What To Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

What to Consider When Buying a Massage Chair

Once you dip your toe in the water of researching all of the available options for the best massage chair, you may be feeling quite overwhelmed. You may find yourself having a difficult time deciding between a 3D massage chair and a 4D massage chair. You may also ask questions like how far down the massage rollers go, or what bonus features are best suited for your individual needs? 

Well, do not worry because we are here to help you steer through what will soon seem like the un-intimidating world of massage chairs. We’re taking a dive into what to consider when buying the perfect massage chair just for you. 

How to Decide The Best Massage Chair 

How to Decide The Best Massage Chair

To find the best massage chair, you need to know what exactly you are looking for, what options are available, and what you are trying to achieve when using it. Everyone has different needs, for example, an active person may be looking for certain features that benefit athletes, while a sedentary person may want features that help the pain from sitting at a desk all day. Based on your goals, you might also consider other massage tools that target certain areas such as foot massagers, handheld massagers, or neck massagers. Make sure you know whether a full-body massage chair is worth the investment. Are you looking for a broader variety of massage options that can transform your chair into a Swedish massage chair, a Shiatsu massage chair, or even allow for customary massage programming? 

We’re navigating some of the most important things to note that will help your purchasing decision for the best massage chair to buy. 

Massage Chair Features to Consider

A massage chair is essentially a machine with lots of computerized elements thanks to advanced technology. It has evolved from having only restricted vibration or roller strokes to many different elements that almost equate to a professional’s therapeutic hands. Some of the amazing features that you should look for include:

  • Kneading massage – another name for Shiatsu, which has kneading rolls that move from the center of the spine to outward away from the spine. 
  • Zero Gravity – It works by 180-degree turning which alleviates pressure and gives a feeling of being in space
  • Rolling – its function is moving the spine’s bones by moving upwards, sideways, and backward. 
  • Airbag massage – It specifically targets body parts where massaging is needed. 
  • Tapping – If you want the feeling of a percussive massage, then this is perfect for you.

These features provide a variety of options for your body and your needs, and you can try all of them out before making the purchasing decision. 

3D Massage Chairs vs 4D Massage Chairs

Since you have started looking to buy a massage chair, chances are you’ve seen 3D and 4D massage chair models. What does that mean exactly? A 3D massage chair represents the more advanced version of a simple 2D massage chair and has proven significant effectiveness. The massage rollers not only move up and down vertically but also push outward into your back. Applying the 3D feature will provide you a massage technique that mimics the hand movements of a professional massage therapist with consistency. 

A 4D massage chair is similar to a 3D massage chair but it also allows you to gain control over the massage rollers by adjusting their speed and rhythm. This added ability will allow you to benefit from a variety of massage techniques that will further your enjoyment experience. This type of massage chair can be an extra adjustment option for models with customary massage programs. 

Whether you buy the 3D or 4D massage chair, both types ensure an incredible experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and re-energized. We recommend considering one of these types as the best massage chair to achieve your unique needs!

Check For Its Reliable Durability

When it comes to buying any product it is imperative to check its guarantee of longevity and durability. Especially when buying online, you need to be aware of fraud cases where cheap or duplicate items are delivered. Although it may be a hassle, you must always ensure to buy from a credible retailer. It will save you a lot of trouble and time in the long run. 

While replacement can be an option, it is more of a serious problem when you have to spend a large amount of money to repair the machine. Furthermore, in the production process, there is a chance that defects do not become noticed, so in these scenarios, it is best to buy from a quality manufacturer as it is productive and efficient. 

Budget Fixing

Since the massage chairs can be quite an investment, there comes certain questions that need to be asked regarding the budget of your buying decision. It is quite common to ask “How much can I afford to buy this? What will be the total amount? How much is the shipping, installation, and tax cost?” Or “What option can I choose for payment? All in one go or equated monthly installment?”. 

Choosing your chair according to your budget is probably the most important factor when buying a big product like a massage chair. A massage chair can cost from $500 to $15,000, depending on the technology and characteristics. All in all, it is advised to think within your budget.  

Space Allocation

When looking for the best massage chair, finding the area to keep it may not be the first thing that plops in your mind. It is imperative to keep in mind that certain chairs like the zero gravity recliner chair require more space as it goes to a full recline. Most quality chairs take up more space because they tend to have the reclining feature for an optimal relaxing position. At a full reclined position, it is usually a minimum of 6 feet or further that covers the space. 

Newer models are recently available that come with a great feature known as zero walls. This new model allows you to keep it from the wall with only 2 inches less gap, so when you recline you will gently slide forward when you step on it instead of backward. 


At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference when deciding the best massage chair for you. It is very important, however, that you make sure that the key qualities that you want will fit within your bill before buying a massage chair that fits your needs. 

If you can, make sure it properly fits your body and has adjustable features that can fit multiple sizes by trying out the chair. Good luck in your search!

Written by Angela Lutz

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