What's better beats solo 3 or studio 3?

What’s Better Beats Solo 3 or Studio 3?

What is the difference between Beats Solo 3 and Beats Studio 3?

What is the difference between Beats Solo 3 and Beats Studio 3?
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What’s Better Beats Solo 3 or Studio 3? Well, there are a few differences. But if you made it to this page you already know that Beats by Dre produces a really high-quality pair of headphones. When making any purchase you have to weigh a few factors because there are always a few things you need to look at. Their difference is one of those things.

Both of these products are actually very similar with some slight differences. Each type appeals to different music listeners and styles. Studio 3 is a slightly larger design. Now if you are going with larger headphones like studios, the size may not be a huge difference to you. It is more sturdy and more isolated.

The headphone completely covers both of your ears to eliminate outside noise even more. One thing you will need to know is it is more expensive than the Solo 3. The Solo 3 has an on-ear design rather than completely covering the ear. It has a more portable design but there isn’t a huge difference in size when compared to Studio 3. Since it is slightly smaller, it is a little more fragile than Studio 3.

In terms of overall quality, both of them rank very high compared to other headphones. Their charging times are similar and offer 3 hours of listening with a Fast Fuel charge. Beats always rank high as their products always have high demand. If you’re on a budget you might want to go with the Solo 3. If not it really comes down to which style you prefer.

Why Are Beats Products So Expensive?

Why Are Beats Products So Expensive?
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If you had to name a single brand that was responsible for ranking the highest on the list of best headphones, Beats is leading that pack mainly because of the design and the quality of sound you are receiving in exchange for your dollar. Beats is where it is at in terms of headphones.

The brand is known for its wide range of styles and colors, to accommodate almost anyone. This is why Beats are so highly ranked. Take away the noise-canceling technology and Beats is still probably leading the pack. The design of their products is very clean and people would still purchase Beats just because of the style.

Critics are quick to judge Beats’ heavy bass sound, but after you consider the elements of modern music, the heavy bass makes it sound that much better.

Common Features of the Studio 3 and Solo 3:

This first similarity actually comes from Apple. They offer a W1 chip, meaning that all Beats products will automatically pair and reconnect to the product with a stable Bluetooth connection upon turning on the headset or Beats product. It only takes a couple of seconds. Both Studio 3 and Solo 3 have around 40 hours of listening time in their normal modes. They even have an “Active Noise Cancellation” feature installed with the Studio 3, although the Solo 3 offers a similar model.

Pros and Cons of Solo 3:

  • On-ear headphones are lighter and more portable than the Studio 3
  • The Solo 3 only requires 5 minutes of Fast Fueling, just for 3 full hours of listening time
  • Earpads are comfortable and stay in place, although they don’t cover the ear.
  • One of its cons is if you are sweaty, the earpads can slip right off your ear.
  • They can also get really hot if you are working out in them.
  • If you don’t use an Apple product, a Bluetooth connection will not be as easy to connect.

Pros and Cons of Studio 3:

  • Over-ear design provides natural isolation of sound
  • Over-ear design is more sturdy on your head
  • Fast Fueling charge only takes about 10 minutes for 3 hours of listening time 
  • The Studio 3s are not water-resistant like other models of Beats products
  • The Studio 3 is more expensive than the Solo 3
  • The battery life of the Studio 3 decreases when connected with Android products

So before you make your decision on which product is for you, take the pros and cons into consideration. Your budget is the most important when purchasing any product. So obviously, if you cannot afford the Studio 3, the Solo 3 might be the option you decide with.

If you are short on money you may want to consider saving some more cash for the Studio 3 because it is worth the price increase to get something that will feel more comfortable on your head. If you can afford either of these it really comes down to preference. What type of headphones are you looking for and what will it be used for is the main question you should ask yourself. Any of Beats’ headphones are the Best Beats Headphones.

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