Which is Better High Chair or Booster Seat?

Which is Better: High Chair or Booster Seat?

Well, it appears that the time has come for you to pick what seat is most appropriate for your little one now that they are starting to grow more and more every day! You may not think there is much of a difference between the two different seating options, high chair, and booster seat, but the difference is there and it is bigger than you would think. Which is better: high chair or booster seat?

Below we will talk about the differences between the two options and the pros of each. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will be able to make an educated decision on which one will suit your child the best. 

Which is Better High Chair or Booster Seat?

The High Chair 

The highchair is one of the most classic seating options used by families all over today. This chair is used to feed babies as well as younger toddlers as the legs are raised and with the small seat with a table, spoon-feeding can be done easily and comfortably. High chairs come in all sorts of designs and styles. Some come with extra padding to ensure your baby is extra comfortable while eating. These chairs also come with seat belts. This safety system keeps children from having the chance to wiggle and fall out of their chairs. 

High chairs can be used starting early in a child’s life. They offer great support for their bodies and are very sturdy for everyday feeding. The soft and included padding gives the child a comfortable place to sit while you are feeding them. 

High chairs are mostly used when babies are at their youngest, this would be when they are about six months older. When they are four to seven months old, this is when babies are generally learning to sit upright on their own. So when you are looking to see if a high chair would be right for your child, it is best practice to wait and see how your child does on their own with sitting up before you purchase a high chair. This is most ideal because every baby will be different in their growth and how they learn to sit up on their own.

High chairs should be used when feeding at home and when eating out, many restaurants will provide them if asked.

Just like everyone else, your baby will eventually outgrow their high chair. This will occur when the baby is able to sit up on their own without falling for a long period of time. This typically occurs around the time the back is nine to 12 months old. This being said though, many children do not outgrow their high chairs until they are about 18 months to two years old. The longer you keep a child in a high chair, the better because when they move to a booster seat, they will have to do a lot of the support on their own. 

The Booster Seat 

Booster Seats is a small cushioned seat and they are perfect for toddlers who are learning to sit up on their own and be more independent in their stability. This type of seat is made with the intention to give your child some extra height when they are at the table with you. This allows them to be able to communicate with you and anyone else who may be at the table and also allows for them to be comfortable sitting on their own.

Boosters seats are perfect to be used while traveling as they do not take up much space. They are typically cheaper than high chairs and also be multipurpose as well. As mentioned above, they also tend to make toddlers feel more independent. 

Booster seats can be used both outside and indoors for when your child outgrows their high chair. Booster seats can be used for children ranging from two years old up to eleven. For this reason, they are so beneficial in traveling terms and for safety. There are different types of booster seats. There are ones that are perfect for inside the house and can be moved around from place to place.

But there are also booster seats that are made for children to sit in while they are in the car. Parents will purchase a booster seat for cars so that their children are not too low in the back of the car and can see out the window. The use of a booster seat in a car, allows for children, as they get older, to be able to use the seat belts that are inside cars. 

When it comes to eating with your child at the table, the booster seat offers the child an elevated seat for them to have a more comfortable eating experience. 

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a High Chair or Booster Seat 

  1. Does the seat need to be able to fold flat for either storage or to be carried around or traveled with? 
  2. Do you want your child to be sitting directly at the table with you and your family and friends? 
  3. Is there a full five-point harness? 
  4. Will you want the chair and tray to be height adjustable in the future? 
  5. Can the tray be removed when necessary?
  6. How easy can the seat be cleaned? 


Once you learn about the differences between the two seats, you can decide which chair is best for your child. If your child is six months old and can sit up without support and hold their head up on their own, then they are ready for the highchair. On the flip side if your child is at least nine months old and is confidentiality eating and sitting up on their own then they will for sure be ready for a booster seat! 

Just pay attention to what your child is doing, which you probably already do, but you can see simply by observing which seat would be most ideal for them! 

Written by Lauren Bolt

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