What size backpack do I need for my laptop

What Size Backpack Do I Need For My Laptop?

In order to fully protect your technology, you must buy a backpack that perfectly fits your laptop. If your backpack is too large, your laptop might be subjected to unwanted damage, due to constant movement. If your backpack is too small, your laptop will be completely unprotected, rendering the backpack completely useless. Given the importance of backpack selection, you might be asking yourself: What size backpack do I need for my laptop? Luckily, this article will present two main factors to be considered when selecting a backpack that perfectly fits your laptop. When picking a backpack for your laptop, it is necessary to ascertain your laptop’s dimensions in order to find a backpack that is the perfect fit for you.

How to Find the Size of Your Laptop

How to find the size of your laptop
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Knowing your laptop’s dimensions is one of the most important steps when buying the best laptop backpacks, best laptop bags for men, best laptop cases, or even the best laptop cooling pads for your device. Your laptop’s dimensions become the key to finding that product will be the best fit for your specific technology. Once you acquire the measurements of your laptop, you will be able to make an educated decision when selecting your backpack. In order to take the measurements, grab a tape measure and record the data in inches as it is the most commonly used increment.

Diagonal Measurement 

There is a very important distinction between measuring the diagonal of the laptop and the diagonal of the screen. To accurately get the dimensions of the full laptop, you must measure the diagonal of the closed laptop rather than the open screen. As soon as you place your closed laptop on a flat stable surface, you need to place the tape measure at the top right corner of the laptop and continue until you hit the bottom left corner of the laptop. The final step is simply to record the measurement that appears where the tap measure reaches the bottom left corner. 

Width Measurement

The laptop’s width is the space between the right edge of the outward screen and the left edge of the outward screen. While your closed laptop is still sitting on the surface, you can measure the width by placing the measuring tape at the edge of one of the sides and measuring horizontally across to the other side of the laptop. Don’t forget to record your width measurement.

Height Measurement

The first step to measuring the height of your laptop is ensuring the laptop is fully closed on a flat surface. After its position is secured, you will place the tape measure at the point the laptop touches the table and continues measuring vertically until the laptop stops. The height measurement of most laptops remains around 2 inches; however, you can sometimes encounter heights that exceed that number so it is important to measure yourself.

Depth Measurement

The final measurement to record is the depth of your laptop. In order to take this measurement, you need to place the tape measure at the top right corner of your laptop and measure vertically down to the bottom left corner. 

How to Choose Backpack Size

How to choose backpack size
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After gathering the needed information on your laptop’s size, you will need to use that information to determine which size backpack will best serve your bag. This information will help guide your decision as you need to ensure that your laptop will indeed fit into your selected bag. This is the most important part of the process as selecting the correct size bag affects the level of protection your laptop will receive. When searching for a perfect laptop bag, you must look at the size of the bag as well as the size of its featured laptop compartment. Alternatively, you can also browse through options specifically tailored to your laptop model.

Laptop Compartment

Most successful laptop bags feature a very important laptop compartment that is meant to secure your laptop and provide extra padding. Under the product descriptions of each backpack, there should be measurements of the inner laptop compartment. The laptop compartment size should match the size of your laptop. For example, if your laptop measures 15 inches you should select a compartment that measures 15 inches. On the other hand, if your laptop size is in between two sizes–like if your laptop measures 15.6 inches–you should select a laptop compartment of 16 inches rather than 15 inches.

Alternative Method 

Upon occasion, you can encounter laptop backpacks specifically made for popular laptop models. If you choose to search laptop bags by model, you need to pay attention to the specific year your laptop was made to account for dimension changes that could have been made with newer models.


What size backpack do I need for my laptop
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Selecting a laptop bag is a crucial decision that can affect the safety of your laptop when traveling, commuting to work, or going to school. Luckily, the question “What size backpack do I need for my laptop?” becomes easier when measuring the dimensions of your laptop. After knowing your laptop’s size, you will be able to select the perfect backpack that will securely store your laptop.

Written by Stephanie Parmiter  

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