How Often Should I Clean My Manual Coffee Grinder?

How Often Should I Clean My Manual Coffee Grinder?

If you love coffee, you know that nothing beats coffee made out of freshly grounded beans. The coffee tastes better, and the smell of grounded coffee beans is just delicious! How Often Should I Clean My Manual Coffee Grinder? A lot of people don’t know this, but like any other equipment, manual coffee grinders need to be cleaned occasionally. If not cleaned, with time, coffee dust can penetrate and cause the motor of the coffee grinder to break down. 

What is a manual coffee grinder?

What is a manual coffee grinder?
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Manual coffee grinders usually last longer than electric ones, just for the fact that they’re such a simple machine, so there’s not much that can go wrong. They are composed of a hopper that stores the coffee beans, burrs that are used to grind the beans, and a dosing chamber. All of these parts come together by a rod that attaches to a handle and turns the burrs.

Manual coffee grinder pros and cons

  • High performance 
  • Consistency on the grounds
  • Convenient and easily transportable 
  • Affordable 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Physical hard word
  • Restricted grind size settings

Is it necessary to clean my manual coffee grinder?

Yes. While it is necessary to clean your manual coffee grinder from time to time, you do not need to completely take apart the machine to clean it and scrub every part of it. The most important thing to focus on when cleaning your coffee grinder is oil buildup. Oil buildup will usually be in the dosing chamber, and if not cleaned, this oil goes sour and affects the taste of your coffee beans.

How do I know when it’s time to clean my manual coffee grinder?

If you grind your coffee beans at home daily, you should clean it every month. If you use your coffee grinder for commercial purposes (coffee shop, etc.), you should clean it every week. It is also essential to watch the condition of your grinder and keep an eye for any oil build-ups on the top of it. If there are signs of oil buildup, you should clean it immediately.

How to clean your manual coffee grinder

Cleaning the dosing chamber

Most coffee grinders have their dosing chamber screwed on, and if that is the case for your grinder, remove it before starting the cleaning process. Use a vacuum to make sure there is no coffee dust stuck to the dosing chamber floor. Then, grab a hot wet cloth to clean the inside of the chamber, and lastly, dry it out.

Cleaning the hopper

The hopper is the container that holds the coffee beans before they are ground. If you’re using a coffee grinder in a commercial setting, it is crucial to keep the hopper clean at all times, since customers will be able to see it when it’s not clean, and the coffee will taste different. To clean the hopper, simply grab a paper towel and wipe it down, and wash it with detergent after you grind your coffee. Make sure it is completely dry before using it again.

Cleaning burrs and other small parts

The easiest way to clean those small parts is to use a Q tip. Grab a bowl of water, mix it with soap, dip your q tip in it and scrub the leftover coffee dust and oils off. Next, rinse all of the parts, and just like the dosing chamber and hopper make sure all of the parts are dry before putting them back on the coffee grinder.

Assembling the manual coffee grinder back together

After all of your parts are washed it is time to put everything back together, so the machine is ready for its next use. The first step is to reinsert the metal rod by the top of the coffee grinder. Then, put back in the spring, metal, and plastic washer. Slide the burr and put your knob on the string of the rod and twist it.

Can I use rice to clean my manual coffee grinder?

No, you should not use rice to clean your coffee grinder. Some people use rice to clean their grinder but putting about ¼ cup of rice into their grinder and grinding it for about a minute or two. The reason why you should never do that is that rice is way harder than coffee beans and can cause damage to your grinder. Secondly, grinding rice might leave you with a residue that is hard to clean off your grinder.

Conclusion – How Often Should I Clean My Manual Coffee Grinder?

Conclusion - How Often Should I Clean My Manual Coffee Grinder?
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Coffee that comes from freshly grounded beans will always be the best. We have listed the best manual coffee grinders so that you can have the best-tasting coffee!

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