grinder that involves quality burrs will significantly improve the taste of your coffee. 


It is necessary to take into account the hopper and basket capacity of the hand coffee grinder. For example, if your hopper is too small, you might end up grinding in small batches which might result in the first round of coffee grounds in your brewing device losing flavor. This may affect the taste of your coffee. You want a coffee grinder that has the right capacity for you, hence you won’t necessarily need a high capacity for your grinder unless you regularly make coffee for several people. 

Grind Settings

If you enjoy an array of coffee types, adjusting the grind size to the brewing device is crucial. You want something that grinds to different tastes to make the best coffee. There are two types of grinders that are commonly used: Stepped grinders and Stepless Grinders. Stepless grinders have a broad range of options unlike the stepped grinders, although they tend to be more expensive. 


A good hand coffee grinder tends to be expensive. A blade grinder might be more feasible if you want to avoid paying a higher cost for a coffee grinder. Burr grinders usually cost around $100 to $500. If you regularly spend money on high-quality coffee and aren’t able to get the full flavor, then you want to buy a better hand coffee grinder. Expensive coffee grinders are made from quality material, making them more durable. Moreover, high-priced hand coffee grinders will save you the trouble of buying a new model again and again. 


If you’re a frequent traveler and enjoy a cup of coffee on the way, then you’ll want to consider buying something that involves a sleek, cylindrical shape as it will be easy to store and carry around. The smaller the size, the more portable the coffee grinder will be, however, if you’re not concerned with carrying your hand coffee grinder while traveling, then a vintage-looking coffee grinder may suit you more. 


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It goes without saying that a hand coffee grinder is a great option to have in your kitchen if you’re a coffee lover. If you’re ready to take your everyday cup of coffee to the next level, then buying a coffee grinder would be the next step.

Written by Syed Muhammad Imad

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