Can You Use Regular Grind Coffee in a French Press

Can You Use Regular Grind Coffee in a French Press?

Are you wondering if it is possible to use regular grind coffee in a french press? To answer the question simply, yes. For those who are not exactly sure of how a french press works, it is brewed manually. This means that the device needs some assistance for it to work for you. You have the power to determine the amount and how you want your coffee done by doing manual preparations such as measuring the ingredients, grinding the coffee, and measuring the water.  

The Downside of Using Regular Grind Coffee in a French Press

The Downside of Using Regular Grind Coffee
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In technicality, you can use regular grind coffee in a french press, but if you want perfect results, it is suggested to not use it. If you use regular coffee grinds, one issue you may run into is that the consistency of the grind will be relatively poor. Coffee that has been pre-ground up is meant to be used in an automatic coffee maker, which usually comes with a paper coffee filter. With the use of a paper filter, the large grounds cannot get through, unlike the french press. The french press uses a mesh filter that requires coarse grounds to prevent solids and particles in your cup of coffee. So there is a chance that you would get crunchy coffee if you use the regular grind coffee in the french press. Another issue is that the freshness of the grounds will not be of the highest quality. Within just 20 minutes these grounds can begin to deteriorate because of the amount of time the packaged grinds were sitting on the shelves. The taste and aroma will be affected if the coffee deteriorates. Depending on their limited shelf life and how long they were in the store, you cannot be exactly sure how fresh they are. 

An Alternative to Regular Grind Coffee

As mentioned earlier, the preferred method of making great coffee using a french press is grinding your coffee as opposed to using the pre-ground packaged ones. If you are worried that it is more expensive to buy your coffee to grind, well there is good news. It is the same price if not cheaper to buy your coffee beans instead of the pre-ground packaged ones. The coffee grinder would be the only extra cost but you can very often find them on sale and they are available at virtually any department store. You also have the option to shop online and save some time and gas when looking for the best price. Another reason why whole coffee beans are a better alternative is that the taste and aroma will not be affected from sitting on the shelves for too long, unlike the packaged pre-ground coffee. When the coffee bean is not grounded, the flavor is preserved well in the whole bean. Once you buy your coffee beans, it is best to store them in a cool and dry place until you are ready to grind them. 

Is It Worth It?

Operating a french press can take more effort and time compared to an automatic coffee maker, but it is still worth it because it is easy to use and most users think of it as a relaxing process. The entire process only takes about 6 minutes, and it is more fulfilling when you can reward yourself with delicious coffee after a little bit of extra effort. Other benefits that you will get from using the french press as opposed to other ways of making coffee are, achieving a rich taste, an inviting aroma, and a full-bodied brew, along with the satisfaction of making it yourself. Who wouldn’t want a great cup of coffee thanks to the wonderful benefits the french press has with its unique features. 


Yes, it is possible to use regular coffee grinds in a french press, but that is not the most preferred method. Fresh ground beans that can be grounded with a coffee grinder are the best alternative. If you have invested in a french press machine, complete the process of making quality coffee by not settling for pre-ground coffee beans. Although for new users operating a french press may be intimidating, you will quickly find that the process is quite simple and quicker than you think. All you will need is the french press, coffee beans, and an open mind. There are many instruction booklets you can look into as well ones that will help you get started to become great at making fresh coffee. You will be an expert in no time and be making great smelling and tasting coffee with your new french press coffee maker!

Written by Matthew Zuppardi and Angela Lutz

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