Is Pour Over Coffee Better?

Is Pour Over Coffee Better?

Making coffee at home is the ideal thing to do that can save you time and money on your daily brew. You can become your own barista easily by creating this coffee at home. When deciding what type of coffee to make there are usually two different options of pour over coffee and drip coffee. In this article, we will decide if pour over coffee is the best choice for you.

What is pour over coffee?

Is Pour Over Coffee Better?

Pour over coffee has been around for a very long time. It has an intricate brewing process and gives simple but great brewing results. This process first started by a woman named Melitta Bentz in 1908 when she created the paper filter. Using this, prevents the coffee ground from getting into your coffee. Creating the paper filter from her son’s school book she successfully helped with the innovation of pour over coffee. 

Why do people like pour over coffee?

Many baristas enjoy pour over coffee because you have control over the entire process. You can control the flavor process by monitoring the saturation of the grounds. It is a very fun process to make as well. Typically, people who enjoy black coffee prefer this method because it creates a very flavorful cup of coffee. It has a longer brewing process so the flavor build up is intense. This occurs because the slower the water goes through the filter the more flavor is extracted from the beans. 

What is drip coffee?

One of the most common coffee machines that you are bound to see in most American homes is the drip coffee maker. You can make drip coffee a lot of different ways but it is typically done through an electric drip coffee machine. Bentz did not only help with the pour over method but also helped with an electric drip coffee maker in the 20th century. The first machine was invented in Germany by Gottlob Widmann in 1954 and before this coffee was usually done by a Moka Pot. The use of disposable filters made things easier to make drip coffee and allowed people to brew coffee more frequently. 

Why do people like drip coffee?

The drip coffee machines became very popular throughout the 20th century because of the lifecycle that most people had of working during the day. Once the 70s hit, electric drip coffee makers replaced the usage of percolators in a lot of the United States. The best part about electric drip coffee machines is the efficiency of the brewing process. The machine does everything for you and all you really have to do is pour water in the reservoir and put the coffee grounds inside of the coffee filter. 

Difference Between Pour Over and Drip Coffee

In general, drip coffee is usually the more mechanized version of pour over coffee. Drip coffee machines will create a cup of coffee but are not as precise and can be unbalanced. In more recent years with new technology features can create a more balanced cup of coffee. The pros of a drip machine for some can be with the nostalgia of using that machine from childhood. The pour over method can feel a bit too many steps in the morning for some people who have a very chaotic morning. There are some machines however, that can create a pour over technique that does not take as long. 

How to Brew the Best Coffee 

How to Brew the Best Coffee

In order to create the best pour over coffee there are quite a few tips to consider before making your daily brew. 

Grind Size

The grind size is very important because if the grind size is off then the taste of your brew won’t be as good. It is important that the coffee grounds are the same size and right for your brewing method to choose. For pour over coffee, we recommend making the grind size to be closer to sea salt. 

Fresh Coffee

Making sure that your coffee grounds are also fresh is something that is very important when brewing your coffee. Coffee grounds can go bad within a mouth so you have to make sure that you use the bag before it goes bad. 

Using a Scale

Using a scale is something that is also important because it can help you find the best ratio of coffee grounds to water. Typically, it is usually 30 grams of coffee to every 350 grams of water. This can create the best blend for your daily brew


Lastly, another thing that is important is to use good water for your coffee. Using good quality water or sometimes even filtered water can make your coffee taste that much better. 

Wrapping Up: Is Pour Over Coffee Better?

Wrapping up

When looking at all of this information, pour over coffee is typically better for a number of reasons. You can control the entire process, and it can create a very flavorful cup of coffee as well. Looking at the process of how to brew the best coffee can allow you to create the perfect pour coffee everyday. When looking at the best pour over coffee makers, it is important to pick one that fits your needs to create the best coffee for you. 

Happy Brewing!

Written by Ariadna Louer

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